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    Assetmonk believes its expertise should help everyone make smart investment decisions in the modern age. Putting pen to aper in the digital world, Assetmonk Library is an ever-growing collection of all the necessary information pertaining to the dynamic world of real estate. From tax laws, terminology, strategies, and guides, learn something new every day for your financial wellbeing.


    1. What’s Crowdfunding?

    Is crowdfunding different from fractional ownership? What are the regulations and how is it benefiting investors? Get your answers here.

    2. Truest Guide To Passive Income

    A second income is what most investors aspire for from their investments, so you should know all about it, right? Continue reading.

    3. Tips for Efficient Asset Management

    Asset management may appear to be reserved only for the rich. But, it is crucial for everyone who wants to make the most of their wealth.

    4. Simplest Guide To Tax Laws

    Tax considerations are a big part of any investment decision, even more so in the case of commercial real estate investments. From government laws to GST rules, get an understanding of how you can save and pay taxes.

    5. Saving Schemes In India

    Explore the investment options launched by the government as an added channel to save and multiply wealth. Read about all the available schemes to make an informed decision

    6. Risk Management Strategies

    One of the biggest advantages of investing in commercial real estate is balancing the volatility and stability of an investment portfolio. We’re not just stating this but explaining the hows and the whys.

    7. Reits & NCDs In The Indian Economy

    These are the new trends in the real estate market. An already established concept in the west, familiarise yourself with what they mean and their advantages at an early stage.

    8. Realistic Wealth-Building Techniques

    There’s no shortage of unrealistic and get-wealthy-quick schemes right now with investors losing money. But, real estate helps you build sustainable wealth.

    9. Passage To Commercial Real Estate

    As an investment concept, many investors are not aware of what and how commercial real estate can benefit their portfolios. One after the other, read through these simplified guides to know what the 1% of top investors know. 

    10. News & Trends

    Get the most recent information about India’s real estate, property investing, buying/selling property, and the realty market.

    11. Glossary

    Simple explanations the terminology that will help you understand the metrics and important calculations related to your real estate investments and returns. 

    12. Game Plan To Become Smart Investors

    Want to make the most of the real estate market? Explore tricks to attract tenants, select a profitable rental income location, etc.

    13. Fixed Income

    Fixed Income

    14. Developments in Major Indian Cities

    Curious about real estate investments city-wise? Explore real estate developments in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore.

    15. Comprehensive Investment Guide For NRIs

    Indian real estate offers the highest payoff. “How can I invest in real estate in India?” is one of the frequently asked questions by NRIs. Get answers here!

    16. Be Recession-Ready

    Nobody loves the word “recession”. But, recession-proof investments like real estate help when the economy exhibits obvious indicators of a recession.

    17. Beginner’s Guide

    Are you new to real estate? Real estate is simple to understand if you know the “WHAT” of real estate investing.

    18. Assetmonk Outlook

    Require more in-depth and latest articles happening in the real estate and alternative investment world? Welcome to Assetmonk Outlook.

    19. Asset Class Comparision

    Commercial real estate is the biggest asset class globally, and these comparisons with other asset classes are conclusive evidence for just that.

    20. Alternative Investments

    Discover a world of alternative investments and delve into comprehensive guides to expand your knowledge on various investment options, empowering you to make informed decisions. Explore now!

    21. All About Fractional Ownership

    Fractional ownership is how grade-A assets are becoming affordable and accessible to retail investors. Know all about it through these detailed articles.

    22. Ace Retirement Planning

    FIRE or Financial Independence, Retire Early: Too Lofty A Goal For You? No! You can ace this “ lofty” goal via real estate investment alternatives.

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