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  • RERA Act in Telangana & Rules and Regulations

    Rera Act in Telangana & Rules and Regulations - Telangana RERA Services | Assetmonk

    Though an age-old investment vehicle, Real Estate stood as the most disputed industry due to the lack of a legal and structured approach. All thanks to RERA! RERA, Real Estate Regulation and Development Authority has retorted in the best way possible to all the unaddressed concerns by protecting every individual or entity registered with it. 

    It forms an all-around armor for everyone involved with real estate transactions, may it be promoters, real estate agents, or buyers. The rules and regulations like registered projects’ updates periodically and part of the fund to be credited to the bank for construction purposes eliminate stalling projects’ major concerns. 

    As a brief introduction, the RERA Act was introduced in 2016 by the Indian government and has left it to the discretion of the state in implementation. Almost 22 states and 6 Union Territories have notified RERA and 19 states to have active portals, reflecting the potential of the RERA Act.  

    RERA Act in Telangana

    The Real Estate Regulatory and Development Act came into existence in Telangana on August 4, 2017, to legitimize the real estate sector. This is introduced to build a robust, transparent, and credible real estate sector. 

    The Telangana RERA rules must abided by all the real estate under-construction or start-up projects whose land area is more than 500 sq meters, including more than six units. This applies to all the projects that have bagged the approval on or after 1 January 2017. Telangana RERA has launched a TS RERA website to form a platform for buyers to view the registered projects and their progress.

    Objectives of RERA Act in Telangana

    • Protecting the interests of both the consumers and developers
    • Making the real estate industry transparent and efficient in selling and purchasing a property. 
    • Regulating the real estate industry and putting a check on fraudulent transactions.
    • Ensuring a fast resolution of grievances by establishing an Appellate tribunal.
    • Maintain the records of all the projects and agents registered with the RERA Authority on a website for public reference. 

    RERA Telangana Rules and Regulations

    • The state government of Telangana stated that 70% of the total amount must be credited into the bank account, which must be used for construction purposes. This is done to eliminate any lapses in the under-constructed properties.
    • Real Estate agents must renew their certificate every five years.
    • Every real estate project should be registered with RERA Telangana if it is in the jurisdiction, else attracts penalties.
    • If the project is to be completed in phases, then at every phase the project needs to be registered by the promoter.
    • The promoters should update the project’s progress every quarter through the online TS RERA website to let the buyers know the status.
    • The registration fee varies for different projects, as mentioned in the other section, which must be paid by the promoters.

    Are You A New User Looking To  Register as Real Estate Agents at TSRERA?

    Step 1: Go to the RERA Telangana Page for logging in.



    Step 2: Choose ‘New Registration’ to be sent to the TSRERA page for registration of new users.



    Step 3: Choose the type of user, such as ‘Real Estate Agent,’ and fill in the required information. Type the Captcha code. Then, press the ‘Create User’ button.



    Step 4: Users will get an email for verification to the email address you provided. To finish the registration process, tap the link for activation.

    Project Registration under TSRERA 

    The following are the steps to register a project under RERA.

    1. Get to the official website of the Telangana State RERA, at https://rera.telangana.gov.in/.

    1. From the ‘Services’ option, select ‘Real Estate Project Registration’.

    1. The website redirects you to a TSRERA login page to enter the user name and the captcha code to login into the TSRERA account.

    1. After logging into your account successfully, click on ‘Project Details’ and then press ‘Add Project’ from the pop-up option.

    1. You need to enter the details of your project after which you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
    2. As the final step, you can pay the registration fee through the payment gateway and end up with the registration process.

    Exemption of Projects Under RERA

    The projects mentioned do not need the RERA Registration.

    • Suppose the projects whose developed area would not exceed 500 sq meters, or the number of apartments proposed would not exceed 8. In that case, such projects are exempted from registration for any of the above conditions.
    • The project needs no registration if the developer has received the Completion Certificate (CC) for the real estate project before implementing the RERA Act.
    • RERA Act is applicable for all the projects that are approved after 1 January 2017. But suppose you want to renovate or redevelop your property that does not involve the marketing, advertising, selling, or a fresh allotment of any plot, apartment, or building under the real estate project. In that case, you do not require to register it under RERA. 

    Who Can Apply For RERA?

    Below is the given list of persons/entities that can apply for RERA registration of the projects.

