34 Best Passive Income Ideas For Building Wealth in 2023

  • Author: Saphi Evangelarity Syiem
  • 5 min read
  • January 23, 2023
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What is Passive Income?

Passive income is like a second source of income. It refers to the different sources of income. It is the money earned with little to no work, and it puts you on the fast track to financial freedom. Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like a scam? Well, no, it definitely is true and definitely is not a scam. Need further convincing?

Imagine earning money by hunkering down and relaxing. Too impossible to imagine? Well, thousands of people do it every day, believe it or not. Passive income is money earned with little to no work, and it puts you on the fast track to financial freedom.

Making money with zero work for it may appear too good to be accurate, but there is a catch. Passive income does not appear on its own. It necessitates an initial financial and time investment. 

The first step to passive income is buying, creating, or contributing to cash-flowing assets. Passive income sources or extra income sources come from investing in real estate and selling things online. It can also get done by producing online courses or engaging in side hustles that do not need the earner to engage.

Been wondering how to increase source of income? Check out the multiple streams of income or passive income listed below.

Best Passive Income Sources For You In 2023

1. Stocks with Dividends

Dividend stocks is one of the best online income sources or second income ideas. These are proven and reliable methods of generating passive income. Several publicly listed corporations send out dividends to investors on a routine basis, which is effectively a percentage of their revenues. Such dividends are usually little per share, however, when you invest more (or the firm becomes more prosperous), your income will rise. You can also reinvest your dividends, increasing your interest in the firm and possibly your dividends.

To obtain substantial dividend checks, you must conduct an extensive study and invest a significant amount of money. However, continuously investing in dividend equities may accumulate a substantial residual income over time. If you want to take advantage of any of these investing possibilities, create an account with the finest online brokerage and earn incentives in the process.

2. Make a course

Making a course is one easy source of income for students. Creating a video or audio course is one common technique for passive income, then sitting back and watching the money stream. It is one of the best online work from home without investment. It is also one of the best passive income ideas for students. Students can become subject matter experts and monetize that by creating online courses. Websites such as Coursera, SkillShare, and Udemy may be used to distribute and sell courses.

You might also try a freemium model, which involves creating a following with free material and then charging for more extensive information or for individuals who want to know more. This methodology might be used by language teachers or stock pickers, for example. The free material serves as a representation of your competence and may entice individuals wanting to advance. A course might provide a fantastic revenue stream because you can quickly generate money after the initial time investment.

3. Subject Matter Expert

How to make money without investment for students? Or what is one of the best ways of earning sources for students? Being a subject matter expert is the best passive income for college students and also passive income for students. College students nearly always succeed in at least one subject. They can begin seeking work while still advancing their studies by educating other college or high school students. Online course jobs in India are a terrific way to start earning money. Extensive work experience is not required to begin a career as a tutor.

The sole requirement for ensuring that children obtain sufficient education and improve their learning ability is subject competence. Increasing one’s professional and social realms can boost the tutor’s exposure. This passive income for college students will put them ahead of the competition for your favorite work-from-home online tutoring employment. Are you also looking for passive income ideas for students in India? Well, CheggIndia is one of the platforms that hire subject matter experts and provide passive income for students in India.

4. Create an ebook

Creating an Ebook is one of the smart ways of passive income to benefit from the low publication cost and utilize Amazon’s option to get your own book seen and read by a massive number of prospective purchasers. Ebooks can range from approximately 30 pages to 50 and are relatively cheap to make since they depend on the skills of individuals. You have to be a specialist on certain issues. But, you can always specialize in a particular area that requires some exceptional talents that most readers need but not all people possess. Via online platforms, anyone can rapidly produce the book and test the market via several titles and pricing.

5. Affiliate promotion

The owners of sites or influencers employ affiliate promotion or marketing to endorse the products of a third party via establishing a product link on their site. Well, Amazon is a popular affiliate marketing partner. While TikTok and Instagram have also turned into platforms for people strengthening their following and promotion. Anyone can also build a list for an email to capture people or to provide guidance for readers to services and items they desire. Site owners receive commissions if visitors tap and visit the links plus purchase from affiliates that are 3rd party. Commissions span  3 percent – 7 percent. It means that your portal traffic is large and will get needed to generate massive money. But, if are able to improve or double the following or be an expert in an extra field that will yield you profit (like technology or wellness), you can easily make money.

