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Curated investment opportunities for every investment objective


In-demand categories, thoroughly vetted & made accessible with fractional ownership


Tech-enabled dashboard to be informed about every asset development


Industry-best returns of IRR 14% to 24%, directly flowing to your bank account


Expert guidance to liquidate your investment at the most opportune time

Access Investments Previously Available To Only The 1%
Access Investments Previously Available To Only The 1%
Access Investments Previously Available To Only The 1%
India’s First
Co-Living Space
Inside An
International Airport!


  • Hyderabad International Airport

Starting Yield

8% Fixed Returns


45 Years
Our motto is being
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    I am
    years old. I am
    alternative realty investments. Most of the investments in my portfolio are
    . My next investment objective is
    and expect to use most of the money from my investments within
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    2-3 Years


    Moderate Risk


    Capital Appreciation



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    5+ Years


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    1. Collateralized

    Assetmonk only curates opportunities that are backed by a physical asset. This ensures your principal amount is always protected.

    2. No Volatility

    With zero to negligible risk, you can be relieved that the returns on your investment and capital are stable.

    3. Customized Options

    Wide range of investment options that will give you the power to choose investment duration, risk profiles, and operations of the asset class.

    4. Predictable Returns

    Pre-agreed monthly, quarterly, and annual or end-of-life payouts throughout the investment tenure to help you plan your financial future.

    5. Tax Benefits

    Claim depreciation and expenses to minimize the effective tax rate. After all, we want you to be a smart investor.

    We Know
    What’s On Your Mind

    Alternative realty investments include commercial real estate assets, as a part of alternative investments. It includes investing in some of the most lucrative asset classes like office spaces, data centers, warehouses, co-living, senior living, etc. Earlier, such investments were only accessible to the 1% as they required huge capital investment.

    Fractional ownership is an arrangement where a group of investors pool in funds to buy an asset. They share passive ownership of a high-yielding asset according to the number of fractions bought. This essentially reduces the large capital burden from one investor and makes worthy Grade-A assets accessible to retail investors.

    Co-living or managed residencies are a modern form of housing where residents share a living space and a set of interests and values. It’s a new take on an old idea of shared accommodation, imagined by a millennial generation that values concepts like openness and collaboration, social networking, and sharing an ecosystem.

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      I was always skeptical about investing in commercial real estate because it’s completely unknown territory. I was looking for opportunities for good capital appreciation, and Assetmonk greatly helped me in understanding the market first and then showing me options according to my preferences. I now have an investment I’m satisfied with. At first, there were some hiccups with the account setup process, but the team quickly resolved them.

      B N Archana

      My intentions behind investing in real estate were security, returns, and capital appreciation. The investment process with Assetmonk is easy and the hassle of property management is also being taken care of by the platform. Overall, my experience with Assetmonk is satisfactory.

      Abrar Shariff

      I explored investment opportunities on Assetmonk for high returns. After my investment now, I am satisfied with the experience. Out of 10, I’d give Assetmonk a solid 8.

      T Sriram
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