High Return Real Estate Properties For NRI Investments In India in 2022

  • Author: Shreshta Chillappagari
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  • February 11, 2022
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High Return Real Estate Properties For NRI Investments In India in 2022

One of the most popular investment options for NRIs is real estate.

High Return Real Estate Properties For NRI Investments In India in 2022

One of the most popular investment options for NRIs is real estate. The Indian real estate market once thought to be exclusive to local communities, is no longer so. Today, a sizable number of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are investing alongside Indians in the country’s growing housing demand. Real estate has long been regarded as one of the most popular investment vehicles for NRIs. Because of the revised real-estate market regulations, anyone with an Indian passport can now invest in Indian real estate, making the process extremely simple. According to 360 Realtors, NRIs invested $13.3 billion in the Indian real estate market in FY 21, up from $13.1 billion previously estimated. The depreciation of the rupee and the regulatory environment that has resulted from the implementation of reforms have prompted a large number of NRIs to invest in the Indian real estate market.

NRI investments in real estate in India are thriving. Investing in real estate also provides NRIs with the advantage of a high return on investment and a lower initial capital investment. But where can you, an NRI, invest in real estate for high returns? Well, NRIs have many real estate properties in India with high returns.

But what propelled massive NRI investment in real estate in India?

Here are some arguments to help you understand the benefits of investing in India and, ultimately, the massive rush of NRI investment in Indian real estate.

  • Retirement Plan- Many NRIs intend to return to India after retiring from their jobs abroad. Commercial real estate provides NRIs with returns that they can use in their lives after retirement. As a result, the best real estate builders in Hyderabad believe that investing in real estate property ensures a secure future.
  • Return- Real estate returns cannot get compared to returns from other investments. The average return rate on an Indian real estate investment can reach 10%. It is advantageous for investors because it allows them to achieve maximum returns while avoiding high risks.
  • Financial Portfolio: Property is a source of wealth creation and capital enhancement. It also has the added benefit of capital appreciation, which pushes the total yield up in value. Buying or investing in property is a great way to accumulate assets for future use.
  • Rental Income- Real estate is particularly advantageous for NRIs, as most investors invest in real estate and lease it out for rent. As a result, not only does the property become part of the capital, but the renter’s money also serves as a consistent source of cash flow. These leases might be for extended periods in the case of CRE properties, guaranteeing a long-term income. 
  • Tax Benefit: There is NRI real estate investment tax. However, there are also numerous tax advantages. These investments qualify for several tax exemptions under various sections of the Income Tax Act, allowing the investor to save money on tax-related expenses. NRIs can also claim a tax deduction on the principal repayment and interest of a home loan. Furthermore, if a property gets sold after two years from the date of acquisition, the profit on the capital gain is tax-free. 
  • Long Term Income- NRIs regard Indian real estate investments as a solid future income option. It is so because of the high return rate and secure cash flow guarantee. The high-end properties and long-term fixed agreements consistently provide a high yield. Thus, the CRE sector is the most beneficial for real estate.

So, now what are the best NRI investment options in India for high returns in real estate?

Investing in the real estate sector can provide NRIs with a high return on investment while requiring a lower initial capital investment. The Indian government’s move to regulate the real estate sector, bringing more transparency and accountability through RERA, has resulted in a greater resurgence of NRI interest in the Indian real estate market. We now understand the advantages of NRI investment in Indian real estate. Let’s look at where or which real estate properties we can invest in for high returns!

The following are the high-yielding real estate properties available for NRI investment in India.

  • Commercial Properties: Commercial office property is an alternative for NRIs seeking to maximize returns and generate a fixed income. NRI investment in Grade A offices, logistics centers, IT parks, and REITs has increased due to the prospect of good capital appreciation and rental yield. Commercial property can provide an average rental yield of 8-11 percent, which is significantly higher than the current residential rental yield (1.5-3.5 percent ). It also applies to capital appreciation. The commercial segment’s appreciation rate is higher than India’s residential real estate sector. A 200-square-foot apartment in a developed metropolis neighborhood would fetch a monthly rent of up to 30,000. But, commercial space can command monthly rents of up to 45,000-50,000 get located in a popular hub. NRIs have recognized the higher rental income for commercial property and have invested in this segment.

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  • Fractional Ownership of Commercial Property: Individuals or retail investors can purchase a portion of a high-value tangible asset through fractional ownership. This form of investing in India gets primarily focused on office spaces. But post-Covid, industrial warehousing, and luxury vacation properties are also emerging as preferred assets. Commercial property offers NRI investors yields of 7-8.5 percent as compared to 2-4 percent from residential property.
  • Residential Properties: The purchase of an asset or property for personal use is residential real estate. These are popular among NRI investors who want to increase their wealth and generate assets when returning to India from jobs abroad. These homes get developed for rental purposes, with the owner earning a consistent rental income from deposits provided by tenants. Such real estate investments get avoided by large-scale NRI investors because they have lower profit margins and higher maintenance costs than CRE.

The Indian real estate industry, particularly among NRIs, is an enticing location for a safe and secure investment with high returns. However, when making such significant financial decisions, it is critical to take specific precautions to ensure that you get the most out of your investments, avoid falling victim to any fraudulent operations and protect your assets from the comfort of living abroad.

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High Return Real Estate Properties For NRI Investments In India FAQ'S

Yes, an NRI can invest in real estate in India. An NRI can invest or purchase a commercial and residential property in India.

Any immovable property can get purchased by an NRI. However, he cannot invest in agricultural land, plantation property, or a farmhouse in India. He may transfer any immovable property other than agricultural land, plantation property, or a farmhouse to an Indian Citizen or a PIO resident outside India.

Yes, an NRI is required to pay tax on rental income generated by his property. A tenant who pays rent to an NRI owner must remember to deduct TDS at the rate of 30%.

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