6. Retail merchandise flip

Online platforms like Amazon have product sales that are set at low prices. You’ll arbitrage between your buying and selling prices. Also, you get to establish tons of people following your offers. You’ll benefit from pricing discrepancies from the one you can locate and the ordinary customer can find. This might be especially effective if you have a source who can assist you gain access to inexpensive items that few others can. Alternatively, you may uncover valuable items that others have just ignored.

7. Digital photography sales

The sale of pictures or photos on an online site is not the most known location to begin a passive company. But it may help you build your efforts, particularly if frequently sell similar pictures. One can do a collaboration with Getty Images, Alamy, or Shutterstock. You must first be accepted by the site, after which you must license your images for use by a person downloading them. The site will then pay you every time your photo is used. You’ll need photographs that appeal to a demographic or depict a specific environment, and you’ll need to see the demand.

8. Make apps

Developing apps can work that first-time investment for you plus gather the benefits. Apps can either be about games or help mobile phone users with complications. Mobile phone users can download the software you make after it gets public. Guess what? After that, you generate money. If an individual can build a thing that appeals to his target demographic, an app may be beneficial. You’ll consider how to earn the most money possible with your app. You can run advertisements or charge customers in your app and charge tiny fees for apps download.

9. Lease parking spots

Have you got parking spots that you aren’t utilizing for another person might use? You may use it rent it to someone and charge. It would be even better if your parking spots have massive areas that can park a number of cars or for numerous events or locations. Your parking place might be worth actual money in exceptionally high-demand regions or during high-demand periods (for instance, during concerts or football matches). For instance, if you reside in a location with regular commuters but a scarcity of parking spaces, you may make passive income on your hands. You may have a better chance of making a profit when renting to individuals who require the space regularly than events that are one-timing only.

10. Bond Ladders

Bond ladders is one of the many multiple sources of income. These are bond collections expiring at various intervals over years. Varied maturities reduce the risk of reinvesting, i.e the risks of again investing the money if bonds pay very less income. Bond ladders are a typical passive income investment that has long attracted seniors and those nearing retirement. You may chill and just gather interests. In case the bond expires, you stretch the ladder, transferring the principle to a new bond series. You may begin with bonds that are 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, and 7-year. When the 1st bond expires within 1 year, the bonds you have will be maturing in 2, 4, and 6 years.

11. Social media-sponsored postings

Influencers. If you are active on Instagram and following influencers, you might have seen them post a video advertising a product with certain hashtags like #sponsored# and #ad# at the end of the post. Or if you also possess massive followers on Instagram and TikTok you can start earning passive income. You can get paid by leading consumer companies by posting their products or otherwise showcasing them. But, you should always build the social profile thru materials to attract the audience you wish to target.

This consists of you developing the postings for widening and engagement of the fans. Making the most of your social media presence is an appealing business approach. You need to attract attention and views to your profile with compelling material, and then monetize it by arranging sponsored content from businesses that appeal to your audience.

12. Rent your house for a short time

Did you know that you could earn easy passive income by leasing your house for some time? Imagine leasing a current apartment that you possess when you’re traveling during the winter. You may post your apartment on Airbnb. Then, set your rental conditions. You’ll get paid for your work with small extra work, especially if you’re leasing the apartment to an occupant who will occupy it for several months.

13. Vacation Home Rentals

Guess what? If you have an additional house in a hill station or tourist destination that you aren’t utilizing, you may convert it into a money-making prospect.  One of the best passive income opportunities in the real estate market is vacation rentals. Vacation rentals can not only give some extra cash, but they can also generate a considerable passive income stream if you live in a popular tourist location. Short-term rentals in high demand in Indian tourist destinations in such as Ooty, Pondicherry, and others are a great source of passive income. So, if you own a house, consider listing it on a site like Airbnb.

