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    Commercial Real Estate Investment Company in Chennai

    Commercial Real estate investments in Chennai have increased at a higher rate in the past decade. Lucrative returns, high capital appreciation, and multiple avenues are the main reasons that have increased commercial real estate investments. REIT’S, private equity, crowdfunding platforms are just a few avenues investors can invest in. Prestige Group and SP Infocity are the two famous Commercial Real Estate investment companies in Chennai. Assetmonk is on an online platform that is enabling easy investing in commercial Real estate with properties from Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Investors looking for commercial real estate companies in Chennai can also invest in using online platforms.

    Investing in Real Estate

    Real Estate is one unique asset class that every investor should have in their investment portfolio. Investors who are not investing in Real Estate are really missing out on a great opportunity. Whatever the investment objective is, capital appreciation or passive income and whatever budget the investor is confined to, Real Estate boasts to the needs of every kind of investor. With benefits like good capital appreciation, steady passive income and shield to fight inflation, Real Estate stands out as a unique investment option. Investors of Real Estate can also easily diversify the risk of investing across various sectors of Real Estate each with varying risks and benefits.

    About Chennai

    Chennai, the capital of the Tamilnadu state is the fourth-largest and sixth most populated city with a population of 4.9 million and is also regarded as the safest city of India. Located on the Coromandel coast of Bay of Bengal, Chennai covers an area of 178.2 square kilometres. Chennai is believed to have been discovered 400 years ago. It is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on one side and Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur on the other three sides. 40% of the population are migrants and this number is further is expected to increase owing to the development of the IT sector and vast employment opportunities. The Real Estate sector in Chennai is also drastically developing to accommodate the increasing population. With increasing demand from end-users, NRI investors and Indian investors both the commercial and residential sectors are further expected to grow immensely. Investors can easily invest through commercial real estate companies in Chennai. Commercial real estate investments can help investors acquire more wealth than traditional real estate properties.

    best commercial property investment in Chennai

    Trends in Real Estate

    Real Estate has found itself in the center of the developing economy with the impact of global trends that are dynamically changing the Indian Real Estate’s landscape. Modules like Co-living, Co-working fractional ownership are taking off in leaps and bounds. With the intervention of technology, Real Estate is being made more accessible to more people. National reforms like GST, REIT’S and affordable housing schemes have also played a prominent role in molding the Real Estate sector to the current shape. With, government’s support through reforms, development of technology and new trends to push their way this sector is developing at a faster rate.

    Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

    Assetmonk believes that a good deal is the one that comes without any complications and we strive hard to lock best deals with our investors. We make sure all our assets are compliant with laws and pass through our stringent due diligence process before they reach our investors. All the confidential documents of the property such as valuation report, title report and legal report are thoroughly cross-checked by our team experts from the industry and a reputed third party. Also, we look into previous transaction history, and the performance of the asset to avoid any loopholes and mitigation properties. A complete evaluation of the property is done by our team looking into the finance and physical aspects of the property. We’ve made our due-diligence process extra stringent so our investors can invest hassle-free.



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