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    CLSS Scheme Extension – A Boost to Affordable Housing

    CLSS Scheme Extension. Read here - CLSS scheme features, Scheme deadlines extension enabling Affordable housing...

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    The Essential Real Estate Glossary

    The Essential Real Estate Glossary. Here's a compilation of few words, definitions and formulae that might better understand this realm of real estate.

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    The Simplest Explanation To Understand Internal Rate of Return When Investing In Real Estate

    When it comes to turning a profit on the investments, the simple trick is to know how to balance the risks against the potential rewards.

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    The Simplest Explanation To Understand Cap Rate In Real Estate

    Every investment is made with a purpose, which ultimately is making profits...

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    What is the RBI EMI Moratorium? Should You Claim It?

    The RBI’s recent announcement regarding RBI EMI Moratorium among the deadly Pandemic spread out and the lockdown is a much-needed relief.

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    Reading RERA With Consumer Protection Act

    A buyer’s grievances concerning property purchases have been a considerable concern as investing in real estate is a long-term financial commitment. These remedies have been […]

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    Return On Investment- The Ideal Way to Select The Right Investment Opportunity

    The most significant motive of real estate investment is to increase your wealth over time. So, you invest in a property that tends to generate […]

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    How to Build a Recession Proof Portfolio?

    The very first idea that pops when we think of real estate investment is the dynamics of the market. Indeed every market has a turbulent […]

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    Understanding Lease Rental Discounting (LRD)

    How fascinating is the idea of adding a property to your portfolio without cash flowing from your pocket and without selling the existing one? Lease […]

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    Real Estate, Stock, or Cryptocurrency: The Most & Least Volatile Investment

    What factors should you consider while selecting an investment tool? In reality, it all boils down to a few factors: the duration of the investment, the volatility of the investment, the risk of the investment, and the validity of the investment. We compared investments in equities, real estate, and digital assets for these factors.

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