Best Residential Property Investment Spaces in Hyderabad

Best Residential Property Investment Spaces in Hyderabad

Best Residential Property Investment Spaces in Hyderabad

The stalled markets had experienced an increase in transactions after a brief pause due to the pandemic. As per the industry experts, the markets are expected to get back to normal within the first half of 2021. Hence, it is now time to get the information sacks filled with pouncing and grabbing the investment opportunities. 

Of all the investment opportunities, residential property investment stands atop as the young generation shift their minds to possess one on their own after the pandemic teaches a lesson in its way. When it comes to residential property investment, location plays a vital role in deciding on the investment.

Best Places to Invest in Hyderabad Residential Property


The proximity to the IT hub makes Narsingi an attractive area in the Southwest zone of Hyderabad. Narsingi lies within a radius of 25 km to areas like the Financial District, Gachibowli, and Hi-Tech City. Hence, the working professionals find this place as an optimal location to invest in residential properties as the proximity to the workplace reduces the commuting time.

Narsingi is also located at one of the major crossroads on the Outer Ring Road, which eases access to the various parts of the city. Narsingi is the home for some giant projects like Muppas, Alankriti, NCC Urban One, EPIL Rivera, to name a few of the reputed developers. The area accommodates approximately 360 residential projects, including Apartments and Villas. The property prices range from Rs.4,500 to Rs.9,800 per sq. ft. With the broad range of prices, the area weaves a broad investor base and soothes the small investors with its affordable prices. 


The beautiful scenery and the increasing quality of life are the attractions of this locality. With its closeness to the IT tech giants like Wipro, Infosys, and Microsoft, the area is building the site as a commercial hub. The projects like Muppas Indraprastha, Bonsai Arbour, Aliens Space Station, and Akriti Honey Dew. The properties in this area range from Rs.1687 to Rs.7674 per sq. ft. The affordable price range attracts residential investors.


Adibatla, situated in the southeast zone of Hyderabad, is considered as the next IT Hub of Hyderabad. The area is spruced up with the TATA companies’ establishments, i.e., TCS and TATA Aerospace. 

This is adjoined by a good Return on Investment on the properties owing to these establishments. The residential properties give an expected ROI of approximately 12%, which is considered a good ROI by Real Estate Industry Experts. The working professionals’ proximity to work and the developing infrastructure lures the investors and the developers, thereby stimulating the Real Estate activity in this area. 


Located in the NorthEast zone of Hyderabad, Pocharam falls under Ghatkesar Mandal. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport access that lies within 19 Km is the prominent feature that bolsters the demand for commercial and residential properties in this region. The area is optimally located with easy access to the primary transport modes like Secunderabad Railway station and Airport. Coming to the tech giants, the second campus of Infosys is situated at Pocharam, spanning across a massive 447 acres of land. 

The properties’ affordable prices lie in the range of Rs.2899 to Rs.4500 per sq. ft. Some of the noticeable projects in this area include Envirise, Emerald Heights. With all these points considered, Pocharam seems the right choice of location to invest in the residential properties.


Eastern Hyderabad is gearing up for real estate activity with the government initiatives like Look East Policy and North Policy. One of the fastest-growing suburbs of Hyderabad, Uppal, experiences a drastic socio and economic infrastructure development in the region. This, in turn, leads to the real estate progress in this region that quickly reaches the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and the Metro Rail project that ensures last-mile connectivity. The railway station at Kacheguda is also located just 10 Km away, providing good connectivity. 

The area bustles with shopping centers, hospitals, and schools, making the area investment-centric due to the overall markets. The affordable prices place this area in the top priority, with the residential prices ranging from Rs.4,200 to Rs.5375. 

Bottom Line 

Hyderabad residential market is one of the best markets to invest in. This is justified by the lowest unsold inventory in the city even after challenging times like pandemic. The best places to invest in Hyderabad residential property provide you with assets at affordable prices. The areas include Pocharam, Uppal, Adibatla, Narsingi, to name a few. These areas are witnessing a surge in real estate transactions due to connectivity, amenities, and infrastructure development.  

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Residential Property Investment Spaces in Hyderabad FAQs:

Few areas are providing brilliant opportunities to the investors ready to invest in residential properties. Some areas are Uppal, Narsingi, Tellapur, Pocharam, and Adibatla.

The residential market of Hyderabad has shown stellar performance during challenging times like pandemic. The property prices across various metropolitan cities have fallen, but Hyderbad exhibited strong resistance to the falling trends. This shows that Hyderabad has built a robust real estate structure.

The excellent connectivity, amenities, and affordable prices are the fundamental reasons that make some localities the best places to invest. Also, the proximity to the IT hub makes it an attractive point for the working professionals searching for residential properties for investment.

The price of the residential properties is in the range of Rs.1687 to Rs. 7674. This shows the accessibility to a broad range of investors who can purchase a property at a cheerful price and enjoy the returns.

The affordable prices and the tech giants like Wipro, Infosys, and Microsoft have glorified the area making it one of the best places to invest. The beautiful scenery in this area is also attracting investors to grab an opportunity.

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