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    Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms in Chennai

    Real Estate investment has become much easier in recent times with innovation in Technology and the onset of many startups that have enabled smart investing. Crowdfunding in Real estate is a blessing that helped the investors in high valued properties at lower ticket prices. Crowdfunding for Real Estate is pooling of money from investors with similar goals and then the money is invested in some high growth potential property. There are only a few real estate crowdfunding platforms in Chennai. Assetmonk is an online platform for crowdfunding in Real Estate that offers high yielding investment opportunities in Chennai.

    Real Estate Investments

    Commercial and Residential Real Estate though similar in many aspects they are some significant differences. Residential Real Estate is comparatively safe but, Commercial Real Estate though a bit risky, generates significantly higher profits. Ultimately every investment consists of some degree of risk but the pay off is equally good for risky options. From mega-malls to small warehouses commercial real estate investors can choose the area of investment according to their interests. Even the low budget investors can invest according to budget availability, as it offers diverse investment options. Just a considerable amount of knowledge about the real estate industry and a budget are all that needed for investing in commercial real estate.

    About Chennai

    Chennai is located at the 13th north parallel and 80-degree longitude along the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu state, is one of the four metropolitan cities. It is home to the beautiful Marina Beach which is the second-largest urban beach in the world. Cooum and Adyar are the two rivers flowing through the city and Kortalaiyar river outlines Chennai. The city is divided into North, South, and Central regions and is expanded in an area of 426 square kilometres. Chennai is developing at a faster pace with the advancement in the core Automobile and IT industries. The Real Estate market is growing in leaps and bounds to meet the needs of end-users and investors. Crowdfunding for the Real Estate is the reason that has enabled many investors to invest with a small budget in high net worth properties.

    best commercial property investment in Chennai

    Why Due-diligence is Important in Real Estate

    No matter which property you invest in or what investment vehicle you choose to invest from, Due-diligence is something that cannot be skipped. Due-diligence is a process of a thorough study of the property details, history and the previous transactions relating to the asset. Due-diligence helps an investor to avoid any unpleasant experiences after investment, best investment deal is the one which comes without any complications. Due-diligence will help the investor to be prepared for risk if not possible to avoid it. Due-diligence process is a hectic process but worth the efforts as not only speeds of the process of investment but also will help the investor in making better decisions.

    Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

    Assetmonk carefully curates attractive assets the investors can invest hassle-free. We always look for promising properties with high growth potential and returns. Location, builder and asset potential are the three main factors we consider for scouting assets for our value investors.

    • Location- The importance of location when it comes to real estate cannot be enough emphasized. Location is a prime factor that affects the performance of any Real Estate property. All our assets are located in some of the prime areas of major cities.
    • Builder- Builder reputation and their track record are what we don’t compromise. We never settle for anything less than the best to ensure investor safety.
    • Asset potential- Asset performance is another important criteria that we make sure our assets comply with. We bag only assets that are well-performing and are of high growth potential.


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