14. Start Your Own Blog Or Channel on YouTube

Always been a finance expert? A carpentry guru? If you are, guess what? You can shift your skills for subjects into a YouTube channel or blog. But which is the main source of income for media channels like youtube? Or how will you generate extra income from your blog or youtube channel? Via advertisements. Start monetizing it with sponsors or advertisements. Search for a trending topic like recession and deeply familiarize yourself with it. But, you need to keep creating content good enough to initially target the crowd you want. The more you become renowned for your content, it will generate a guaranteed revenue stream with time. You will grow a following by using a platform that is zero-cost or low-cost and has quality content.

15. Invest in a Company

Another option to produce passive income is investing as a silent partner in firms. This is extremely hazardous, yet with danger comes the possibility of large gains. For example, both Uber and Lyft were searching for private investors to make investments in their firms some years ago. They are now worth billions of dollars, but you as an investor will only gain if they go public through an IPO or are bought. Thus, it’s dangerous. However, there are steps you may take to lower your risk. You can, for instance, invest tiny sums in several firms by giving them money in minor bonds.

16. Hard Money Lending

Hard money lending or loans, like other kinds of p2p lending, are focused on a specialized specialty – loans for real estate. They get commonly utilized for house flipping or as short-term bridging loans. Groundfloor is one platform in this field, offering a platform for hard-money lending or loans. But, keep in mind that it is not without danger. Since the launch of its marketplace, Groundfloor has seen a 1 percent ratio of loss.

17. Angel Investing

Does the word ‘Shark Tank’ ring a bell? It is a show in which 5-6 investors hear business pitches or ideas from fledgling businesses and then give investment offers. That type of investment is known as angel investment or angel investing. Instead, most businesses propose their business ideas thru meetings via zoom, short presentations, and email intros. There are also several sites that do syndication for agreements, in which a group of people pools their resources in a firm. And guess what? You and anyone can get to partake in it too. But, keep in mind it is incredible and highly risky but a high-return investment – yet it is a completely passive income source.

18. NFTs Loans

Did you know you could generate passive income from NFT? But, NFTs what? Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the most recent digital trend that almost everyone has heard about. NFTs, like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, are digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded just like any other asset. If you’re interested in the NFT realm, there’s an intriguing approach to generating passive income thru mere loans using collateral with NFTs.

In reality, this means that you build a contract with an individual who has an NFT, decide on a sum to loan, and a payback time, and electronically sign the agreement. Note that the majority of NFT loans are done through Ethereum, thus you supply the money in Ethereum and they reimburse you in Ethereum too. In case borrowers do not timely pay you back or fail to pay, the agreement will shift collateral ownership to you.

19. Network Marketing

Network marketing, often known as multi-level marketing, appears to be on the increase. Multi-level marketing enterprises include Young Living Oils, Avon, Pampered Chef, and AdvoCare. By establishing a team beneath you, you may generate passive income via network marketing.  When you have a large team, you may make a commission on their sale without doing any work.

20. Sale of Handmade items

Looking for earning sources for students? Have you ever seen a friend advertise and sell hand-made soaps or resin jewelry online? There has never been a better moment to sell items online. Sale of handmade items is on eof the best passive income business ideas. With over 4.6 billion people online, the chance to create and expand an online business is enormous. You may sell on hundreds of online marketplaces. Some offer specialized specialties, like video games or handcrafted products, while others allow you to sell everything. Amazon and your online store are some examples of prominent online selling platforms.

21. Crypto passive income

Can you earn passive income with cryptocurrency? You can see a vast amount of cryptocurrencies today. Investment in multiple cryptocurrencies is a terrific method to generate 5 percent to 10 percent in passive income. Consider it similar to collecting interest on your money, but with bigger returns. You need to wait for the profits of your investment and review them regularly.

The more you learn about the world of cryptocurrency, the better your investing selections will be and the larger your passive income stream will be. Remember that, like any investment, staking bitcoin has its own set of dangers. There will also be a significant amount of time spent researching your alternatives to invest wisely. Cardano, Ethereum, and Solana are some of the best investments for passive income from crypto.

22. Generate royalties by inventing

The term “invention” may connote anything revolutionary like the invention of the telephone. However, an invention might refer to anything little and even tangential to your business. Inventions are not only a thing of the past. Small firms distinguish themselves via innovation, and, you may be seated on a one-of-a-kind idea from which you may make a passive income. Your unique innovations can generate passive income money for you.

