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      Retirement Planning in India: Safer Life With Safer Senior Citizens Schemes

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: April 30, 2024
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      Everyone deserves a life full of happiness, comfort, and overall well-being – including you. Likewise, what do you see yourself doing when you are heading towards senior citizens?

      If some of you ask this question, you would probably say that you would like to lead a peaceful life after retirement with the safest investment schemes for Senior Citizens; tending to your plants and enjoying your books.

      Well, what is beyond dispute is that the favorite saving scheme of the senior citizens – the bank fixed deposit is no longer attractive. As you move to a low-inflation, low-interest-rate regime, it becomes hard to keep your money safe.

      Ideally, if you see, savings should get deployed in diverse assets, to mitigate the risks. That’s why, as a senior, articles relating to topics like housing, care options, and healthy living may be especially relevant for you. After all, useful information can empower you in different ways by enhancing your vitality and creating a life of greater satisfaction.

      This article will give you a gist on what are the saving schemes available for investing by the elderly people in real estate.

      Where Can Senior Citizens Invest in Real Estate?

      Real estate investments can be a bright side, especially for senior citizens. You have several options for investing in real estate and can earn a good income.

      • Invest In a Property To Rent Out: Investing in a property can help you generate a fixed rental income every month. Even you can get hold of a property in your name. This property can be not only used for personal use but can also be passed on to the next generation for generating a stable income. At times, even, the property can be sold off when the market price is ripe, and you can earn a positive surplus.
      • Invest In Commercial Properties: Investing in commercial properties can be fruitful to earn more substantial profits. You can lease out the property for the long term to a commercial tenant and can generate monthly income. Commercial properties have a high earning potential and can bring a stable and positive cash flow in recurring nature.Even such types of investments can be tax-saver for elderly people as the investors are allowed for deductions related to depreciation, interest expenses, maintenance cost, and other items on the asset for the particular year.
      • Senior Living: Senior living can also be a safe choice for making investments. It is an emerging investment option that can help you make enough money for a happy retirement. This special housing facility caters to all special needs for elderly people. These communities, along with providing all the amenities that are required for leading an independent life, also provide health care units for emergencies. These communities were conceptualized to bring in all the necessities and needs of the elderly people in one place so that they don’t have to take the pain of going out or traveling to meet doctors for medical consultations. Along with the medical care units, all other amenities like parks, malls, and retail stores are present in these communities just like any other community. Elderly citizens can invest by either choosing senior housing REITs or healthcare REITs.
      • Senior Housing REITs: Investing in senior housing REITs provides elderly investors with all types of regular income streams as well as long-term capital appreciation. As many investors turn 65 now and then, they look for more suitable housing as per their needs. Many of these needs fall under senior housing. The options range from senior-oriented facilities offering independent accommodation to assisted living care. Such types of investments are mostly non-correlated to the stock market. As such, it is a good option for having a stabilized and diversified portfolio.
      • Healthcare REITs: By investing in healthcare REITs, an investor gets a chance for investing in real estate. It is an alternative investment option like commercial real estate with the liquidity of investing in the more traditional stock market. There are precisely no publicly-traded senior housing REITs, and each REITs varies in terms of how senior housing is carried. Thus, REITs are relatively diversified for the focus in healthcare real estate. The healthcare housing properties also assist retirees with grab rails, anti-skid tiles, passageways for wheelchairs features for the medication, and treatments of ailing in the elderly people.
      • Collaborate With The Investors: Senior citizens too have the option of investing in real estate by collaborating with a bunch of investors. In this way, the seniors can take a stake in a property and thereby earn profits accordingly. This way, you do not need to invest a considerable sum of money in one place; instead, you get the chance of making investments in multiple properties.
      • Exchange-Traded Funds: Most of the elders prefer going with the stocks as they provide dividends on a quarterly basis. The truth is the stocks are subjected to market risks. It can fluctuate over time. Holding the stocks in the form of exchange-traded funds or ETFs can be the right way. These are the funds that have assets in various forms like stocks, commodities, and bonds, and can be traded like stocks. It can be an ideal choice, especially for retirees because they are easy to understand, highly liquid, inexpensive and provide potential returns than the mutual funds.
      • Fractional Ownership: According to industry experts, fractional ownership is a low-risk, high-return investment that should be included in any retirement plan. Seniors can invest up to 25% of their savings in fractional ownership to generate consistent rental income and capital appreciation. Fractional ownership offers investment safety, good returns, and consistent monthly income—the three hallmarks of a good retirement investment. The internal rate of return (IRR) on fractional assets ranges from 13 to 20%, which is higher than the IRR on most retirement plans. Lease agreements for commercial properties are written in such a way that tenants are locked in for a period of 5-7 years, with a 15% rental increase every three years.To ensure the safety of their investment, investors who choose fractional ownership should always choose pre-leased Grade A assets. While mutual funds provide good returns, they are volatile in the market, making them unsuitable for older investors. In comparison, fractional ownership provides consistent returns that are unaffected by market ups and downs.

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      What Are Some Tips For Senior Citizens To Making The Right Investments?

      • Low Investment Costs: As a senior citizen, you need to look for a compact home with necessary amenities that will fit your budget and meet other requirements, too.
      • Good Community and Location: After retirement, one spends most of their time at home. So,  as a senior citizen, you need to look for an apartment that has gardens and parks nearby. This will give you a platform for walks. Also, look for a location that has a good community around and has an excellent public transportation system. Opting for senior living can be great for a fantastic community and make you look like a pro-investor. Even it can help the aging people to secure their lives with all needed facilities and medical care without the need of depending on others for support as such communities success lies in service offering rather than a product offering. The unconditional love, respect and care they offer can’t be distinguished from other sectors.
      • Long-Term Investment: Investment in long-term projects can be highly advantageous as you need not look for more projects. You can quickly generate a stable income from the property over the years and gain attractive returns.

      The Final Epilogue

      Investments in real estate can be indeed a safe choice for senior citizens. You can diversify your investments in various options and gain surplus during retirement.

      So, it’s good to be acquainted with the knowledge and read as much as resources available about investments in real estate. There are various real estate platforms out on the Internet for getting a grip over the schemes. One of them is Assetmonk, an innovative platform that provides entry for potential investors into the world of commercial real estate investments.

      It has come up with the offering, PCC yield, in Chennai, an excellent opportunity for elderly people seeking to invest in a senior living project. It includes all the perks making it the right investment option. The perks are as under:

      • Long-term investment: It offers an investment in real estate seeking long-term gain overtime.
      • Stable Long-Term Tenants: It works for providing the tenants in the long run. As you need not reach out to tenants frequently.
      • Attractive Returns: The returns are highly-attractive and yield high-return over the long run.
      • Good Capital Appreciation: The property appreciates in the long-term and can ripe good passive income for the elderly people.
      • Fantastic Community With Attractive Locations: It offers a beautiful city for being socialized with the people around them.  Even, it caters to the right place with all the amenities like transport systems, gardens, and parks.
      • Low-Investment Cost: As said above, investment should be at a low-cost. Precisely, the scheme works for it and also there are no asset management hassles for holding the property.

      Senior Citizen Schemes FAQs:

      State one tip for the right investments.

      As a senior citizen you need to look for a compact home with necessary amenities that will fit your budget and meet other requirements, too.

      State one scheme for senior citizens in real estate.

      Investing in a property can help you generate a fixed rental income every month. Even you can get hold of a property in your name. This property can be not only used for personal use but can also be passed on to the next generation for generating a stable income. At times, even, the property can be sold off when the market price is ripe and you can earn a positive surplus.

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