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    High Returns
    Fixed Income
    No Volatility
    Definite Term
    Isn’t this what your clients ask for?

    As a trusted investment advisor handling valuable portfolios, Assetmonk brings you the opportunity to present worthy minimal-risk, high return alternative investment products backed by real estate from upcoming growth markets for portfolio diversification

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    • Client Portfolio Diversification

      with stable fixed income real estate products

    Who We Are

    Assetmonk is India’s fastest-growing alternative realty investments platform with a keen focus on structured quality deals from the real estate sector for exceptional returns, previously accessible to only the top 1% investors. Aligning everything we do with our “Investor First” motto, only carefully vetted assets that undergo thorough due diligence make it to our curated product offerings. This way we ensure only the best investment opportunities go to your clientele!

    300+ Crores




    5 Product Exits

    First in the Industry

    16+ Investor



    On Time Payments

    New Milestone Grew Channel Partner Network by 150 + in the last 6 Months
    Products For
    Every Financial Goal!
    • Passive income
    • Capital appreciation
    • Long Term Rentals
    Why AM Alternative

    4X Rental Returns

    No Volatility Risk

    Asset-Backed Security

    Hedge Against Inflation

    Periodic Returns

    Protected Principle

    First in the industry with 4 product exits
    Delivered more then PROMISED IRR of 16% 18%

    My intentions behind investing in real estate were security, returns, and capital appreciation. The investment process with Assetmonk is easy and the hassle of property management is also being taken care of by the platform. Overall, my experience with Assetmonk is satisfactory.

    Abrar Shariff

    I explored investment opportunities on Assetmonk for high returns. After my investment now, I am satisfied with the experience. Out of 10, I’d give Assetmonk a solid 8.

    T Sriram
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