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      Pros & Cons of Investing In Chennai


      Chennai, the capital city of Tamilnadu is a city which is developing at a faster pace. So far there has been an immense transformation and the progressive rate is high. In the recent past, Chennai has been considered as a place for residence as it was outside the radar of general north-to-south migration. At present, the city is considered to be one of the best cities to live in as well as to invest in. The unprecedented modernization since 2000 has led to the improvement of infrastructure, connectivity, and support functions which led to the increase in the number of investments and improved the market condition in Chennai giving it a complete makeover.

      Pros of investing in Chennai

      Some of the pros of investing in Chennai include:

      The hot destination 

      Unlike markets such as Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai which are saturated, the Chennai market offers tremendous growth even now. The Chennai real estate market stretches from Puzhal in the north to Madurantakam in the south, and from Mylapore in the east to Arakkonam in the west. It is noteworthy that all these plots offer great real estate value to the investors. The real estate property offers capital appreciation and the rates of the property shoot up quickly. The investments made anywhere in Chennai and outside Chennai are a great investment as the city is undergoing immense development and the government is taking initiatives actively to improve connectivity such as construction of bridges, providing metro and rail facilities, etc.,  and infrastructure which attracts not only the local investors but also international investors. 

      Business conditions 

      Chennai has been a spot for investment just like Bangalore and Hyderabad. There has been an increase in the business activities in Chennai now than before. Chennai not only attracts people within Tamilnadu but also migrants coming in from different parts of India for employment and a better lifestyle. The population reports have shown an increase in the population of non-Chennaites today more than there were before 2000 and at present, it is home to both skilled and tertiary level workforce that has migrated from places as far as Bihar and Punjab. 

      A great example of the business developments in Chennai includes the development in Sholinganallur whereby house owners enjoy the return on investment which has been unheard of before, by renting out their properties, to a large population of migrants. The migrant population of IT professionals has changed the economic landscape of Sholinganallur and has made it desirable for real estate investment

      Better lifestyle

      Chennai offers a better lifestyle and comfort to its citizens. Chennai offers residential property which is closer to the workplace and nearer to the school. Chennai also offers nightlife and other recreational activities for people in Chennai, making it furthermore desirable. The localities outside the main region also say an increase in the investment as the city has great and effective connectivity means. For example, OMR offers an excellent location, easy accessibility & travel means, luxury and kind of posh feeling, good rental income, etc. which has led to the increased demand for residential property in Chennai. Real estate price increase happens on a Y-Y basis in OMR which has a further added advantage. 


      South India, mainly Chennai has been recognized for its stability socially, economically, and even politically. This feature of the city has made setting up startup ventures easier for those looking to start up new ventures and also a business. The fact that Chennai has political stability has also helped in increasing the number of investments made by MNCs (Multinational Companies) which lead to large-scale investments. 

      Cons of investing in chennai

      Some of the limitations of investing includes: 

      Saturated golden old suburbs

      The upcoming suburban areas of Chennai may be offering everything required by an individual in terms of amenities and facilities, the older suburban may not be able to yield the investors much in terms of return on their investment even though they cost a lot. For example, a house in Teynampet costs a lot and may not be able to give you any necessary return or a big hike on resale as it would have reached close to the ceiling limit. 

      The widespread area as a disadvantage

      It is not worthy to invest in a property that is of no use or limited use. The stretch of the city is another added disadvantage to the investors and may result in situations wherein you have invested in a good locality but have to travel a long way to reach your office. Thus the ideal location for real estate investment is the property proximate to facilities like  schools, hospitals, transport connectivity, markets, etc.  Thus the widespread area of chennai is at a disadvantage as the affordable housing units are located in the outskirts of the main city.

      The Lack of Choice

      Chennai is a large city that has almost next to nil or fewer plots to offer because it is a widespread property. The main type of construction activities happening in Chennai include those involving the demolishing of existing standalone buildings, which comes at exorbitant prices. Other major construction activities are made for flats. Thus the major challenge faced by the investors is that there is an unavailability of the choice between plots and flats. Most of the builders develop flats that consist of just basic rooms and in case of lack of money, you may have to settle for a house that is rented. 

      Bottom Line

      Investment in Chennai is a great option as it is developing at a faster pace. It is a hot destination offering a better lifestyle and job prospects. Some of the localities in Chennai offer excellent scenic views due to its geographical advantages, easy accessibility and travel means due to the development in infrastructure and connectivity, luxury and kind of elite feeling, good rental income, etc. Chennai markets provide various investment options like commercial, residential real estate, that increases the flexibility in choosing the investments

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      Frequently Asked Questions on Pros & Cons of Investing In Chennai:

      Some of the major advantages of investing in Chennai are its industrial developments, better lifestyle, easy access, stability, etc.

      Investing in real estate may require more capital than investing in stocks. However, since the value of the property is appreciable, the advantages of investing in residential real estate are highly rewarding. However, you must know when to buy or sell the property to make your investments more effective.

      The real estate sector is considered to be one of the most rewarding forms of investment and the safest way to invest your money. Even though there are temporary setbacks in real estate, it is considered to be more rewarding.

      Some of the major disadvantages of investing in real estate are that it requires large capital, is time consuming, long-term financial commitment and that is not easy to convert real estate into cash easily.

      The main risk factor associated with the investment in real estate is in case the property is not purchased without doing a thorough investigation and due on the property.

      Stocks or Equity Investments such as stocks and mutual funds are the riskiest forms of investments.

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