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    Investing in Real Estate in Chennai

    The commercial real estate market in Chennai has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. The number of investments in commercial real estate has also tremendously increased. With the advent of startup’s and interference of technology are the main causes that have simplified investing in Real Estate in Chennai. Along with the Indian investors, the NRI investments into commercial real estate through FDI’s have also increased. The current growth phase of the market also guarantees the people Investing in Real Estate in Chennai with greater profits in the future. Along with the good capital appreciation investors also can enjoy regular rental income.

    Real Estate Investments

    Taxation is an important aspect of every investment and investors are always on a look for investment options with good profits and fewer taxes. Investors should be aware of the taxation structure of every investment to make better decisions. Real Estate like other investment vehicles attracts taxes, buying, selling and even flipping a property will attract some taxes. But when it comes to Real Estate in the long term, the investments are taxed less than the short term returns. This is a huge advantage to the long term investors, along with the solid corpus that would be built over time and capital appreciation, investors also get to enjoy lower tax rates.

    About Chennai

    Chennai, the capital of the Tamilnadu state is the fourth-largest and sixth most populated city with a population of 4.9 million and is also regarded as the safest city of India. Located on the Coromandel coast of Bay of Bengal, Chennai covers an area of 178.2 square kilometres. Chennai is believed to have been discovered 400 years ago. It is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on one side and Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur on the other three sides. 40% of the population are migrants and this number is further is expected to increase owing to the development of the IT sector and vast employment opportunities. The real estate sector in Chennai is also drastically developing to accommodate the increasing population. Increased investments in commercial Real estate and residential real estate have led to a significant increase in market size. With increasing demand from end-users, NRI investors and Indian investors both the commercial and residential sectors are further expected to grow immensely. Investors looking for high growth potential properties for investing can consider investing in Real Estate in Chennai.

    best commercial property investment in Chennai

    Risks in Real Estate

    Just like most of the investment options, Real Estate is also dependent on the risk-taking capability of the investor. Real estate offers properties varying over different degrees of risks from greenfield properties with higher risks to zero risk investments. There are diverse investment options based on the risk tolerance of the investor. Some types of risks that are usually involved in Real Estate are approval risk, construction risk, tenancy risk, valuation risk, title risk, and liquidity risk. Risky but Real Estate offers equally profitable investment options, after all, what is life without some risks. Higher the risk higher the profits and lower the benefits, it all depends on the investor where he wants to invest.

    Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

    Assetmonk understands that our investors have multiple avenues for investing apart from Real Estate. But we have better reasons for why you should be investing in Real Estate with Assetmonk. Our expert asset managers team compares the assets with other similar financial instruments and only outperforming real estate assets will make it our list to ensure the investors with greater profits along with reliable regular income. Assets offers come with flexible tenure terms, low investment tickets, along good capital appreciation, and those beneficial than conventional investment options are only offered by us. We check the transaction history and the potential returns of a property to check for ensuring reliability and financial viability. Only assets that match the standards of high potential, secure assets will make to our platform.


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