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      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: September 1, 2023
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      The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is all set to spread its wings as the GMR group launches the GMR aerocity in Hyderabad. GMR aims to fulfill its vision of providing world-class infrastructure development in India by launching the aero city. Are you unaware of what an aerocity is? Aerocity or more simply put an airport city, is an infrastructure development that keeps the airport as its core. As a part of building an aerocity, the area around the airport undergoes an infrastructure development by bringing in different facilities such as restaurants, offices, industrial parks, etc.

      GMR has announced the launching of aerocity in Hyderabad which extended over 1500 acres and is also envisaged to be an integrated mixed-use development. GMR aerocity includes key ports and some of the established business parks, retail parks, Aerospace and Industrial Park, Logistics Park, and Hospitality, etc.

      The GMR aerocity is all set to launch itself with a complete living and working experience. The infrastructure development also includes the development for schooling, healthcare, rental accommodations, recreation, and entertainment.

      Benefits of investing in GMR Aerocity

      The aerocity launched in Hyderabad by the GMR Group has brought in world-class infrastructure development. It is one of the hottest spots for investment as it is prone to further economic developments in the future. It is an ideal location for investment as it is connected to the rest of Hyderabad by superior means of transportation such as buses, trains, metros, etc. The proximity to the airport is also another important factor that makes real estate investments in the aerocity a great choice.

      The aerocity which spreads over 1500 acres has opened up several employment opportunities and this is expected to attract a large number of youth looking for better opportunities. The aerocity is not only a good spot for commercial investment but also an ideal location for residential investment. The aerocity ranks in terms of the hospitality it provides to its investors and the infrastructure developments brought in also include schools, healthcare, rental accommodation, leisure, and entertainment facilities. With all these facilities attached, the price of the investments in aerocity is expected to appreciate in the future as well.

      Economical benefits of the Aerocity

      The developments around the Hyderabad airport are expected to turn Hyderabad into the gateway to South-Central India. The Rajiv Gandhi airport connects around 60 Indian cities and several international destinations. The connectivity is also offered with the help of around 9 domestic, 17 international, and 3 Indian International carriers. The area around the airport has been an attractive spot for investment among some of the large companies such as the Tata group, CFM, UTC, Amazon fulfillment center, GMR MRO, Safran, and FSTC.

      The GMR aerocity which is all set to launch includes features such as business, health, and education, and entertainment ports along with logistic and aerospace parks. The aerocity is a look-out for as it has the largest exhibition-cum-convention center, IT parks, and office and retail space.

      GMR Groups, by launching the aerocity, aims to make the aerocity into a lifestyle destination with its retails projects which is referred to as ‘GMR Interchange’. By doing so, they aim to enable the investors to enjoy a ‘live, work and play lifestyle. The entertainment avenue is all set to include cinema and family entertainment centers. The aerocity will also host a hospitality district to meet the demands of several users of the Aerocity.

      The launching of GMR Aerocity in Hyderabad will also change how business is carried out in India. It aims to provide the users with the connectivity of superior quality, a smart and sustainable working environment along leasing depths to maximize the efficiency in the workspace designs.

      The business park at Hyderabad Aerocity

      The GMR Business Park at the aerocity is all set to offer different real estate options for commercial real estate investors as it hosts Grade A offices and built-to-suit- campuses in it. The business park offers the investors the best infrastructure support. A Notified Area Committee (NAC) has been set up in the business park for the approval of all building plans. The committee is expected to ease the pressure of the business activities as it is a one-stop clearance window. The park also aims for sustainable development as it has taken a keen interest in the development and use of green technologies along with smart and digital infrastructure developments.

      The business park also hosts leasable areas which spread along 1 million sq. ft. and is spread over around four towers. Tower 1 has been completely occupied while Tower 2 is ready for occupancy. The developers of the aerocity have taken keen interest to ensure that the business park is suitable for future business corridors as it is seemingly designed for Grade A offices, Network Planning offices, Sales Office, R&D, etc. Access to facilities such as a food court, an airport public plaza gymnasium, health center, retail bank branch, etc. will ensure that the employees of companies situated in the GMR aerocity will enjoy all sorts of social amenities.

      The development and launching of the aerocity are also expected to be an economical boost as it is estimated to add more than Rs. 7,500 crore to the economy and also open up around 8,50,000 employment opportunity in the coming years,

      GMR Aerocity and its superior connectivity

      As already stated, the business park offers connectivity of superior quality as it is well connected with the help of eight-line expressways and elevated corridors which connect the aerocity to the primary and secondary business destinations of Hyderabad. You can also say that the GMR aerocity is very well strategically connected through local and international connectivity options. The airport is also very well connected through around 150 buses that offer services around the clock and in addition to all this, an express metro system is also soon to be launched.

      With the launching of the Hyderabad aerocity, the airport aims to be the logistic hub of India as well as South Asia and it will have the national highway and state highway running on two of its sides. The connectivity to the city will also be ensured through the Outer Ring Road and the PVNR Expressway. This has also been instrumental in making the aerocity into an ideal location to serve as a Dry Port.

      Bottom Line

      The launching of the aerocity is all set to contribute largely to the economic development of the city turning it into a gateway to South-Central India. The GMR aerocity comes with a modernized commercial tower, retail, and entertainment destinations along with schools and healthcare facilities. The aerocity is also very well connected with highways running on both sides, railway lines, buses, and the metro line which will be launched soon. With the launch of the aerocity, the Hyderabad airport is all set to be an ‘aerotropolis’.

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      GMR Aerocity FAQ’s:

      What is the full form of GMR?

      Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao Group or GMR Group is an infrastructure company having its headquarters in New Delhi. It is a public-private partnership model which is responsible for implementing several infrastructure projects in India.

      How many airports are under GMR?

      Some of the airports under GMR include Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi; Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad; Heraklion Crete, New International Airport, Greece; Mopa Airport, Goa; Mactan Cebu International Airport, Cebu (CEB), Philippines; Bidar Airport, Karnataka.

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