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    The Aerotropolis Culture Is Ready To Take Off In India

    Aerotropolis or the airport city is an urban development with an airport at the center and aviation-linked businesses growing and flourishing around it. The concept has attracted a lot of investors to work on its greenfield airports of Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kochi. These are also emerging as great investment hubs and Assetmonk is bringing an investment opportunity within Hyderabad International Airport.

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    What is House Flipping? How is it Profitable?

    House flipping is a fruitful business for both part-time investors and full-time flippers. The idea, although new to India, is gaining wide popularity and might make one of the greatest investment ideas for the future.

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    Smart Real Estate Investments: What Are Grade A, B, C In Commercial Properties

    A very essential part of the investment is knowing what grade you are investing in and what do you expect to earn from it. In commercial real estate, investments are generally categorized on the basis of their key qualities, characteristics, and demand. These rankings are useful in gauging the property’s position in the marketplace.

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    How To Fix A Bad Retirement Plan With Quality Investments

    One can protect his retirement savings from a crash by having a diversified retirement portfolio. It involves investing in real estate, mutual funds of stocks, bonds, and even cash. Rebalancing a portfolio is also another way to protect retirement savings.

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    9 Investment Habits to Develop for High Passive Income

    The money you generate from passive income will surely put you well on your way to meeting your financial objectives and bringing you one step closer to ultimate financial freedom. Find out where you stand financially if you're wondering how your finances currently stack up!

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    Investment Trends: Top 11 Countries With The Most Developed Coliving Ventures

    The world around us is rapidly changing, making it more developed and convenient. This change is resulting in a shift of housing patterns, making coliving the hottest option for investment and living.

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    Fractional Ownership: A Perfect Solution to All Your Real Estate Concerns

    Fractional ownership in real estate is a new concept in which individuals can pay a median amount of money to become owners of high-end commercial properties. It is gradually gaining traction as a modern real estate investment paradigm.

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    12 Proven Tips To Attract Tenants To Your Property

    Everything a rental investor does is designed to attract more or better tenants. Here are some tips to help you discover tenants and enhance your rental yields.

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    How Much Is The Average Rental Income in Top Indian Metropolitan Cities

    There are numerous opportunities for real estate investment in 2021. Property prices in major cities that had remained unchanged have begun to show some positive shifts.

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    Hyderabad: The Emerging destination for commercial real estate investment in India

    In terms of gross office space demand, Hyderabad surpassed Bengaluru as India's top CRE destination during the July-September quarter. According to real estate experts, Hyderabad emerged as one of the most resilient cities following an average performance in the second quarter of 2021.

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