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  • Best Industrial Property places to invest in Chennai

    Industrial Property places to invest in Chennai

    Best Industrial Property places to invest in Chennai

    Chennai has evolved recently as the most prominent industrial hub in South India as it has automobiles, chemicals, petrochemicals, food processing, and electronic industries in abundance. Chennai has also been a prominent player in the IT sector as it hosts several IT parks and companies. The development in Chennai’s manufacturing and automobile industries has positively impacted the real estate sector and attracts several investors and even general buyers to invest in Chennai. 

    Best places to invest

    Some of the best localities in Chennai for investing in industrial properties include:

    Great Southern Trunk (GST Road):

    The Great Southern Trunk (GST Road) is an attraction to industrial investors and a residential hub. It is also one of the three most prominent localities in Chennai, along with OMR and ECR. It is always rewarding as the location is close to the airport and the southern parts of Chennai. The Mahindra World City at the south in Chengalpet is a 1550 acre land dedicated to an integrated township project. It also has several IT or ITeS companies operating from it. Infosys has set-up its largest development centre in Great Southern Trunk (GST Road) as well. MEPZ, Shriram’s Gateway SEZ, Estancia SEZ, and ETL SEZ are prominent SEZs set-ups and are in operation in this corridor. The current price of the property in this locality is Rs 4200 per sq. ft.

    Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR):

    Old Mahabalipuram Road or OMR is the most peaceful and beautiful location for homebuyers and investors alike. OMR is also referred to as the IT hub of Chennai as it hosts several IT hubs and parks. Several multinational companies and reputed Indian companies have offices in OMR. An example of OMR’s better connectivity is the ability to reach TIDEL Park through OMR within 10 minutes, unlike ECR, which takes around 20 minutes.

    It is also a great choice for investments among residential investors, as there is easy access to health care, entertainment, education, and other activities. OMR also has excellent infrastructure and connectivity. The entire stretch of OMR has connectivity to interior localities of Chennai, such as Adyar, Guindy, and Saidapet. OMR also has the presence of suburban railway services and bus services which makes transportation easier and effective. The government has also proposed a railway line from Chennai to Pondicherry, which will travel along Cuddalore, Sholinganallur, Thiruporur, and Mahabalipuram. This proposal is also expected to increase the demand for properties in the OMR region. The current price of properties in OMR is around Rs 4300 per sq. ft.

    Poonamallee High Road:

    Poonamallee is an ideal location for investors in Chennai. It is not just a central hub for business, but it also enjoys all suburban facilities. It is also one of the few areas in Chennai that has survived several challenges or uncertainties in the past years without much difference in real estate demand. It is the best location or a precise belt for amalgamation for investment, renting, or buying purposes. The current price for industrial investments in Poonamallee, Chennai, is around Rs 3700 per sq. ft.


    Ambattur is considered to be the fastest-growing locality in Chennai owing to several industrial developments. Ambattur is quickly transforming from a village to a city as it has witnessed several investments in its industrial, residential, and commercial real estate sectors. It has become one of the prominent centres for the IT sector as it holds several IT parks and IT hubs. An increased return on your investment is also expected as the properties’ demand has been increasing daily. The price of purchasing a property in Ambattur is currently around Rs 3500 per sq. ft. It is expected to increase in the coming time.

    Sriperumbudur-Oragadam Cluster:

    The Sriperumbudur-Oragadam cluster is a prominent location for warehousing activities related to the auto and auto ancillary industry in Chennai. Oragadam, Sriperumbudur, Irrunkattukottai, Mappedu, Mannur, Polivakkam, Tiruvallur, etc., are the other prominent locations in Chennai for developing warehousing facilities in Chennai.

    Periyapalayam NH-16 Cluster:

    The Periyapalayam cluster falls on the northern side of Chennai and is also a warehousing market. Periyapalayam cluster is also the fast-moving consumer goods sector. The proximity of the cluster to the Ennore port has provided for the rise in container freight stations, container yards, and warehouses to consolidate and distribute. Red Hills, Puzal, Madhavram, Karanodai, Alamathi, Poochettipedu, Thatchoor, Periyapalayam, Kannigaipair, etc., are the other localities offering industrial investment opportunities in Chennai for the fast-moving consumer goods sector.

    Bottom Line

    Chennai is one of the prominent hosts of the industrial sector in South India. Automobiles, chemicals, petrochemicals, food processing, electronic industries, and IT sectors are in abundance in Chennai. Chennai is also a traditional market for the textile industry, becoming a major industrial investment spot for Tamilnadu. Chennai also offers several locations whereby investments may be made in warehousing as they are highly in demand by e-commerce companies.

    While making investments in the industrial sector, it is very important that you consider the type of industrial land, factory, or warehouse you are planning to build. You may also consider the workforce’s availability, labour skills, and the property’s cost while investing in the industrial sector to make it rewarding.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Best Industrial Property places to invest in Chennai:

    Which is the best location to invest in Chennai?

    Some of the best locations for industrial investments in Chennai include GST, OMR, Poonamallee and Ambattur. Sriperumbudur-Oragadam cluster and Periyapalayam cluster and localities such as Red Hills, Puzal, Madhavram, Karanodai, Alamathi, Poochettipedu, Thatchoor, Periyapalayam, Kannigaipair, Oragadam, Sriperumbudur, Irrunkattukottai, Mappedu, Mannur, Polivakkam, Tiruvallur, etc. are also common locations for warehousing investments.

    What is the safest way to invest money?

    Some of the safest ways to invest money are by Public Provident Fund (PPF) methods, which earns you a return of 7.9%, Bank Fixed Deposits, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS), which offers a return of 8.7%. One of the most earning and best forms of investment is the real estate investment as it offers a 15-19 % return on investment.

    Which is the safest investment that offers the highest return?

    Some of the investment options offering higher returns include High-yield savings accounts, Certificates of deposit, Money market funds, Government and corporate bonds, etc. Investments made in the real estate sector may also be long-term security as it offers a 15-19% return on investment.

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