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      Step-by-step Procedure For EPF Name Change

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: April 22, 2024
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      What is the procedure for EPF name change? Or do you need to change your name with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) but are having trouble? It is crucial to update your name in the EPF if you recently underwent a name change as a result of marriage, divorce, or for any other reason to prevent any inconsistencies in the future. When you need to withdraw money from your EPF account or move it to another account, issues can arise if the account is registered in the wrong name. 

      Thankfully, the procedure for changing your name in the EPF is now easier and more convenient than ever. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through each step of changing your name in the EPF using the EPFO’s official website.

      A Comprehensive Guide to EPF Name Change Correction Form Submission

      You might need to submit an EPF name correction form to the Regional PF Commissioner if there are mistakes with your name, your father’s or husband’s name, your date of birth, your PF or EPS account number, or your joining or leaving dates. This is a straightforward procedure that entails submitting a letter in the appropriate format along with any necessary supporting materials.

      • In the first paragraph of your letter, you should state that you are/were an employee who needs to update your personal information and should have the title “Joint declaration by the member and the employer.” Then, you should provide a table with three columns that include the information that needs to be changed, the incorrect entry, and the correct entry. You’ll be able to fix any of the aforementioned mistakes by doing this.
      • The form must be completed and accompanied by supporting documentation that attests to the requested changes. The name and signature of your former employer’s registered signatory must be included after the form has been filled out and signed. Additionally, the application form must bear your employer’s business seal.

      You can easily submit your EPF name correction form and guarantee that your personal information is accurate and current by adhering to this detailed guide.

      EPF Name Change Correction – Required Documents

      It’s important to be aware of the list of supporting documents needed to complete the process if you want to change your name on your EPF account. There is a specific list of documents that have been established by the government as acceptable for this use. Some of the most common identity proofs that most people have are included in this list, including a PAN card, driver’s license, passport, voter’s ID card, Aadhaar card, bank or post office passbooks, and diplomas.

      In addition to these, utility bills with your signature on them, such as those for phone, electricity, or water, can be used as acceptable identification documents. Additionally, certificates of birth or death provided by the registrar of births and deaths, as well as credentials created based on government service documents (state or central) can also be used to make the necessary corrections.

      A letter signed by a well-known public official and verified by the proper authority may be taken into consideration as proof of identity in certain exceptional situations where none of the aforementioned documents are available.

      It’s crucial to remember that the EPFO retains the right to reject any document that it determines to be invalid or inappropriate for name correction. Therefore, it is wise to check that the provided documents are current, authentic, and contain the necessary information.

      EPF Name Correction Online vs Offline: Which One Should You Choose?

      For a straightforward and hassle-free claim process, it’s critical to verify that all the information on your EPF account is accurate. Having inaccurate information, such as your name, listed on your EPF account is one of the most frequent mistakes that can happen. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has fortunately made it simpler for employees to fix such errors, whether they occur offline or online.

      Offline EPF Name Correction

      There are two offline methods you can use to change the name on your EPF account if you prefer the conventional approach. Either get in touch with the UAN helpdesk or the HR division at your place of employment. It’s important to keep in mind that each choice has its own set of difficulties. While tracking down HR can take some time, the UAN helpdesk has occasionally gone offline.

      EPF Name Correction Online

      On the other hand, changing your name online in your EPF account is a fairly straightforward procedure. 

      Here is a step-by-step guide:

      Step 1: Log in to the EPFO’s centralized gateway. To update anything, you must first register with the portal. Click the “Enable UAN” button found on the same page’s “Important Links” section if you haven’t registered yet.

      Step 2: Once you’ve logged in, click “Manage” and then “modify simple info”.

      Step 3: On the adjustment tab, enter your Aadhaar code in the corresponding slot. You will also need to provide information from your Aadhaar card, such as your name, gender, and date of birth. Select “edit info” from the drop-down menu.

      Step 4: On the UAN portal, you will now see “pending demands”. The changes you’ve made to your profile should be confirmed by your employer. If you accidentally enter incorrect information, you can delete the request and re-apply for the update. Note that the deletion will only take effect until the employer approves the request.

      Step 5: The request will be received by the employer and, after being approved, forwarded to the relevant EPFO office on the employer side of the Unified Portal interface. The APFC/RPFC will subsequently examine the submission and offer their own comments before deciding whether to accept it or reject it. The APFC/RPFC has the final say in the matter.

      You’ll see a popup stating that your Aadhaar has been validated after it has been verified and your employer has granted the request. Although your Aadhaar and UAN are now connected, it’s important to remember that basic information cannot be changed.

      In comparison to the offline method, the online EPF name correction procedure is more straightforward and effective. However, the offline options are still available if you experience any problems with the online procedure.

      Issues Caused by an Error in the EPF Details

      Employees’ Provident Fund, or EPF, is a crucial financial tool for those in India who are employed. Any error or mistake in EPF information can lead to a number of problems for people. We will discuss the various problems that can result from errors in EPF details in this response.

      Rejecting an application to withdraw an EPF number is one of the most frequent problems that can occur as a result of inaccurate or misspelled information provided during the initial registration process. For instance, if the employee or nominee listed in the application has the wrong name, that could result in the application being rejected. It is crucial to check that all the information is entered accurately during the initial registration process.

      Regarding nominee information, incorrect details can cause yet another problem. When registering for EPF, the nominee’s information must be provided. Candidates who don’t provide the nominee’s information run the risk of having their EPF claims rejected or at least complicated. Therefore, it is advised to provide accurate and complete information when registering.

      A crucial component of your EPF account that must be accurate is the joining date. Your EPS pension and cumulative EPFO allocation for the months and years leading up to this date are calculated. When withdrawing EPF funds, a wrong date could cause issues because it could affect the tax consequences of the withdrawal balance. It is therefore essential to confirm that the joining date listed in the EPF account is accurate.

      It is crucial to update an individual’s EPF account with their current name if they change their name, take on their husband’s family surname or title, or both. Failing to do so can lead to complications when withdrawing EPF funds, and it may cause significant delays and hassles.


      To avoid any problems during the withdrawal process, it is essential to make sure your EPF information is current and accurate. Making the necessary corrections now can save you a lot of time and hassle later on, whether you’re changing your name, your joining date, or the nominee information.

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      Step-by-step Procedure For EPF Name Change FAQs

      Can I change my name in my EPF account online?

      Yes, you can change your name in your EPF account online. You need to log in to the EPFO’s centralized portal and follow the steps mentioned in the article above to make the necessary changes.

      Will my EPF withdrawal be affected if my name is misspelled in my EPF account?

      Yes, if your name is misspelled in your EPF account, it can cause complications when you try to withdraw your EPF funds. Your application for withdrawal may be rejected or delayed until you correct the mistake.

      Is it necessary to update my EPF account with my current name if I change my name after marriage? 

      Yes, if you have changed your name after marriage or for any other reason, it is essential to update your EPF account with your current name. This will ensure that you face no complications when you try to withdraw your EPF funds.

      What documents are required for EPF name correction? 

      You need to submit documents such as PAN card, driver’s license, passport, voter’s ID card, Aadhaar card, bank or post office passbooks, certificates related to schooling and schools, and certificates of birth or death provided by the registrar of births and deaths. For a complete list of documents, refer to the article above.

      Can I make EPF name correction offline? 

      Yes, you can make EPF name correction offline by contacting the UAN helpdesk or your workplace’s HR department. However, this process may take longer than making the correction online, and there is a higher chance of errors or delays.

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