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  • Investment Opportunities in Hyderabad

    Top Investment Opportunities in Hyderabad India in 2021 | Assetmonk

    Hyderabad has become a one-stop destination to every industry with the optimal cityscape and affordability. The city is flooded with opportunities due to the IT hub, vaccine manufacturing and the e-commerce giants. From pin to a plane, Hyderabad has scores of the establishments that have been running profitably.

    The market’s connectivity and the availability of resources, supported by the government initiatives are taking it further. Hyderabad has a story to tell in every industry, be it healthcare or as diverse as retail and hospitality.

    Top Investment Opportunities in Hyderabad


    Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, is planning to have its second-largest Medical Research and Development hub in Hyderabad with an investment of around Rs.1200 crore. IT Minister K.T.Rama Rao announced the medical hub plans after a virtual meeting with Medtronic leaders amid the pandemic.

    It shows the conducive atmosphere for the companies to initiate and proliferate their businesses in the Hyderabad markets. This move scales up the researching facilities and boosts the med-tech startups raising the markets’ bars. Hyderabad has a standardized approach to the investment markets that helps the companies flow from across the world like Medtronic from the U.S and operate profitably.

    You can invest in the healthcare business, pharmacy, beauty and wellness, advanced medical technology, medical supply, equipment, healthcare service, and pharmaceutical business. You can invest through online platforms like mergers and earn a stake in the business. The healthcare industry’s investments are on the higher end owing to the complex services and technology involved.


    With some of the top global brands’ franchises located in Hyderabad, the city keeps up its fame for buzzing bazaars of Hyderabad. Hyderabad Retail spending is around Rs.692 billion in 2019. Hyderabad has been attracting top brands like IKEA, Amazon, and many more with such massive figures. The jewellery and lifestyle brand Bluestone is planning to establish 10 to 12 stores in the city, each of which might cost Rs.2 crores approximately.

    The pandemic has turned many processes, and businesses upside down, and Retail is no exception. The retail properties’ rents have been stable, and the retail sales are anticipated to reach 85% of the pre-COVID sales within the six months of 2021.

    If you want to try your hands on retail properties, you can bag property and lease it out for retail purposes. You can also invest in the shares of global giants like Amazon that possesses a 24 years long history. Though shares have turbulent graphs, investing in companies that have maintained a great history ensures your returns to an extent. If you are still sceptical about your hard-earned investment’s volatility, you can go for safer investment options like Real estate.

    Real Estate

    Hyderabad’s Real Estate has performed reasonably well through tough times like pandemic. All credits to the city’s markets have welcomed the trending investment options like office spaces, warehouses, and data centres.

    The state has administered the markets in the best ways possible by implementing RERA. The state government has also devised some of the policies like Look East and North Policy, Integrated Township Policy to ensure a distributed growth in all city directions.

    With a wide range of prices per sq foot, Hyderabad stands as an example for the diverse markets. The residential sale prices per sq foot are as low as Rs.1000 and can go up to Rs.14,000 in the developed IT areas. These rates stand accurate and approximate for the residential plot sales while they are slightly higher for independent house sales.

    If you want to know about the average commercial sale prices, do not let your jaws down. If you own a commercial property and want to sell it, then the returns may go as high as Rs.30,000 per sq foot for office spaces and stand at an average of few tens of thousands of Rupees for commercial plot sales.

    You can invest in residential and commercial properties like office spaces, data centres, and warehouses. To increase the accessibility to investors with small ticket sizes, novel approaches like fractional ownership have sprung up. Real estate is an ocean of opportunities. You can invest in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) similar to shares and are safe to invest in due to their diverse portfolio.

    You can now invest in real estate with just a click away. With the emphasis on social distancing, online platforms have gained momentum. Assetmonk is an online platform that offers real estate investment services to various trending investments like condos and co-living.

    Tour & Travels

    Hyderabad’s hotel demand is said to be dominated by business travellers, for about 90%. The commercial space expansion has a direct and positive impact on the hospitality sector. Almost 1,150 rooms are expected to be added to the existing supply by Financial Year 2023.

    The hospitality market has gone through a challenging phase due to the pandemic but is gaining momentum lately. As the international border restriction eases, the demand is expected to spur further. The two pharma companies striving hard for a vaccine to the COVID based in Hyderabad attract travellers as soon as the vaccine goes public, as it builds the safety factor.

    Tours and travels is an evergreen industry, though badly hit by the pandemic, is expected to scale up. You can invest in travel agencies’ franchises or invest to earn a share with a decent profit margin. You can start with investments as low as Rs.10 Lakhs and go up to a few crores.

    High Network Businesses

    The e-commerce business is gaining traction due to the social distancing norms. This, in turn, has increased the need for warehouses. Hyderabad has been the IT hub with the global software and tech-giants settling for nothing less than the best proving Hyderabad’s potential.

    Digitization is transforming data handling and operating processes in every field. The FCA, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has made its mind to invest $150 Million in Hyderabad to set up a Global Digital Hub. This type of technology development facility is the company’s largest hub outside North America. This stands as a testimony to Hyderabad’s congenial policies and economy.

    Suppose you are a High Net Worth individual who wants to venture out into High network businesses. In that case, you can invest in the properties that are waiting for a sale like a Digital publishing business, fertilizer business investments which cost you around a few crores. You can also invest in the shares of top-class tech giants like BHEL, Fiat that generate massive revenue.

    Bottom line

    Investors with any budget point can go ahead to invest in a city that has the potential to go far and high. Do not bite your nails looking at the stats! It indeed needs the experience to get to know the right place and investment choice in a vast and diverse city like Hyderabad. Assetmonk is an online real estate platform that helps you sort your investment. With fractional ownership, you can get to invest in a high-grade asset at a lower cost through our platform. Through Ascend series B, a Growth Plus product on our platform, you get to invest in the residential and commercial use properties in Hyderabad. The IRR is expected of up to 20%.

    Investment Opportunities in Hyderabad FAQ’s:

    What are the profitable businesses in Hyderabad?

    The E-commerce and Real estate industries have been performing well amid challenging times like pandemic.

    What are the various investment opportunities in Hyderabad Real Estate?

    You can invest in residential or commercial real estate like office spaces, data centres, and warehouses. You can also invest through Assetmonk in upcoming trends like suites and condos.

    Which business is best in Hyderabad with low investment?

    The real estate industry has been revolutionizing with novel investment approaches like crowdfunding and fractional ownership. With small investments, you can buy a share of high graded assets. You can also invest in food trucks and restaurants that glitter around every corner in the city with a vast population.

    How has the real estate industry sustained the heat of the pandemic?

    With the government devising supportive policies and the pent-up demand, the real estate markets are sprucing up for the coming years. The estimates and global real estate consultancies like Knight Frank have also predicted a stable year for the real estate industry. The circle rate and market value difference increase, reduced home loan rates have positively impacted the halted industry.

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