Though this isn’t an often discussed passive income option, it exists. The beginning is likely to be one of the most difficult aspects of the inventor’s journey. You want to ensure that your idea is respectable, valuable, and answers a need. You can receive a portion or dividends from the money earned by your concept after it’s on the market, based on the deal you negotiate.

23. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a wonderful source of passive income, and the industry is growing rapidly. Even if it takes a few hours to create a high-quality audiobook, the long-term return is well worth the initial effort commitment. How can you get started as an audiobook narrator? It is rather simple to turn into an audiobook narrator if you enjoy reading and have a gift or passion for reading aloud. Once you have the proper equipment, you can sell your services on platforms such as Fiverr and quickly gain new clients. Releasing audiobooks may make you up to $2,500 each month or $30,000 per year if you select famous novels that are in the public realm and release one a week. Several audiobook producers make five figures each month, while others make nothing. Your income from providing audiobooks will be determined mostly by the book you choose (ensuring it has a market) and the execution of your marketing strategy (making sure the audience knows about it). Even when one creates the cleanest and greatest quality audiobook, it will earn little revenue until properly marketed.

24. Vending machine passive income

Vending machines may be found everywhere. A vending machine business is one in which you have 1 or more vending machines in different places and make money from the sales produced by those vending machines. The sales of these small candy bars, Cheetos, and drinks generate a sizable market. Vending machines with healthy food alternatives are also becoming more popular. Vending machines or vending machine passive income generate around $20 bn to $30 bn in yearly gross sales in the United States alone.

We know it can be lucrative. The actual attraction of a vending machine business, however, is its capacity to create passive income. Whether you’re napping, strolling your dog, or sunning, those machines will keep churning out sales day after day, week after week. If you ask me, it’s rather fascinating. A reasonable thumb rule is that office sites may pay $1.50 per person per week, whereas blue-collar workplaces may pay $3-$6 per person per week.

25. Create and sell spreadsheets

You might be astonished to learn that merely making spreadsheets can provide passive income online. If you enjoy producing spreadsheets and find them straightforward, this might be the ideal passive income source for you.  Whether you use Excel or Google Sheets to make spreadsheets, there is a market for you to produce spreadsheets of all types: for budgeting, profit estimates, habit monitoring, or even P&L spreadsheets that company owners don’t want to construct from scratch.

26. Build a job board

A job board is another option for a passive income source for you. But what is a job board? It is a webpage that firms use to advertise job openings. People may apply for open positions online with a few mouse clicks. To improve your profits, you may charge corporations to post on your board and offer extras like unrestricted access to your talent pool. You may create a job board from scratch or start with a prepared theme. The majority of your efforts should go toward raising exposure for your job board. To gain momentum quickly, prepare a news release, post on social media, and run sponsored advertisements.

27. Passive Income apps

Passive income apps or online income app function just as they sound: you download them on your phone and conduct a few tasks to earn money. The actions can range from performing daily things like viewing videos to turning a tiny financial investment into a passive income stream. There are several passive income apps or online earning sources apps like honeygain and Fundrise available to help you make better use of your mobile device and time. Fundrise is one such online income app or passive income app that allows you to invest in real estate projects with a $1,000 minimum commitment. It has the option to receive quarterly dividends as passive income.

28. Residential Real Estate Properties

Where to invest money for monthly income? Been looking to invest your money and generate assured income every month in your bank account? Look no further! Investment in real estate is one of the oldest passive income generators. If you own enough money, you may buy rental properties like apartment complexes and rent them out for a profit. Yet, being a landlord is a very busy profession. So, you may engage estate managers to handle tenants, upkeep properties, and gather monthly rent payments. Many people associate passive real estate investing with buying and renting out rental homes.

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29. Fractional Ownership Commercial real estate

How to earn money by investing a minimum amount of money only? And with less management? Fractions ownership is the way. Fractional ownership is one of the smartest passive income-earning ideas. How so? It allows people with similar interests to share passive ownership of a commercial property,  democratizing ownership. Additionally, investors can divide the revenue and expenses connected with this asset by their investment.

