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    Emerging Real Estate Trends in 2021

    As we begin with 2020, the Indian Real Estate sector is taken over with emerging trends and innovative modules.

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    Union Budget 2020 Highlights

    With changes in the various sectors and schemes, the Union Budget 2020 accommodated major changes. Here are highlights and key decisions of Union budget in 2020.

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    What Made Build To Rent (BTR) A Sensation In Rental Housing?

    The apartment rental demand is indeed a notable evergreen phenomenon, with affordability being its prime reason. Apparently with the periodic migrations, amenities, maintenance, flexibility, affordability, […]

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    Corona Virus Effect on the Indian Financial Market in 2020

    The Coronavirus has surely taken the world by the storm. No one could ever predict that a Corona virus effect could create such havoc across […]

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    Coronavirus Impact On Indian Economy

    The deadly Coronavirus outbreak has left the whole world in a critical situation. Being the second-largest economy of the world, the crisis caused in China […]

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    Budget 2020: Expectations From The Indian Realty Sector

    With days quickly counting for the 2020 Union Budget presentation on February 1, stakeholders from the Real Estate sector are all hopeful for plans and […]

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    What’s In Store For Indian Realty Sector 2020?

    2020, the year of action has officially begun and it marks the starting of a decade of effective implementation of many plans made in the previous years.

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    Economic Impact Of COVID-19 On Indian Economy This Year

    The impact of Covid-19 on Indian economy has been on peeked ever since this virus has stepped into India. The development came to a halt. […]

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    Coronavirus Quarantine- 11 Productive Things to do in Covid-19

    With schools shut, public places closed, even postponed and strict restrictions imposed by the government to stay at home.

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    Top 4 Covid-19 Precautionary Measures You Should Take in This Pandemic

    Every individual has a prominent and responsible role to play in slowing the Coronavirus spread out.

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