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    Tax Planning in India for High Net-Worth Individuals

    If you are a HNI, tax planning is an essential part of wealth management. Effective tax strategies are essential if you want to hold onto […]

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    Taxation Of AIF In India

    For investors in India, Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) have become a promising alternative to traditional assets. High net worth individuals (HNIs) can diversify their investment […]

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    Step-by-Step Process for Income Tax Login

    To finish the E-filing of IT Returns, you must first successfully finish the registration procedure and connect to the IT E-filing site. You may utilize the e-filing site and a variety of services related to tax by finishing the income tax login process. The steps below will walk you through the process of finishing the income tax E-filing site login.

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    Foreign Remittance – New Tax Collected at Source(TCS) Law

    According to the union finance bill, 2020, remittances equal to or more than 7 lakh will be attracting tax collected at the source of 5% under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme

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    A Deeper Look Into The Tax laws for Real Estate Investments

    Taxation is an important aspect of any investment. Investors are always on a search for well rewarding investment options...

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    Diwali Gift: Telangana Govt Waives 50% Property Tax

    Sprouting hope among the populace amid the adversities due to the pandemic, the Telangana govt has waived 50% property tax for this very financial year, […]

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    An Easy GST Guide For Homebuyers In 2022

    In 2000, a committee was established to draft a law on GST, and the 17-year-old persuasion had successfully ended when the Goods and Service Tax […]

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    GST On Rental- Everything You Should Know!

    When it comes to real estate, owning rental properties is a common custom in India. Be it citizens or NRIs, earning passive income via rent […]

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    Karnataka’s Real Estate Booster- Stamp Duty Rates cut down by 2%

    Over the period of 1.5 years, the pandemic has substantially impacted several sectors of the Indian economy. Real estate received a little lift from tax […]

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    8 Legitimate methods to reduce tax on your passive income from real estate!

    Real estate is one of the most popular investment avenues for Indians. Passive income and capital appreciation are two main drivers of the real estate […]

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