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      We're Amping Up Our Efforts To Grow Your Wealth!

      Well, 2021 was a rollercoaster ride. A severe second wave struck what started as a good year with signs of normalcy, and then came the period of hope, now followed by a scare of a mild variant. Yes, COVID-19 hit the world and disrupted normal life. For better or worse, it showed all of us the importance of investing and having a financial backup for unforeseen circumstances. Now that we’re cautiously heading towards the new normal, we’re thankful for your trust and association with us during the journey and wouldn’t leave any stone unturned to help you make an informed decision to grow your wealth sustainably.

      The Year That Was

      Amidst the chaos caused by the pandemic, the real estate market started recovering in the second half of 2021, at the time when vaccinations began to roll out. Though work-from-home prevailed, many individuals and companies adopted the hybrid work model, which boosted investors’ interest in alternative assets like co-working spaces and data centers. The pandemic resulted in attractive valuations of many commercial assets across Indian metropolitan cities, boosting investors’ confidence to partake in such investments. According to market estimations, it is reported that private equity investments in Indian real estate reached US$ 2.9 billion in the first half of 2021, a 2X increase from what the figures were in the first half of 2020

      Emerging Market Forecast

      The Indian real estate market is predicted to witness an influx of foreign investments in 2022 due to several structural reforms that have improved the scenario. Barring 1-2 smaller sub-verticals, commercial real estate showed good resilience. The country’s commercial real estate sector will attract global funds, especially office spaces, warehouses, and new-age asset classes like co-living, senior-living, etc. The coming year will be great for investors due to increased supply availability, developers’ openness to fractional ownership models, market and economic activity revival, and better reforms. NRI investors will also be benefited due to better foreign exchange conversion rates and increased transparency due to stricter regulations.

      Assetmonk's 2021 Recap

      In an effort to curate only the best assets for you, we have presented some landmark assets.

      The Landing, India’s first co-living venture within an international airport, was launched in Hyderabad, and the project has seen more than 50% funding to date. A bunch of structured products with multiple series, including Ascend, Elite, Marbella, Zenith, etc, were well received by investors due to attractive returns, high security, and reputed trusteeship.

      Few Growth opportunities in Chennai and Hyderabad were a great hit due to the handsome upside involved.

      While this is on the front end, we have been working on making your investment experience seamless on the backend. Some of the initiatives include periodic valuation reports, customer help desk, periodic feedback calls, digital payments engine, etc. While these are just some of our laurels, our work to provide you with added convenience and services doesn’t just end here.

      Our Plans For You

      In 2022, our primary focus will be to amplify your investment opportunities by bringing more assets under our umbrella. From the current base, we plan to increase our assets under management by 4X. Well, it’s a win-win situation for both of us

      We’re coming up with a brand new mobile application. From the latest project updates to your investment returns, you will soon have all the information about real estate investments at your fingertips.

      Our motto of being “investor first” will remain the same. You liked our service in 2021! You will like it in 2022 much more! With impeccable investor relations, an adept dashboard, and better fractionally owned, high-yielding commercial real estate assets, your relationship with Assetmonk will only grow stronger.

      We’re looking forward to a great year ahead, and we will bring you on board our spectacular journey! Stay tuned.

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