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      Commercial Property Investment

      best real estate investment companies in Chennai

      Commercial Properties for Investing in Chennai

      Commercial property investments in Chennai are increasing at a faster pace with the development of the IT industry and Co-working spaces. Vast employment opportunities along with the development of infrastructure to meet the needs of end-users are ultimately leading to the upsurge of commercial real estate investments. With the liberalization of the economy and relaxation of rules for FDI, the NRI investors eyeing the commercial Real Estate investments in India that generate more profits than the traditional residential market. The south India metropolitan cities like Chennai and Hyderabad are emerging as the Real Estate hotspots for NRIs. With commercial real estate investment opportunities that suit every budget and flexible market enabling easy selling and buying process Chennai’s Real Estate market is doing immensely well. Commercial property investment in Chennai is a smart move for any investor looking for guaranteed capital appreciation along with regular rental income.

      Investing in Real Estate

      Real estate is one of the most reliable investment options since ages that served as the best income producing asset. Its ability to appreciate over time, generate passive, multiple investment schemes made Real Estate an attractive option for investing. Considered in the long Commercial Real Estate investment term, Real Estate has the potential to generate good profits and is less risky comparatively. Though Real Estate is a very common investment avenue, commercial Real Estate investment was unexplored by investors previously owing to its inaccessibility. But with the advent of start up’s, commercial property investment in Chennai is picking the pace. Investors can now invest in attractive Real Estate properties through online crowdfunding platforms at the comfort of their house.

      About Chennai

      Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu is also known as the health capital of India, owing to the development of many super-specialty hospitals across the city. It also hosts a major part of India’s automobile industry. Chennai with its supremacy in Health care, automobiles, and education stands as south India’s biggest cultural, social, and economic center. Apart from these, the Real Estate market also is developing at a phenomenal rate each day. Along with the investors from India, NRI’s from Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia are investing in Chennai and are making a fortune. The growth phase of the current Real Estate market in Chennai further assures the development of the sector.

      best commercial property investment in Chennai

      Why Due-diligence is Important in Real Estate.

      No matter which property you invest in or what investment vehicle you choose to invest from, Due-diligence is something that cannot be skipped. Due-diligence is a process of a thorough study of the property details, history and the previous transactions relating to the asset. Due-diligence helps an investor to avoid any unpleasant experiences after investment, best investment deal is the one which comes without any complications. Due-diligence will help the investor to be prepared for risk if not possible to avoid it. Due-diligence process is a hectic process but worth the efforts as not only speeds of the process of investment but also will help the investor in making better decisions.

      Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

      About Assetmonk

      Assetmonk is an online investor-friendly platform for Real Estate investments. It is a unique market place offering investment opportunities to value investors looking for high growth potential properties. Assetmonk is democratizing Real Estate investing providing easy access to the most happening sectors of Real Estate like Co-living and Commercial Real Estate. Investors can invest in high yielding properties at the comfort of their home and can track the performance of the investment through an intuitive dashboard. Assetmonk easy and secure investment platform backed by high-end technology.

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