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Curious to know about the government land rates in Hyderabad or the Hyderabad land rates? Or the Telangana land rates? 

Hyderabad is the capital city of the Telangana state, formed in the year 2014. Located in the southern part of the state, Hyderabad is along the Musi River banks, a tributary of the Krishna River.

Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing cities, with a projected population of over 9 million by 2031. It has been ranked among the top 10 most livable cities in India by CNN-IBN and CII. The city also boasts of being one of the cleanest metropolises in India and is known for its lush green surroundings plus its history as an essential trading center during British rule.

The City of Pearls is known for its buzzing bazaars and charming markets. Hyderabad has attracted global leaders of various industries to set up franchises in the city, like Amazon, IKEA, and many more. The city has set examples with success stories that exhibit the potential of the city.

The city has the optimal climate and geography best supported by government initiatives and policies to boost the inflow of investment. Let us get to know the city’s geography and its connectivity that has attracted global companies’ establishments.

This blog will help you find out about the govt value of land in Hyderabad and Telangana land rates. Also, find out the area-wise cost of land in Hyderabad.

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Geography of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is geographically placed 1,566 Kilometers (973 miles) south of Delhi, 699 Kilometers (434 Miles) South-east of Mumbai, and 570 Kilometers (350 Miles) North of Bengaluru by road. It is closely connected to metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, making it feasible for connectivity, the prime concern of business and trade.

The city is spread over an area of 625 sq. Kilometers (241 Miles), which makes it one of the largest metropolitan cities in the country. The city is situated at an altitude of 542 meters (1778 ft) and is surrounded by artificial lakes created by the dams on the river Musi.

But what exactly is the govt value of land in Hyderabad?  

Let us now check the land valuation Hyderabad and other cities. We will also be checking area-wise land valuation Hyderabad.

Comparison of current land prices in Hyderabad and land prices in Hyderabad area-wise 2023

What are the Hyderabad land prices? What is the land cost in Hyderabad area-wise?

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the city in 2019 was USD 83.5 Billion which positioned it in fourth place in India and 93rd in the world. Also, Hyderabad is the house of the highest number of SEZs (Special Economic Zones) among other cities in the country. 

The government’s latest policies like Look East and North Policy, and Integrated township have lent a helping hand to build a robust base for the industries. Real estate in Hyderabad has been the shining light for the city, with the interdependence of other sectors like IT and E-commerce on Real estate. With the advent of the IT corridor, the surrounding areas have witnessed a surge in investments, which led to soaring prices. The city has experienced immense development of infrastructure and employment opportunities, which further boosted the demand and market.

Though the city has seen a transformation as an IT hub in recent years, it still retains the inrush’s affordability–driving characteristic. The prices of land in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi are going through the roof. According to the NHB Residex, Mumbai’s land rate stands at Rs. 23,400 per sqft. while Delhi stands at Rs. 9,700 per sqft. Compared to them, Bengaluru and Chennai are Rs. 6,900 per sqft. , bringing a sigh of relief to the customers. 

But, what are the current land rates in Hyderabad? 

The current land rates in Hyderabad hold happy news for investors. How so? The average Hyderabad land prices or Hyderabad property rates are nestled at Rs. 4,500 per sqft, giving way to investors’ dreams. 

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The land prices of various cities mentioned above are summed up in the table below. The market value of land in Hyderabad or Hyderabad land prices is also listed in the table.  



Average Land Price in 2023 (per INR)


Rs. 945/sq. ft


Rs. 5327 per sq. ft


Rs. 4446 per sq. ft


Rs. 4500 per sq. ft


As can be seen above, the market value of land in Hyderabad stands at Rs. 4,500 per square feet. So, While the above-mentioned average Hyderabad property rates and other large cities, what is the land cost in Hyderabad area-wise?

Let us delve deeper into the land prices in Hyderabad area-wise 2023 and Hyderabad square feet price.

The cost of land in Hyderabad areas like Kukatpally has almost seen prices double due to the areas lying in the expanding IT corridor’s vicinity. Certain areas like Badangpet and Lingampally are priced at Rs. 10,650 respectively.

The government land rates in Kondapur and Narsingi also attract investments because of the inexpensive rates. Also, the attraction gets contributed by the easy access to Outer Ring Road that enhances the connectivity to prime locations like the Financial District, Gachibowli, Hi-Tech City, and the entire city. The average price of land in Narsingi is from Rs. 8,150 per sq. ft. This brings the average land price of the area to Rs. 7,953 per sq. ft. The government land rates in Kondapur is Rs. 10,550 per sq.ft. 

