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      Investment Trends: Top 11 Countries With The Most Developed Coliving Ventures

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: December 6, 2023
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      The world around us is rapidly changing, making it more developed and convenient. This change is resulting in a shift of housing patterns, making coliving the hottest option for investment and living.

      As society gravitates more towards digital, worldwide prospects for business, work, and travel are developing. At the same time, housing prices in major cities around the world are rising, making it more difficult for people to live alone. Furthermore, as the Earth’s precious natural resources are depleting, sharing resources with others is an excellent approach to lessen your carbon footprint.

      These sociological and environmental changes, when combined, have contributed to the global appeal and success of coliving spaces. However, some cities have outperformed others significantly—and the finest places for coliving have so much to offer.

      There are thousands of coliving/coworking companies to pick from all over the world, including in these top cities. Each coliving space has a unique set of benefits that make the entire process of moving in and out convenient and simple. The managed, done-for-you spaces are fully furnished, offer professional cleaning services, charge a flat price that includes all utilities, organize weekly community events, and much more.

      In this post, we will discuss the top cities for coliving throughout the world, the average cost of coliving in each city, and the benefits that each location offers to different types of co-livers.

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      Who is coliving intended for?

      Before you read about the top cities for coliving, you should know that each city is wonderful for different reasons. And those advantages may be more appealing to one person than another. While the startup ecosystem in San Francisco may be excellent for an entrepreneur, a remote worker may be more interested in the cultural experiences that the city has to offer.

      Coliving is for everyone who appreciates the benefits of being a member of a community of inspiring and intriguing individuals. Young professionals, entrepreneurs, remote workers & digital nomads, interns, and students are the most popular categories of people that opt to co-live.

      We’ll go through which elements of each city are advantageous to each type of common co-habitant. Of course, these are broad generalizations that may not apply to your circumstances, so we’ll present a high-level summary of the city’s advantages to help you decide if it’s the appropriate place for your next move.

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      Best co-living facilities in the world

      • San Francisco, United States

      San Francisco is a technology mecca that draws visitors from all over the world. This creative city gave birth to the inaugural “hacker home,” where business founders and their staff live and work under the same roof. With over 40 distinct communities, each with its personality and weather pattern, there is a neighborhood for just about anyone wishing to relocate.

      Many co-living spaces will hold events for entrepreneurs and startup founders that will provide vital networking chances with investors and other business founders in the area. The city is a hive of innovation and disruption, which pervades the startup ecosystem and pushes entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.

      Many co-living spaces will hold events for entrepreneurs and startup founders that will provide vital networking chances with investors and other business founders in the area. The city is a hive of innovation and disruption, which pervades the startup ecosystem and pushes entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.

      • Los Angeles, United States

      Los Angeles is the epicenter of California’s entertainment, media, and adventures. It is the world’s entertainment hub, with Hollywood, Disneyland, and Universal Studios all located in and near the city. It also includes gorgeous hiking trails and beautiful beach boardwalks, as well as a near-perfect year-round climate.

      LA is a great place to live, but it’s also a popular location for professionals hoping to expand their networks and advance their careers. It boasts a booming tech scene and even has its own “Silicon Beach,” named after the northern Silicon Valley. Coliving spaces serve to alleviate this issue because they provide the majority of what you need within the unit and, when you do venture out, you’ll have a group of people to travel with.

      For interns, coliving is a low-cost option to permanent accommodation that allows you to quickly build relationships within a group. There are also a plethora of managed coliving and coworking spaces in the city, which create an outstanding working atmosphere. Because Los Angeles is so spread out, it can take an hour or more, depending on traffic, to meet up with friends or coworkers.

      • New York, United States

      New York is regarded as the “city that never sleeps,” and it certainly lives up to that reputation. The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, MoMA, the Brooklyn Bridge, and many other attractions are all close by. Within the city’s boundaries, you can eat food from all over the world made by authentic chefs.

      Regardless matter the field you choose to work in, NYC has a lot to offer interns. Coliving in NYC allows digital nomads and remote professionals to live in historic brownstones that most people only dream of seeing. It also features a profusion of coworking spaces, both separate from and within coliving units, where you can focus without being distracted.

