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      Aspire financial freedom? Find Out How Real Estate Investment Can Help You Achieve That!

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: February 8, 2024
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      Do you want to be financially free? The majority of individuals do. It’s no secret that the majority of us desire to earn more and have more money.

      Financial independence is something that almost everyone wishes for at some time in their lives. Though we all have different ideas about what financial independence entails, for the most part, it means being able to do whatever we want, whenever we want.

      Doesn’t it sound good?

      But how should you go about gaining financial independence? Investing in real estate is one option to do so! According to a recent poll, one of the primary reasons our investors were drawn to our program in the first place was the desire to attain financial freedom. 

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      What is Financial Freedom?

      Financial freedom, as strange as it may sound, is about control, namely power over your resources. So, one of the better ways to define financial independence is to have enough residual income to live the life you desire without worrying about how you’ll pay your bills or deal with unexpected expenditures.

      To put it another way, financial independence does not automatically imply being wealthy. Instead, having control over your financial present and future is more important. To put things into perspective, there are eight distinct levels of financial independence. These degrees vary from not having to live paycheck to paycheck to having more money than a person may need in a given year.

      The first stage, when you are not live paycheck to paycheck, is one of the most intriguing. It’s an intriguing level since living in poverty doesn’t have to be restricted to the working poor. It may happen at any income level. Even a super-rich individual may be earning and spending to the point that he is living in financial distress. This is why financial independence is nothing more than financial control.

      Another important level is level 4, which involves temporal freedom. Many individuals wish to achieve it. Freedom of time occurs when your income flows are organized in such a manner that you can leave your work to pursue your passion or spend more time with your family.

      Most essential, avoid becoming bankrupt in the process. Level 5 is an intriguing one that may be loosely defined as the FIRE movement. FIRE is an acronym for Financial Independence, Retire Early, and is a popular lifestyle in the West among people in their 20s and early 30s.

      The notion of FIRE revolves around frugality, with members aiming to maximize their savings rate by increasing their income or decreasing their spending. The goal is to save between 50 and 75% of your salary, which is then utilized to acquire assets and generate enough passive income to cover retirement expenditures.

      Depending on your existing position and lifestyle, you may choose your desired amount of financial independence. Your path to financial independence may be broken down into nine fundamental phases. Some of these phases might be behavioral, tactical, or strategic. The more steps you can take, the faster your journey to financial independence will be.


      Why real estate investment for financial freedom?

      So, if you want to live life on your terms, here are four reasons why our real estate investment program is the best option for achieving financial independence through real estate:

      Make Recurring Income

      Our real estate investing program is created specifically to assist you in generating recurring income! Unlike typical real estate investments, which need you to be very hands-on for the duration of your ownership, we take care of practically everything so you don’t have to.

      From the start, you’ll see why our program is the best option for people wishing to make recurring revenue. 

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      Hyderabad Real Estate Market Witness High Record Sales in 11 Years

      We handle all of the due diligence to guarantee that we only acquire the best properties from the bank, which are much below market value! Instead of spending the effort to become a local expert to find the finest offers in your market on your own, we do it all for you. All you have to do is take advantage of our local knowledge and select the property that you wish to buy!

      Increase Your Wealth

      You can probably think of a few people who have earned a fortune buying and selling estate off the top of your head. Some were Realtors with intimate knowledge of the industry, but the majority were just average folks looking to use real estate as a means to financial independence.

      When done correctly, real estate investing is a wonderful method to grow wealth. But what distinguishes our program is that it has been designed to maximize the returns to our investors. Because the homes we sell are priced far below market value, the majority of our investors begin gaining equity almost immediately.

      And, because our program is based on finding a buyer for your property who will purchase it from you with owner financing, the new buyer will be responsible for all repairs and maintenance, allowing you to retain more of the money you make from your investment!

      Make the Most of What You Have

      Real estate investment allows you to effortlessly leverage your capital and reinvest it in other properties, giving you additional cash to leverage. This is the primary benefit of real estate as a means of achieving financial independence! Alternative paths to financial freedom are less predictable. Of course, you can still make a disastrous real estate investment, but most investors can take the profit from one property and use it to buy another. They can then buy a third property, so a fourth, and so on. The more properties you have giving you money, the more money you’ll make altogether.

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      Create a versatile career that can be managed from anywhere.

      While we’ve been focused on the financial component of obtaining financial independence, another incentive to select real estate as your vehicle for financial independence is that it allows you to essentially have a profession that you can operate from anywhere and on your schedule. You get to call the shots when you develop a career as a real estate investor!

      We make it simple for you to manage your properties remotely since we handle practically everything related to your investment. In reality, you won’t be managing much at all! Most of our investors can relax knowing that their monthly cheques will arrive in their mailbox on time every month. This allows you to work from anywhere at any time. If you’d rather spend the bulk of your time with your family and friends, you can choose not to work. Do you want to invest in real estate as well? Assetmonk is a property investment platform that offers services to interested investors. The Sparkle series in Chennai and the Ascend series in Hyderabad are Assetmonk’s NCD investment products. These have an estimated IRR of 21%, allowing investors to invest in high-value homes without the hassle of property maintenance.

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