    • Individual
    • Company
    • Proprietorship Firm
    • Societies
    • Partnership Firm
    • Competent Authority 
    • Local Authority 
    • Limited Liability Partnership

    Telangana RERA Services 

    TS RERA renders various services to the citizens, promoters, and Real Estate agents through their official website.  

    Services of TSRERA for Citizens

    • Registration of complaints
    • Accessibility of records

    Services of TSRERA for Promoters

    • Registration of complaints
    • Project Registration
    • File for an extension of the Real Estate Project
    • Update the details of a registered project

    Services of TSRERA for Real Estate Agents

    • Register the Real Estate Authorities. 
    • Register the complaints 
    • Renew your registration

    Read below for more details.

    • As a Homebuyer, you can register your complaints with RERA online if any. Your complaints would be processed and investigated at the earliest, and the one found guilty would be penalized accordingly.
    • You can also access all the records of the RERA Registered projects and their progress. This is done to let you know the project status without having to visit the project often and look over customers’ and developers’ interests.


    • As a promoter of the project, you can register the complaints with RERA online if any. Suppose you have a customer who does not pay you on time or have a Real Estate Agent who is illegally charging exorbitantly. In that case, you can lodge a complaint with RERA that would be processed and investigated to find the guilty and penalize them accordingly.
    • Through the official website, you can register your projects under RERA if it falls in the ambit of RERA, i.e. if it does not belong to the exempted projects group. This would build credibility and accountability to your customers, thereby protecting you from defaulting customers.
    • You must accurately follow the deadlines of the project completion. Otherwise, you may be charged with a fine. But, RERA provides you with a facility to file for an extension of the Real Estate Project.
    • A promoter is required to update the details of a registered project every quarter. This lets the customers know the status of their project and act accordingly like paying the next instalments.
    Real Estate Agents
    • Real Estate Agents can register the Real Estate Authorities. 
    • You can also register the complaints if you are breached with non-payment by the customers or promoters protected under the RERA Act.
    • You get to renew your registration every five years as it is valid for up to 5 years only.

    How To File A RERA Complaint In Telangana (TS) RERA?

    The end-users can complain online with RERA for any project, whether registered with RERA or an unregistered scheme.

    1. After registering with RERA through the official website, you will have to log in to your account after which a pop-up appears asking you whether you are a complainant or the end-user accordingly.
    2. If you are a complainant, you will be redirected to a page where you have to register a complaint with RERA and provide your reasons and the documents as evidence.
    3. You will later have to pay the complaint fee of Rs.1000 as a fee through TSRERA. 

    RERA Benefits for First-Time Home Buyers

    • All the information regarding the project is made available on the builder’s website for home buyers.
    • Some part of the total amount is credited to the bank account, which could be used for construction processes. This reduces the risk of construction halts due to financial contingencies.
    • Only RERA Act-approved projects get the registration search numbers using which the data regarding the projects can be tracked, and only such projects can be allowed to market them. This increases the industry’s efficiency by building trust.
    • The investors can view the project progress report as and when required to get information about it. This lets the buyers know about any deviations in the construction process. The buyers can also view the project plans, government approvals, sub-contractors, bank approvals, etcetera establishing a transparent atmosphere throughout.
    • Any delay in the project would not be encouraged by RERA. Hence, the developers must pay an interest rate of 2% above SBI’s Marginal cost of lending rate to the buyer, ensuring the buyers do not experience any losses.

    How To See the Information of Real Estate Projects That Have Registered?

    Step 1: Go to the TSRERA main page on the Rera Telangana website.


    Step 2: Choose ‘Search Registered Projects and Agents’ to see a list of projects that have been registered and approved by the authorities.


    Step 3: Via tapping on the buttons next to each project, one can read the project’s information, the land on which it is built, the application for registration, plus the registration certificate.


    Want to See Registered Agent Or Promoter Information

    Step 1: Go to the Telangana website.



    Step 2: Choose ‘Search Registered Projects and Agents’ to get a directory of registered agents or promoters.


    Step 3: Via tapping on the buttons next to every real estate agent, one can also examine the information of the real estate agent or promoter, the registration application, and the registration certificate.

    What Documents Are Necessary for Registration of Project in Telangana Under RERA?

