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    Best Asset Management Companies

    Commercial property investments in Bangalore with the development of the IT industry and Co-working spaces have immensely increased. Good employment opportunities along with the development of infrastructure to meet the needs of end-users are ultimately leading to the upsurge of commercial real estate investments. With the liberalization of the economy and relaxation of rules for FDI, the NRI investors eyeing the commercial Real Estate investments in India that generate more profits than the traditional residential market. The south India metropolitan cities like Bangalore and Chennai have become the Real Estate hotspots for NRIs. With commercial real estate investment opportunities that suit every budget, and flexible market enabling easy selling and buying process, Bangalore’s Real Estate market is greatly developing. Commercial property investment in Bangalore is a smart move for any investor looking for a good income-producing asset.

    Real Estate Investments

    Taxation is an important aspect of every investment and investors are always on a look for investment options with good profits and fewer taxes. Investors should be aware of the taxation structure of every investment to make better decisions. Real Estate like other investment vehicles attracts taxes, buying, selling and even flipping a property will attract some taxes. But when it comes to Real Estate in the long term, the investments are taxed less than the short term returns. This is a huge advantage to the long term investors, along with the solid corpus that would be built over time and capital appreciation, investors also get to enjoy lower tax rates. Real estate investments can help you in building a good amount of wealth with proper planning. When considered for the long term it is also benefitted with less taxation, low risk, and high returns.

    About Bangalore

    Bengaluru is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, and is located in the southeastern region of the Deccan Plateau. The city is spread in an area of 709 square kilometers and found at 12.97°N 77.56°E on the globe. Bangalore is unaffected by any major earthquakes due to the flat, plateau location. Sankey Tank, Madivala tank, Hebbal lake, and Ulsoor lake are some lakes of the city. The city has a moderate temperature and pleasant weather all through the year. The Real Estate sector size in the city has significantly over the past few years and is further expected to grow to produce investors with good returns and promising capital appreciation. Giant corporate offices, Sophisticated Multi Speciality Hospitals, High Rise Commercial, and Residential complexes and development in all spheres of life is the outlook of Bangalore at present. Bangalore also hosts some of the top asset management companies in India.

    Bangalore best location for Real Estate investment

    Passive Income From Real Estate

    Real Estate along with capital appreciation also provides promising passive income. In fact, the rental income from Real Estate is one of the key factors that investors look into before investing. Rental income also plays an active role in determining the value of the property. Traditionally only residential real estate was considered for passive income but commercial real estate properties also produce rentals and in fact better rental income than the residential properties. In these times of high uncertainty having passive income-producing assets in your investment portfolio can be of great help. Though the rental income may be a small amount over time can build into a solid fund.

    Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

    Assetmonk is an online investor-friendly platform for Real Estate investments. It is a unique market place offering investment opportunities to value investors looking for high growth potential properties. Assetmonk is democratizing Real Estate investing providing easy access to the most happening sectors of Real Estate like Co-living and Commercial Real Estate. Investors can invest in high yielding properties at the comfort of their house and can track the performance of the investment through an intuitive dashboard. Assetmonks’ easy and secure investment platform backed by high-end technology. Investors can choose the property based on their preferences and objectives based on the price, time and tenure.


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