      • Paris, France

      The city is filled with art galleries, museums, street performances, theatres, operas, and other cultural institutions. The city’s gorgeous architecture, parks, and gardens make it a joy to walk through. If you are interested in history, nature, or the arts, you will never be bored in Paris.

      The public transportation system is also fantastic, allowing you to effortlessly go from one end of the city to the other. The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Montmartre, The Seine, The Catacombs, and other classic tourist attractions abound in Paris. In addition, dogs are permitted in restaurants, making everyone’s day a little brighter.

      If you want to work in the fashion sector as an intern, Paris is the place to be. Paris offers the most tourist traffic and cultural experiences in the world, making it ideal for digital nomads and remote professionals. Many people who come to Paris for a short-term (1-year) internship fall in love with the city and decide to stay.

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      • Berlin, Germany

      Berlin is a rapidly rising startup hotspot, with plenty of investment assistance for new enterprises. It attracts thousands of new technology businesses each year, bolstering its economy and making it a more appealing location to work and live. It also has numerous globally significant museums on Museum Island, which contributes to its global cultural significance.

      Berlin is an interesting city that is building a name for itself in the global startup scene. Investment opportunities are expanding, attracting entrepreneurial talent from all around the world. The city is also extremely environmentally sensitive and welcoming. And those who choose to live here are delighted to be a part of a thriving social scene.

      Berlin is an excellent choice for young individuals seeking steady jobs and a dynamic social scene. Berlin has a solid economy, which means that there are plenty of stable options for interns. Berlin is an excellent location for digital nomads and remote workers because it is strategically placed in Europe. Numerous coworking and coliving places make it simple to achieve a decent work/life balance.

      • London, UK

      London is definitely one of the top largest financial centers in the world and it also serves as the global headquarters for several media, creative, and service companies. For thousands of years, it has been a significant worldwide hub, and there is a physical record of the distant past around practically every corner of the city.

      Most co-living places in London also include co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and startup founders. They are designed for entrepreneurs and anyone seeking the ideal work-life balance. London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, which means the cuisines are varied and delectable.

      London is an excellent destination for interns to start a career because there are several prospects for job progression and advancement. Paris is a two-hour train journey away from digital nomads and remote workers, and many other lovely European cities are only a few hours distant by plane. There is also a vibrant nightlife, entertainment, and music scene, plus an abundance of cultural exhibitions to enjoy.

      • Bengaluru, India

      Bengaluru is a lovely and opulent, yet reasonably priced, city. It is teeming with experts, investors, and real estate developers who are working to expand the city’s global reach and economic standing. This city also provides the ideal blend of ancient historical landmarks and contemporary cultural events. It caters to younger people who want to live a stylish and modern lifestyle.

      Bengaluru is renowned as India’s startup capital and the Indian Silicon Valley. There is a strong entrepreneurial culture and community there, and Series A investment prospects abound. The population is cosmopolitan since many ex-pats who migrate to Bangalore end up staying for an extended period.

      For remote workers and digital nomads, Bengaluru has a plethora of coworking spaces to select from. The co-living apartments are also reasonably priced, making them an excellent option to save money on living expenses. If you’re looking for an internship in technology, Bengaluru is the place to be. The majority of internship chances will be with startups, so if you’re looking to get your foot in the door in a growing industry, this is the location for you.

      • Hyderabad, India

      Landing is one of India’s hottest investment opportunities in the co-living investment opportunity in the upcoming Hyderabad Aerocity. The plan is to build an aerospace cluster and an industrial cluster within Hyderabad International Airport to meet the aerotropolis’ growing industrial demand. The Hyderabad Aerotropolis City is a multi-product special economic zone (SEZ) that provides an integrated ecosystem with main theme-based development zones such as the Business Center, Health Center, Education Center, Fun Center, Retail Park, Logistics Parks, and Aerospace.

