Having the opportunity to communicate with everyone and being able to learn new things from each other is one of the best things about Assetmonk. Open door policy here ensures that we work with a sense of freedom and approachability. I love facing everyday challenges at my work and not having to worry about being stuck at any point with guidance and help from everyone is such a blessing at the workplace.

-Sindhu Mohan Kasandula

It’s wonderful how at Assetmonk every day we have something new to learn and work on. I love working with Assetmonk because of its dynamic and creative work culture, it pushes me every day to give my best.  It’s great to be a part and watch how every day we are growing as an organization, team, and individually also.

-Adithya Mokshagundam


I have been loving the freedom of making my own decisions related to the work and being able to be accountable, it makes me feel empowered. At Assetmonk the opportunities to learn and grow technically, creatively, and personally are limitless. The motivation of innovation here at Assetmonk is also one of the factors that make our work challenging but exciting.

-Vennela Boppa