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      How You Can Increase Your Revenue From Multi-Family Real Estate?

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: April 30, 2024
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      Have you ever considered the need for how to increase revenue from multi-family real estate properties?

      Yes, with time, you must have desired someday to know how you can improve your income over such properties. As in today’s scenarios, it is not possible to depend only on raising the rents on your rental units.

      Hopefully, I found the tactics driving you to succeed in owning multi-family properties. For this, you only need to implement, no doubt, a little creativity, and that’s where you can generate your revenue from it. So, despite waiting, you need to start quickly to read further the creative ways for the generation of positive cash flow.

      The Best Ways to Increase your Revenue from Multi-Family Real Estate Investing

      Proper Screening of Tenants

      Screening of tenants is essential while planning to increase your revenue by investing in multi-family properties. Even for boosting your income, you will always need a steady cash flow. But the tenants who can’t pay the rent or can’t be relied on either for the payment of rents on time, will not increase your revenue. Instead, you will be running out your expenses from your pocket savings.

      Hence, screen the tenants and check their credibility with the previous renting history, before selecting them as your tenant.

      Advertising your Property

      Setting up and outcasting the right advertising campaigns can help you to attract a steady cash flow, with high quality of tenants over time. It can also reduce the risk of vacancies and tenants turnover at times.

      But don’t rely only on billboards or signs on the front lawn. Try to advertise your property in locally classified zones. If you have money issues, try landing up some time, and doing it online by posting up your advertisement freely on the reputed internet portals like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

      Raise your Rents Smartly

      To simplify, it is to say that for raising your rents for the multi-family properties, estimate the prevailing market rents, and thereby compare your property’s rent to that of the market. By setting up the rents in this way, it can be much easier to attract quality tenants.

      However, in this regard, it is much wiser to offer an incentive while raising rents, such as carpet cleaning or an accent wall. This can make the entire process of raising rents simplified, and you can eliminate the issue caused by increasing the rents for the renters. Besides, when you smartly raise the rents, you can reduce the risk of a decrease in rents, which is often caused by the renters, who think they can find a better place to live, as you have improperly charged the rents.

      But, before opting for these facilities, always include the moving costs with the rents to be charged, and be aware yourself that you are utilizing the difference in expenses so occurred, while you intend to increase the rents when new leases come, or you are under the rent control area.

      Providing Utilities and Green-Building Practices

      Nowadays, residents look for properties that come up with the latest green- building practices. This system not only increases operating income, but also lowers the costs, and provides rebates. These can also be the basis for the implementation of marketing strategies.

      For these facilities, you need to implement a Resident Utility Reimbursement Program or RUBS. Also, you can install energy-efficient building systems such as the Durolast reflective roofing system.

      Further, you can install energy-efficient windows or energy-efficient lighting. And, thereby, take advantage of energy STAR products and rebates.

      Implement New Leasing Policies

      For increasing the income, from the multi-family properties, your operating policies should include leasing expiration and unit turn management. This will ultimately increase the positive cash flow by decreasing the time; a rental unit sits vacant.

      For opting this scheme, you need to stagger the lease expiration date and keep the vacancies to a minimum. Also, implement a system for contacting the residents 60 days before the date of the leasing expiration. Further, try implementing the pre-leasing strategies for the upcoming vacancies. With this, you can also offer some of the special incentives to the leaser for new and renewing leases at times.

      Add New Amenities

      In general, investments are made for generating an additional income; thus, if you provide some potential amenities in your apartments, you need to charge an average cost to such amenities provided so. Such types of amenities include parking lots, storage units, recycling programs, whole building Wi-Fi, bike storage, pet rent, fines for late rent payments, etc.

      There are still many amenities, and these are just some of the few ways that you can look for, earning extra revenue by charging it from the renters.

      Co-housing or Apartments with Joint Units

      This can be an alternative, yet an excellent method for generating an additional income from multi-family properties. As you know, with the pace, affordability has become a significant problem in the significant prevailing cities.

      However, with co-living or co-housing, not only renters can enjoy an apartment at an affordable rate, but also the landlords can enjoy a higher price-per-square-foot.

      Usually, what you find in the market is units with three-bedroom is charged a high price because they are rented out as individual units. But, with co-housing, this problem gets reduced, as, under it, the entire team is rented out as a three-bedroom instead of individually.

      For this, you don’t need to own a building, but you can opt for master-leasing, i.e. you can take on lease an income-producing property, and then sublease it to occupant tenants for generating rental income. Under such lease, you will be given an equitable title, and have the right to either manage and modify it. However, you wish for some time.

      Provide Temporary Accommodation

      Further, you also can work on short-term rentals or else can be said as temporary housing, as it has tremendous positive results. It can increase the surplus while owning multi-family properties. Nowadays, you will find many tenants who opt for short-term leases for about three-to-six months of duration.

      Such type of leasing has become frequent in number, and you also can charge a sizable premium in rent for such rentals. In this way, you can fill up the requirements of the tenants, along with the generation of an additional income.

      Closing Note

      On reading, I am pretty sure that you came across creative ideas, which can help you to increase your income from multi-family properties. Though it’s true, investing in multi-family properties can be challenging, yet, if you see, the cost of these services is nominal, but you can add an overall surplus.

      So, to conclude it is to say, it’s almost like finding a change under the couch cushions. Therefore, try to team up these new ideas with your policies; you will succeed in your goals.

      Multi-Family Real Estate FAQs:

      What are the amenities you can charge for increasing the revenue in Multi-Family real estate investing?

      As you probably made the investment in multi-family properties for making an additional income, thus, you need to charge for the potential amenities provided which includes the parking lot, storage units, recycling programs, whole building Wi-Fi, bike storage, pet rent, fines for late rent payments, etc.

      How can Co-Living be a way for increasing the revenue in Multi-family properties?

      Usually, the market rate, comprising three-bedroom units, is charged a higher price if each bedroom were to be rented out individually. In contrast to this, under co-living, the amount of rent can be reduced to a great extent, as in this, the entire unit is just rented out as a three-bedroom unit.

      With this, the renters can enjoy a cheap rate, and the landlords can enjoy a higher price per square foot.

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