If you wish to invest and earn money from that glitzy and magnificent commercial property next to your flat, it will cost you crores. But, the unavailability of crores does not prevent you from owning commercial property.  Even with just lacs, you can advance thru fractional ownership. For example, Assetmonk allows a person to put his money into a high-quality office property with Rs. 25 lakhs. So, individuals can acquire a share of commercial properties and produce rent income. Assetmonk also enables you to earn an income source at home by simply using their easy dashboard to monitor investments.
 Commercial real estate fractional ownership is especially one of the best passive income sources in India since commercial real estate in India is booming right now. Fractional ownership yields passive income via capital appreciation and immediate rental income. The price of your business property will increase. Also, real estate is impacted by liquidity difficulties. Fractional ownership, on the other hand, is not. Your fractional share of a commercial property can be easily transferred and sold.

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30. Real Estate Crowdfunding

Wish to participate in real estate investment and generate passive income? Or looking for where to invest money for monthly income? But don’t desire to do the intensive lifting?  A better solution to earn money by investing is to go on board with a crowdfunding platform. The expert investment team chooses the property for you. All you have to do is pick where to invest it and the amount to invest with. Crowdfunding is another alternative for passive income investing. Real estate crowdfunding entails a big number of people pooling their money to buy a home. Real estate crowdfunding uses social media and internet channels to reach out to possible investors. Most like real estate crowdfunding since it does not need a hefty initial commitment.

Assetmonk allows you to start with as little as Rs. 25 lacs. Crowdfunding includes investing in properties directly and choosing the ones you wish to invest. Furthermore, real estate crowdfunding helps investors to diversify their risk. The fact that investing in real estate through crowdfunding is a passive income investment option is an appealing characteristic. Traditional investors must often supervise the property to ensure that it gets completed on time and to specifications, as well as incur the accompanying risks. You invest in crowdfunded real estate with a 3rd party developer or operator who manages everything. The developer or operator will do all required activities on time and within budget. As a consequence, you will get relieved of the worry of property management companies.

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31. Coliving housing

Is it a smart idea for a property buyer to invest or transform a current home into a co-living space to make passive income via rental income? Oh, without a doubt! Co-living is one of the most amazing income-earning ideas and is a revolutionary rental housing concept that consists of fully-furnished living units. These are made accessible to groups of people who desire to share a space without the limits of more typical paying guest motels. Property owners may benefit from converting regular apartments into co-living areas, according to experts, because such facilities are in great demand. Although there will always be some renter turnover, co-living provides a very regular rental income revenue. Several cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Guruguram saw the first coliving rent housing emergence. Smaller towns with large student populations and millennial workers, such as Jaipur, have a strong need for coliving spaces.

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32. REITs

REITs are some of the best types of passive income sources you can invest in. Investment in commercial property is increasingly becoming an option for investors looking to diversify their investments with real estate exposures while remaining flexible. Although investment in premier commercial property may not be practical for everyone, REITs provide a simple and cost-effective way to participate in the commercial real estate industry. REITs are companies that own, manage, or fund rental properties.

They were established with the primary objective of redirecting funds that would otherwise be dedicated to operational duties or real estate ownership into extra income creation for the investors, so transforming them into an investment vehicle. REITs invest in real estate and are listed on stock exchanges, similar to how mutual funds invest your money in assets such as shares, debt, and money market instruments. REITs produce money for their shareholders by renting or leasing out commercial properties and paying dividends and interest. Because they are transacted on the stock exchange, investors benefit from capital gains as well. So when the share of REIT units rises, the investor can sell them in exchange for financial profits. A REIT must pay at least 90 percent of its gross distributable cashflows in dividends to unitholders. Investors frequently get quarterly dividends or payments.

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33. P2P Lending

Do you possess extra money that is just laying idle in the bank? As a side venture, consider peer-to-peer lending as one of the passive income ways. Peer-to-peer lending, one of the best second income ideas entails giving loans to individuals or small enterprises. If you possess the funds but do not want to engage with the demands of being landlords or property flippers, P2P funding is another passive income source option to explore. You may employ peer-to-peer lending networks for lending your funds to real estate investors. They can employ their funds to remodel, flip, or fix properties. The loan you give will of course get paid back plus interest. And that is your passive income within a very short period. You make passive income as a lender by collecting interest on your loans.