    • As in the instance of individuals, the promoter’s name, picture, contact info, plus address.
    • As in event of a commercial entity, name, picture, contact information, plus residence of the partners, chairman, & directors.
    • Verified copies of the promoter’s PAN Card.
    • The promoter’s yearly report, report of the Directors, & reports of the Auditors for the previous 3 fiscal years.
    • The number of closed and open parking places of the real estate project.
    • The past 3 AYs’ balance sheet & profit and loss statement.
    • Registration application with the Regulatory Authorities.
    • Information on the loan owner’s approval, as well as papers like collaboration agreement, agreement of development, agreement for joint development, and so on, if promoters are not the property owners on which the planned project is to be constructed.
    • A photocopy of the legal title document demonstrating the promoter’s ownership to the land or plot where the planned project will get built.
    • The fee for registration is payable via DD or a banker’s check. The cost is also available for payment online.

    Contact Details



    Office Address

    • Telangana Real Estate Regulatory Authority, #640, Ground Floor, DTCP
    • Building, A.C.Guads, Masab Tank, Opposite PTI Building, Hyderabad – 5000 004.

    Phone Number

    • 04048553333
    • 04048552222

    TS RERA Office Email ID


    TS RERA Secretary Email ID


    Office Timings 

    Monday- Saturday

    10: 30 AM – 5:00 PM

    Bottom Line

    Owing to the benefits and the regulations, RERA has redefined Telangana’s Real Estate industry’s functionality. It has made the transactions organized and transparent by establishing a procedure to register the projects within Telangana and provide the search numbers to projects registered with TS RERA. Telangana RERA has sometimes issued notices to the tasks that failed to meet the conditions and for not registering with it exhibiting the responsibility and the motive to legitimize the state’s real estate sector. It protects the end-users and real estate agents without a shadow of a doubt to lead a successful trading experience.  

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    RERA Act in Telangana FAQ’s:

    Does Telangana have notified for RERA and implemented it?

    Yes. TS RERA has been notified in July 2017 and has been implemented since 4 August 2017.

    Who all can be protected under RERA?

    Under RERA, promoters, buyers, and real estate agents are protected from all forms of breaching.

    What services are rendered to promoters through RERA online website?

    The promoters can register the complaints, register the projects, file for an extension, and also update the details of the project through the online RERA website.

    What all services are offered under RERA to the real estate agents and buyers?

    Buyers and real estate agents can register the complaints if any. Buyers can view all the approvals and the progress of the project. While the Real Estate Agents can renew their certificate through the website.

    Is it mandatory to register the real estate project under the Act?

    Absolutely, every real estate development must be registered with the Regulatory Authorities. Failing to comply will lead to a fine equivalent to 10 percent of the project’s projected cost.

    How can I check if the real estate project is registered under the Telangana State RERA?

    The TSRERA maintains a record of recognized real estate projects accessible to everyone on its main site. Additionally, the TSRERA requires that every real estate project advertisement include the registration number.

    Can the real estate agent/promoter file a complaint against the homebuyer?

    Certainly, anyone who is dissatisfied with the sale or acquisition of a real estate project may register a grievance only with Regulator.

    How soon can the Appellate Tribunal dispose of complaints filed with the authority?

    According to Section 29 RERA Act, the Appellate Tribunal must guarantee that submitted grievances get resolved before 60 days of a case being filed. But, in case it does not resolve the grievance within the specified time frame, the Regulatory Authority must document the reasons for doing so.

    When can a promoter start advertising the sale of real estate projects?

    RERA Act Section 3 (1) states that a promoter may begin promoting the sale of a project after the project has been registered with the regulatory body.

    What is the registration fee for real estate agents?

    If the candidate is a person, Rule 8(2)  Telangana Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2017 requires the agent of real estate to submit a fee for the registration of Rs.10,000. If the candidate is a legal entity, a payment of Rs.50,000 is required for registering with the regulatory authorities.

    What is the period of validity for the registration of real estate agents?

    A real estate agent’s registration with authority is active for five years from the registration date.

    What happens when an unregistered real estate agent facilitates the sale/purchase of a project?

    According to Section 62 RERA Act, an agent of real estate who facilitates the selling or purchasing of a property without even being registered or recognized with the regulating agency faces a fine of Rs.10,000 each day or a total penalty of 5 percent of the project’s cost.

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