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  • best real estate investment companies in Chennai

    Best Asset Management Companies in Chennai

    Asset management companies pool money from investors invest in assets like bonds, stocks, real estate properties, debentures, etc. There are some best asset management companies in Chennai that are well known for their services. The top asset management companies not only pool money and invest in assets but also manage assets after investing. The best asset management companies of Chennai are Land and Asset Management Professionals, Principle PNB asset management company and Sahara asset management company. These top asset management companies charge a fee for providing their services. Asset management companies also manage the assets on behalf of their investors, send returns to the investors.

    Investing in Real Estate

    Taxation is an important aspect of every investment and investors are always on a look for investment options with good profits and fewer taxes. Investors should be aware of the taxation structure of every investment to make better decisions. Real Estate like other investment vehicles attracts taxes, buying, selling and even flipping a property will attract some taxes. But when it comes to Real Estate in the long term, the investments are taxed less than the short term returns. This is a huge advantage to the long term investors, along with the solid corpus that would be built over time and capital appreciation, investors also get to enjoy lower tax rates. Real estate investments can help you in building a good amount of wealth with proper planning. When considered for the long term it is also benefitted with less taxation, low risk, and high returns.

    About Chennai

    Chennai, also known as the gateway of south India is one of the four metropolitan cities of India. Chennai has developed in all spheres and is emerging as the cultural, social and economic center of the country. It is backed by a rich history and heritage and is one of the most visited tourist places in India. With stunning monuments and breathtaking architecture, Chennai astonishes its visitors. With increasing tourist traffic and ever-increasing population of the city, the Real Estate sector is dynamically changing with every passing day. Beautiful Beaches, Sophisticated Multi Speciality Hospitals, High Rise Commercial, and Residential complexes and development in all spheres of life is the outlook of Chennai at present. Chennai also hosts some of the top asset management companies in India.

    best commercial property investment in Chennai

    Passive Income From Real Estate

    No matter which property you invest in or what investment vehicle you choose to invest from, Due-diligence is something that cannot be skipped. Due-diligence is a process of a thorough study of the property details, history and the previous transactions relating to the asset. Due-diligence helps an investor to avoid any unpleasant experiences after investment, best investment deal is the one which comes without any complications. Due-diligence will help the investor to be prepared for risk if not possible to avoid it. Due-diligence process is a hectic process but worth the efforts as not only speeds of the process of investment but also will help the investor in making better decisions.

    Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

    Assetmonk understands that our investors have multiple avenues for investing apart from Real Estate. But we have better reasons for why you should be investing in Real Estate with Assetmonk. Our expert asset managers team compares the assets with other similar financial instruments and only outperforming real estate assets will make it our list to ensure the investors with greater profits along with reliable regular income. Assets offers come with flexible tenure terms, low investment tickets, along good capital appreciation, and those beneficial than conventional investment options are only offered by us. We check the transaction history and the potential returns of a property to check for ensuring reliability and financial viability. Only assets that match the standards of high potential, secure assets will make to our platform.


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