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    Real Estate Properties for Sale in Chennai

    Real estate properties for sale in Chennai are in high demand. Government schemes and taxation amendments favoring property buyers have caused rapid demand for these properties. Both the commercial and residential real estate properties for sale in Chennai are having a huge demand from NRI’s as well. Investors from Dubai, Singapore, and the US are expressing a high interest in investing in the Indian Real Estate. Especially the metropolitan cities in south India, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad emerged as the hotspots of the real estate sector. Lucrative returns, sound capital appreciation, and diverse investment options making it the most desirable asset class.

    Real Estate Investments

    Taxation is an important aspect of every investment and investors are always on a look for investment options with good profits and fewer taxes. Investors should be aware of the taxation structure of every investment to make better decisions. Real Estate like other investment vehicles attracts taxes, buying, selling and even flipping a property will attract some taxes. But when it comes to Real Estate in the long term, the investments are taxed less than the short term returns. This is a huge advantage to the long term investors, along with the solid corpus that would be built over time and capital appreciation, investors also get to enjoy lower tax rates.

    About Chennai

    Chennai is located at the 13th north parallel and 80-degree longitude along the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu state, is one of the four metropolitan cities. It is home to the beautiful Marina Beach which is the second-largest urban beach in the world. Cooum and Adyar are the two rivers flowing through the city and Kortalaiyar river outlines Chennai. The city is divided into North, South, and Central regions and is expanded in an area of 426 square kilometres. Chennai is developing at a faster pace with the advancement in the core Automobile and IT industries. The Real Estate market is growing in leaps and bounds to meet the needs of end-users and investors. Real Estate properties for sale in Chennai are being sold out as quickly as possible with increased demand from both the NRI’s and Indian investors.

    best commercial property investment in Chennai

    Real Estate in Long Term

    Real Estate in the long term produces best returns. Any investment for that matter when given time becomes safer and also produces more returns since it will have enough time to surpass all the market fluctuations. Investors in Real Estate can enjoy good capital appreciation along with regular returns. Even Though the returns may be small, in the long run they build into a solid fund and can support your goals. Long term returns are also taxed at a lesser slab rate compared to the short term, this adds up to the benefits of long term Real Estate investments. No matter where, how much and how long you invest for Real Estate can be very profitable for investors looking for financial freedom.

    Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

    Assetmonk is an online investor-friendly platform for Real Estate investments. It is a unique market place offering investment opportunities to value investors looking for high growth potential properties. Assetmonk is democratizing Real Estate investing providing easy access to the most happening sectors of Real Estate like Co-living and Commercial Real Estate. Investors can invest in high yielding properties at the comfort of their house and can track the performance of the investment through an intuitive dashboard. Assetmonk easy and secure investment platform backed by high-end technology.


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