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    Investment Opportunity
    100% Funded

    Investment Type

    Structured Debt

    Underlying Security

    Real Estate Asset

    Issue Size

    5 Crores

    Minimum Investment

    10 Lakhs


    Assured 17.1%


    36 Months


    Total Investment

    Assured Return Rate (p.a.)

    Time Period

    Invested Amount

    Est. Returns

    Total Value

    Issuing Group
    • 125 years of experience in building intelligent gated communities
    • 2 Specializes in developing & selling affordable investment villas, flats & open plots
    • 3 Known by their loyal stakeholders for intelligent planning that cuts down travel time to prominent hubs
    Risk Analysis

    • It is the biggest risk that happens when a borrower does not repay the loan.

    • Is when a mortgage is obtained fraudulently.

    • Is the risk that the company operating the lending platform goes out of business

    • Refers to the borrowers ability to pay interest/ repay loans which gets affected if there is a downturn in the property market.

    • Refers to the possibility of general interest rates increasing beyond the interest rates earned on one’s loans.

    • Means that you might not be able to sell your loan or loan parts before the end of the loan term.

    Quarter Amount Invested Coupon Interest Paid Management Fee Fixed Redemption Principal Repayment Net Cash Flow
    Q0 10,00,000 - - - - -10,00,000
    Q1 - 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q2 - 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q3 - 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q4 - 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q5 - 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q6 - 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q7 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q8 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q9 - 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q10 - 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q11 - 30,000 -300 - - 29,700
    Q12 - 30,000 -300 1,55,262 10,00,000 11,84,962
    Why AM Alternative

    4X Rental Returns

    Asset-Backed Security

    Hedge Against Inflation

    Monthly Returns

    Protected Principle

    No Volatility Risk

    We Are

    India’s Fastest Growing Alternative Realty Investments Platform with a proven track record


    Crores AUM



    9 Product Exits

    First in the Industry

    30+ Investor



    On Time Payments

    Curated Investment Oppurtunities
    Thorough Due Diligence
    No Hassles Asset Management
    Tracking Dashboard
    Asked Questions


    Our exclusive investors portal can be used for tracking the investment, checking regular updates, accessing transactional info, etc. Depending on the product offering investors have chosen, they can contact the asset manager assigned, for any additional queries.

    Typically, Growth Plus products come along with a guaranteed exit clause at the end of tenure, unless specified differently for that product. The mortgaged units will be sold to the customer and there will be a profit upside which is shared with the customer.

    No,the Debenture Holder (holding the NCDs) shall not transfer any of the NCDs, without the written consent of the Company.

    In such case ,the Company will be obligated to pay The Principal amount outstanding in respect of the NCDs issued; and The Assured Interest in respect of the outstanding Principal amount

    Yes, Assetmonk allows investors to diversify their portfolio by offering investor-friendly deals and custom product solutions. Flexible tenure, ticket sizes, and degree of risk provide our investors with an easy choice for investment portfolio diversification.


    Yes you can get the TDS refund provided IT returns are filed promptly with the government Income for the year is below the prescribed non-taxable amount.

    Each property offering comes with a different set of risks and returns, and will never be uniform. The strength of Assetmonk platform lies in its ability to scout offerings with different risk-return points, for the investor to choose and diversify the portfolio

    Income tax as per the jurisdiction will be applicable. If you are an NRI, please get in touch with our relationship manager for specific details for your country.

    Your returns are subject to currency risk and conversion charges, which can typically add up to 2-3 percent. We shall try to come up with special deals with developers from time to time, to offset some part of this risk.

    The economy is in a growth phase after many quarters of downturn and the recent trend shows the market is able to absorb small unit sizes. Real estate as an asset class has not lowered the rates and will only appreciate with time in a growing economy.

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