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    By being investor-first, Assetmonk has been helping investors prioritize their financial goals and achieve what’s important to them using the most potent investment philosophy invest with a purpose.

    Your Purpose

    Every investor is unique and so is the investment objective. With our investment philosophy, the power lies in the hands of the investors. The tailor-made alternative investment solutions are designed for the investors to pick and choose what they want and not just what is available on the platform. that’s how assetmonk adds value!

    After extensive research and surveys, our insights suggest, that universally, investors look for one of the three attributes

    • Passive income
    • Capital appreciation
    • Long Term Rentals
    Hyperfocus on
    Growth &

    With our years of experience, we understand how traditional investment instruments behave. From volatility, market influence, and liquidity concerns, our recommendations stem from the core necessities to be recession ready and have a hedge against inflation.

    Stocks and mutual funds perform well over time, but come with a high level of risk and unstable periodic returns. That acts as a hindrance to growth. While we know these traditional investment channels are retail investors’ first point of contact, Assetmonk knows the mantra for strong portfolios – diversify, diversify, diversify!

    The Role Of
    Fractional Ownership
    In Real Estate

    An established concept in the west, fractional ownership enables several like-minded investors to create a pool and invest in a larger asset, which would otherwise be inaccessible by retail investors due to large capital requirements.

    As an investor investing in a fractional investment opportunity, you will become a fractional owner of a portion of the entire asset, depending upon your investment share along with more than a hundred co-investors.

    Investor Benefits Of
    Asset Backed Investments

    Asset-backed investments are financial products backed by income-generating assets as collateral. By choosing asset-backed investments, investors benefit from higher yields compared to the mainstream options like bonds. Such investments are typically less volatile, offer high transparency with detailed transaction reports, and offer strong investor protection through loss-absorbing features.

    How Can
    Assetmonk Help?

    Assetmonk is making the most stable asset class accessible to everyone – commercial real estate. We have added finesse to this alternative investment channel to meet the big three requirements in the form of our products

    Growth is for investors looking for long-term value investment and capital appreciation. It is an early-stage investment option with benefits like low investment price, high returns, and asset-backed security resulting in low risk.

    Early-stage investment

    High growth potential

    Ideal for capital appreciation

    IRR up to 21%

    Property ownership.

    Less risky than shares

    Structured Debts are short-term fixed-income products, collateralized by a real estate asset with assured exits.

    Short term investment option

    Debt syndication benefit

    Periodic returns

    16-19% IRR

    Diversification of risk

    Rentals are investment products ideal for those who seek period income along with capital appreciation.

    Long term investment option

    Fractional Ownership

    Regular rental income

    Good capital appreciation

    12-16% IRR

    Property ownership

    Assetmonk advisors suggest creating a portfolio that includes any of these products to limit risk and achieve your financial goals. No matter what goal is at your finish line, our advisors will work with you every step of the way to back you up with proper knowledge and tailored strategies. Invest with a purpose and move with confidence.

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