Nallagandla is queuing up the list of places attracting land investments with the average price of Rs. 11,100 per sq.ft. The next area is Sangareddy, with the land price fixed at Rs. 1,750 per sq.ft per sqft. The areas like Bandlaguda Jagir and Gajulramaram have lands priced at Rs. 7,000 per sqft and Rs. 6,400 per sqft, respectively.

The Hyderabad land rates or land price list is topped by Jubilee Hills pegged at Rs. 30,550 per sq.ft. Also, not to forget the government land value in Banjara Hills is at the top. The government land value in Banjara hills and Jubilee Hills gets pegged high. The high price is often attributed to the high demand, which stands true in this case. The scarcity of land has saturated the area’s new developments.

What about the government land value in Shadnagar? The government land value in Shadnagar residential land gets pegged at Rs.28 lacs. Shadnagar provides the best residential land at an affordable price of Rs 28 Lac.


The area-wise price and Hyderabad square feet price are presented in the table for easy reference. 


Average Land Price (per sq.ft)


Rs.1,750 per sq.ft


Rs. 10,550 per sq.ft


Rs. 1,650 per sq.ft

Jubilee Hills

Rs. 30,550 per sq.ft


Rs. 11,100 per sq.ft

Bandlaguda Jagir

Rs. 7,000 per sq.ft


Rs. 6,400 per sq.ft


Rs. 3,650 per sq.ft


Rs. 3,650 per sq.ft


Rs. 10,650 per sq.ft


Rs. 10,650 per sq.ft


Rs. 2,150 per sq.ft


₹2,150 per sq.ft


Rs. 1,650 per sq.ft


Rs. 8,150 per sq.ft


Rs. 8,150 per sq.ft

Data Source: 99 Acres


Other localities anticipated to experience growth are Shankarpalli, Rajendra Nagar, Kompally, Nacharam, and Adibatla. The connectivity of these locations supported by the low prices drives the demand for homeowners to these areas. This, in turn, might churn the market and shoot up the land prices.

Land value in Hyderabad is cheaper compared to other metropolitan cities

As can be seen above, the land rates in Hyderabad as per government are quite low compared to other cities.

Hyderabad is a city that has a great deal of land availability. So, the land value in Hyderabad is low. So, the land rates in Hyderabad as per government are quite low. Thus, you can find good quality houses at very affordable rates. Land prices in Hyderabad are cheaper compared to other metropolitan cities, for example, Mumbai and Delhi. In comparison with these two metro areas, you will find that there are fewer restrictions on buying or selling land, which results in lower costs for developers and builders alike.

You can find also an affordable plot rate in Hyderabad near some popular towns and cities like Secunderabad, Kukatpally, Begumpet, etc. You will also find several new residential projects coming up in these areas, which ensures that there is a continuous demand for land in areas like these.

If you are looking for affordable land in Hyderabad, you can find plots of land that cost around Rs 20 lakhs. The affordable plot rate in Hyderabad is available on the outskirts of the city and is mainly used for residential purposes.

Why is the property rate in Hyderabad rising?

The rising demand for land in Hyderabad is due to the increase in population and the number of people who want to leave their homes. As a result, there is a shortage of land available at reasonable prices.

The property rate in Hyderabad has risen due to several factors, such as:

  • High demand for land: The rise in population has also resulted in high demand for land. With the city’s infrastructure not being able to meet the increasing needs of its residents, people are forced to look outside their immediate neighborhoods for alternative living spaces. In addition, there is an increased demand from investors who want to build commercial and residential properties here.
  • Lack of availability: There is simply not enough land available in the city at affordable prices. It is estimated that the shortage of land in Bangalore is around 30%. A large number of people are moving out of their homes due to growing families, and this has led to an increase in demand for housing units outside their immediate neighborhoods.


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Land Rates in Hyderabad FAQ’s:

Which is the best place to buy land in Hyderabad?

The places that are experiencing a surge in the land prices of Hyderabad are Shankarpally, Adibatla, Kompally, to name a few. 

Why land prices are increasing in Hyderabad?

The land prices are increasing in Hyderabad due to the growing activities of the industries that are elevating the demands in the market. Also, there are areas like Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills that are experiencing the scarcity of unutilized land, which is shooting up the prices.

What is the city average land price of Hyderabad?

The average land rates in Hyderabad is Rs.4,500 per sq. ft. It is quite affordable when compared to the land rates of other metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi which stand at around Rs.23,400 and Rs.9,700, respectively.

What is the Ameerpet average land price in Hyderabad?

The average land rate of Ameerpet in Hyderabad, which is witnessing a surge in demand is Rs.5,587. 

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