34. Real Estate Syndications

Unlike REITs, real estate syndications do not entail investment in a fund; instead, you buy a specific real estate property and become an owner of that property. As the owner of a real estate asset, you have additional chances to improve your tax benefits as a passive real estate investor. It is one of the best types of passive income since a collection of investors that combine their funds to purchase a portion of a property. A real estate syndication’s general partner, often known as the syndicator, finds a deal, supervises the deal and funding, and manages the investment once it is finalized. The majority of the capital required in exchange for real estate equity is contributed by passive investors.

 Passive real estate syndicate investors are not obliged to be actively involved in property maintenance, bookkeeping, or renter concerns. Real estate syndications have an outstanding feature that allows you to disclose your amount of risk. If you engage in a real estate syndication, you know precisely where your money is going, what asset you’re getting, and, most crucially, who you’re getting it from. This enables you to correctly insure the potential and engage with your sponsoring team throughout your commitment.

But which is the best passive source of income?

Passive Income Ideas For Beginners?

  • A high-yield savings account: It is an ideal passive income example for beginners to improve their savings above and get from a standard checking or savings account. It won’t be much, but it’s a straightforward approach to begin earning passive money.
  • Deposit certificates:  Deposit certificates are another example of a passive income approach. But your money will be more restricted than in a high-yield savings account.
  • REITs: REITs are a method of real estate investing without dealing with the hassles of property management. REITs usually distribute the bulk of their revenue in the form of dividends, rendering them an appealing alternative for investors seeking passive income.

Which Are The Bestest Passive Income Ideas For You?

Which are the best passive income ideas in India? Or what are the best passive income sources? The best passive income source or the best assets for passive income is determined by a variety of factors. But, the most crucial is the money available, the entire potential, your passion and competence in the sector, the length of time for devotion, plus the likelihood to achieve. If the barriers to entry are lower, the congestion of the field of competitors is more,  and the likelihood of success is lesser.

Thus, you need to weigh the prospect with these factors to establish the ideal passive income idea for you.

So, where should you consider investing for passive income? If you ask me how to generate passive income, it does not require much of your time and money. And what is one of the best and smart passive income ideas for me? This type of investment is one of the very few passive income ideas with little money or capital that is needed. And what investment is that? Real estate passive income. Real estate, particularly fractional ownership commercial real estate is one way to earn passive income online. Also, it is one of the best retirement passive income investments. How is passive income commercial real estate a smart passive income idea for me? Because one only needs to put in a minimum of Rs. 25 lacs in a premium commercial property via credible fractional ownership companies such as Assetmonk. But what qualifies real estate as passive income? You do not have to manage that property yet still earn consistent passive income via rental income and capital appreciation. 

Residual income vs Passive income: The Distinction?

“ What is the difference between residual income and passive income”. It is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet. So, we will now distinguish between residual income and passive income.

Income is money received by an individual in exchange for a service or investment. There are two types of income: passive income and residual income. Although these phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, they are essentially distinct. While residual income is often passive, it is not always residual.

Passive income is money made from a business that requires little or no continuous work. Residual income is a computation. It determines how much disposable cash an individual has. And what is disposable income? It is the remaining money after settling his expenses.

Active Income Vs Passive Income: The Difference?

Income is simply money earned, correct? While it is correct, it does not give the entire story. If you look attentively, you will see that there are two types of income: active income and passive income. So, what is active income and passive income? Active income is money earned by actually engaging in work. Active income includes hourly wages, wages from employment or self-employment, and receiving commissions. Your 9-5 job is a perfect example of active income.  Making active income is a task that many of us do, from physicians to carpenters to engineers. Active income gets earned by those who operate their businesses or work side jobs.

Salary, hourly salary, sales commission, and Bonus are primary sources of active income.

Passive income, in contrast, is money earned without active engagement. Money earned from a property you own or a YouTube channel you began is two examples. Passive income frequently necessitates initial labor and financial commitment. But, once everything has been in place, passive income can come to you with little, if any, work.

Passive income includes a dividend, interest, a royalty, investment apartments, and other sources.

How to Benefit from Both Active Income and Passive Income Ideas?