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      • Bali, Indonesia

      Bali is a lovely and heavily populated island with a thriving ex-pat community. It offers some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world as well as great waves for surfers of all levels of skill. Scuba diving is possible in almost any place in Bali or the nearby islands, where you may marvel at the magnificent reefs and underwater animals. All around the island, there is a healthy selection of both Indonesian and Western culinary options.

      Bali is one of the best destinations in the world to network with other startup founders willing to share ideas and learn from one another. Although there aren’t many investment prospects, there are plenty of networking opportunities. Many entrepreneurs can also hold paid skill-shares and share their knowledge with other founders or remote workers who want to benefit from their success.

      Bali is ideal for digital nomads and distant professionals. Bali offers a great balance of concentrated job options and relaxing recreational activities. It’s the kind of location where you can start your day with a yoga session or spend a few hours working in the coworking space.

      • Barcelona, Spain

      Barcelona is a mash-up of a bustling metropolis and a seaside village in one. One day you could be walking through Gaudi’s iconic Park Guell or Sagrada Familia, and the next you could be in a bathing suit playing beach volleyball. There are numerous more well-known sites and localities across the city, including Parc de Ciutadella, Casa Batlló, Barceloneta, Gràcia, Montjuic, and the Arc de Triomf.

      Barcelona is a very easy city to navigate, with several public transportation alternatives. You must have an EU or valid international driver’s license to use the electric scooter-sharing service. The city also enjoys wonderful weather all year, however, it can get a little cold in the winter, so dress warmly!

      Barcelona is the most vibrant startup city in Spain. This indicates that it may soon exceed other Spanish and global cities. Major corporations have office buildings across the city, providing excellent internship possibilities. It’s also an extremely lively, laid-back, and hospitable city, making it ideal for an intern wishing to relocate abroad.

      Barcelona features around 200 coworking spaces for digital nomads and remote professionals. There are various networking opportunities and events across the city, making it simple to meet new people and form new business relationships. It is one of the most incredible cities in which to work and reside.

      • Singapore

      Singapore’s living standards are hard to surpass, with fantastic weather, public transportation, healthcare, education, and a low crime rate. It is a costly city to live in, but its residents are among the happiest in Asia. Singapore is a cultural melting pot, with individuals from all over the world delighted to call this island nation home.

      Singapore was purposefully planned to be a “garden city,” which means that parks and green spaces have been carved out to produce a light airiness within the urban jungle. The food is likewise fantastic, with cosmopolitan cuisine as wonderful as traditional local fare. If you want to try even more native Asian cuisine, you can easily jump on a plane and arrive in one of several other Southeast Asian nations in a matter of hours.

      Singapore provides incredible prospects for growth for interns. It is one of the most diversified countries in the world and is open to foreign workers traveling there for work. Since their economy and culture are so focused on business, it’s the ideal environment to surround yourself with motivated people who respect quality work. Singapore is an excellent area for entrepreneurs to start a business due to its open borders.

      Singapore is a terrific environment to work and live in, making it one of the top cities in the world for digital nomads and remote workers. The temperature is warm all year, the accommodations are nice, and the internet is quick. The city is packed with coworking spaces and cafes created specifically for remote workers, making it simple to stay motivated.

      We are fortunate to live in a time when there are thousands of coliving options anchored in wonderful cities all over the world. What are your plans for the future? Check out all of Assetmonk’s verified listings to locate the ideal space at the best price for your next adventure.

      Coliving Ventures FAQ’S:

      What is a co-Living Property?

      Co-living is a residential community living concept that allows three or more biologically unrelated people to live together. In general, coliving is a sort of intentional community that offers shared housing to people who share similar beliefs or purposes.

      What are the advantages of co-living?

      As they are typically maintained by organizations that specialize in the area, bureaucratic concerns surrounding rent are simplified, and expenses are lower because it is a shared facility.

      What is a co-living development?

      Co-living is a residential community living concept that allows three or more biologically unrelated people to live together. Coliving may simply consist of group chats in common areas or monthly dinners, but it will frequently incorporate shared workspace and collaborative initiatives such as living more sustainably.

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