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      When Is The Best Time To Invest In Commercial Real Estate?

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: January 24, 2024
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      • Commercial real estate (CRE) is typically seen as a long-term investment. Even when the cost of purchasing an item or owning a section or fraction of a property is included, it is still a considerable sum that cannot be overlooked. Given that real estate is a very illiquid investment, care must be taken to ensure that no unexplained obligations arise when entering or exiting a real estate transaction.
      • Thus, time is important in CRE investments, just as it is in any other type of investment. Timing your CRE investments allows you to attain greater diversification in your portfolio without the fear of missing out on a particular opportunity completely.
      • You’ve probably heard that real estate investments are a great way to make money. But, if you’re like most people, you may feel hesitant about putting your cash into commercial real estate.
      • The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for investors out there in the commercial real estate market, even if they aren’t right in front of our eyes.
      • In this article, we’ll cover why it’s important to time your investment decisions correctly and how to do so by learning the market cycles: what happens when they change over time?

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      The Cycle of the Real Estate Market

      • Commercial real estate is mostly immune to market instability. That is a significant benefit when contemplating long-term investments. That also implies that, unlike the stock market, you cannot rely on market behavior to anticipate your gains.
      • While rent returns are the incentive to go into commercial real estate investment, capital appreciation is the reason to stay.
      • While engaging in commercial properties, capital appreciation allows an investor to significantly increase their wealth. So, the two most important factors to consider are the demand for a specific type of asset in a given location and the accessibility of similar assets in the surrounding area.
      • The average real estate market cycle lasts 18 years and is divided into four stages: recovery, growth, hyper-supply, and recession. Unfortunately, until you are towards the end of the cycle, it is difficult to determine when the cycle begins.
      • This is another reason why investors should invest in real estate for the long term run. With assets with lease terms of 5 years or more, it is advisable to stay and let capital appreciation work its magic in growing the value of the investment.

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      Learn the different markets of real estate

      There are many types of commercial real estate, and each has its market cycle. Some types are more stable than others, so it’s important to know how long you will be investing in the property. The type of real estate you invest in also matters because each type has its characteristics that affect what kind of return you can expect from your investment.

      If you’re just starting as an investor or want to understand more about commercial real estate properties, these three facts might help:

      • Real estate is a long-term investment but there are short terms as well (i.e., renting).
      • The real estate market usually peaks around five years after purchase because people need time to adjust their expectations for future growth rates based on previous experience with similar investments or periods during which they rented out their property at higher rental rates than currently available today (which means there’s still demand without supply).

      Understand what it takes to be a successful investor

      • You should understand that real estate is a market full of opportunities. It’s quite handy to invest in commercial real estate with a good investment platform like Assetmonk, so you need to consider this option before investing.
      • Being successful in the commercial real estate industry means understanding what it takes for your business to thrive and succeed; not only do you need knowledge of the market but also know how it works as well as possible.

      If you’re trying to start in commercial real estate investing or want more information about how things work behind successful alternative investments, then this article will help guide you through timing your future investments.

      Keep your cash invested when you can

      The best way to get the most out of your money is to keep it invested in commercial real estate. If you’re worried about the market, there are other options like fractional ownership that allow for safe and steady returns—and if you need the cash, it’s also easy to sell them for their amazing liquidity!

      Buy and hold, not flip

      • Buy and hold is a long-term strategy. You’re buying a commercial real estate property, leasing it out for years, and then selling it when you want or need to move on. This might be 10 years down the road or maybe even 20 years down the road! Flipping is a short-term strategy.
      • You buy an investment property for less than market value, fix up its appearance and make some improvements—maybe adding some new furnishings or changing out the carpeting—and then sell quickly at market value (or higher). 
      • This can be profitable if you have the right financial backing behind your purchase price; however, most people are not willing to risk their savings on flipping investments because they know how risky these purchases are in general terms. That is why you can always opt for alternative investment methods like fractional ownership.

      Build your portfolio over time

      • The best way to time the real estate market is by building your portfolio over time. It’s important to diversify your real estate investments so that if one type of property doesn’t perform well or appreciates, you’re not left with anything but bad news.
      • You can also invest in different commercial spaces in different geographic locations around India by investing through Assetmonk—and then focus on one area at a time as you build up an impressive portfolio over time!

      Choose your commercial real estate investments wisely so you can get a good return in the right market at the right time

      • Instead of focusing on how the broader market acts, an investor should concentrate on elements of commercial real estate that make it valuable in the long run. Look for assets that are well-linked by main roads and popular routes, or that are near seaports and airports.
      • The presence of comparable firms in a region, or the development of a large skilled workforce in a certain city or town, is a solid signal that future enterprises may consider locating there as well. Have a pool of assets to pick from, such as office spaces, manufacturing units, retail floors, arcades, laboratories, warehousing facilities, and so on.

      Many factors go into making an investment decision, but one thing we know is that it’s best to start with a solid understanding of how commercial real estate works and what to look for when considering investing in this area of commercial real estate.


      The bottom line is that you can time the real estate market and your commercial real estate investment. It’s possible! If you want to make money on your investments, then it’s important to choose carefully and invest wisely through new age and solid investment platforms like Assetmonk.

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