What are active income and passive income benefits? 

Passive income and active income are inextricably linked. The more active income you generate, the more passive income you may generate. If your active income exceeds your usual costs, invest more actively in passive sources of income. Of course, this presupposes you have a rainy day fund in place to avoid having to borrow money for an emergency.

But, the more passive income you receive, the more you can allow yourself to take chances with work. And switch to a more profitable position.

Conversely, if your passive income grows, you can take a job that offers less and is aligned with your goals. Indeed, a financial goal is to have passive income to work for fulfillment rather than money.

Thus, recognizing the distinction and relationship between active and passive income is crucial. It helps you plan your financial life. One may yield to the other. Possessing both active and passive sources of income expands your options and prospects.

So, what are not passive income ideas?

  • 9-5 job  ≠ passive income: Passive income does not include anything such as earnings from a job.
  • Part-time gig  ≠ passive income: A second job does not qualify as a passive income stream. Why so? You need to show up and complete the task to get paid. Passive income is generating a continuous source of revenue without putting much effort.
  • Non-income generating assets  ≠  passive income: Investing helps in the generation of passive income. But but. But what? But only if your assets yield dividends or interest. Non-dividend-paying equities and assets, like cryptocurrency, are intriguing. But they will not provide you with passive income.

Is it true that passive income ideas need “zero work”?

Work gets required for passive income. But, most of that labor gets done in the beginning so that you may savor the cash flows later with much less effort. The level of labor required varies depending on the passive income ideas you choose.

But how to start passive income?

One doesn’t have to do much if one invests in a renowned dividend stock. Simply track one’s position, and one might earn a 2% or 3% return on investment for several years.

The amount of labor may rise as you seek better returns. You may engage in a high-return fund that uses leverage and strategies to boost returns. But, you’d have to keep an eye because it’s likely to be sensitive to market and economic movements.

A modest biz start with potentially infinite return potential takes extra time and effort. You may have to work full-time for months until the company is solid enough for you to move back from the front lines.

So, what should type of passive income ideas should you choose if you prefer zero work or zero labor? How to create passive income with less work? Well, real estate, like commercial real estate is a zero-labor passive income investment.

FAQs on Passive Income

Q1. What qualifies as passive income?

A. Passive income is any extra income that you generate apart from your regular job. Passive income is income that you earn with less effort and money.

Q2. What is the best source of passive income?

A. The best source of passive income or passive income in India is fractional ownership of the commercial real estate. You only need to invest a minimum amount of Rs. 25 lacs in a property and somebody operates it for you. But, you generate passive income via monthly rental income and capital appreciation.

Q3. How to earn passive income?

A. How to earn passive income and how to generate passive income are one of the most frequently asked questions. So, how do we? Real estate investment, crypto investing, the creation and sale of online courses/ apps, and angel investing are some passive income ways.

Q4. Is passive income taxable?

A. Passive income is defined as earnings received from a property, partnership firm, or any other operation in which no individual is actively involved. But, passive income is usually taxed. So, yes passive income is also taxable in India. The majority of passive income is generated through dividends and interest, which are taxed under Income from Other Sources. These earnings are taxed at the standard slab rates.

Q5. How to earn passive income online?

A. You can make passive income online via the following ways.

  • REITs 
  • Start a Youtube channel
  • Create and sell online courses
  • Online sale of home-made items

Q6. What is active and passive income?

A. Active income is money earned by actually engaging in work. Salary, hourly salary, sales commission, and Bonus are primary sources of active income. Passive income, in contrast, is money earned without active engagement. Money earned from a property you own or a YouTube channel you began is two examples. Passive income frequently necessitates initial labor and financial commitment. But, once everything has been in place, passive income can come to you with little, if any, work.

Q7. Is owning a franchise passive income?

A. Yes, owning a franchise is an excellent passive income concept for anyone seeking great outcomes and a gratifying cash stream. Franchising is a business technique that allows organizations to expand their local presence.

Q8. How to make passive income from real estate investing?

A. Firstly, you can generate passive income through real estate.  Indeed, it is one of many different ways of passive income sources. Generate passive income from real estate by investing in rental properties, fractional ownership of these commercial properties, REITs, and real estate crowdfunding. 

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