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  • RERA Maharashtra

    The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA), in existence since 2017, has the most registered real estate projects in the country. The website of MahaRERA is fully operational as well, allowing potential house buyers to readily obtain project data and developer background information.

    What is the RERA Maharashtra?

    RERA Maharashtra’s goal is 

    • To increase efficiency and openness in the sale of a real estate project, building, apartment, or plot.
    • Safeguarding the interests of property buyers and investors in the real estate sector
    • Putting in place an adjustment system to help with grievance settlement
    • Creating an Appellate Tribunal to hear appeals.

    Home buyers in Maharashtra may visit the website of MahaRERA for promoter and project complaints.  Project-specific complaints will provide the total number of complaints and their update. It will also allow house purchasers to analyze their process of home buying and have educated decisions.

    At present, only promoters and complainants who respond to complaints have access to complaint information. Also, only final rulings can be viewed on the RERA website in Maharashtra.

    The RERA Maharashtra website aid buyers in accountability, ensuring openness, and educated selections.

    RERA Maharashtra: Why are RERA Registered Projects in Maharashtra Recommended?

    RERA Maharashtra guidelines require property sellers to be more accountable to protect the interests of purchasers. Here’s how it’s done

    • Decreased project delays

    Builders are compelled by RERA laws to provide every data to homebuyers. Their project information must be updated on a regular basis. This prevents project delays and unscrupulous marketing. If there is a delay, the builder must pay 2 percent interest over SBI’s MCLR for the duration of the delay.

    • Justifiable payments

    RERA-registered project builders can only price the property based on carpet area or built-up space. The restrictions prohibit them from charging for super-built places like lifts, staircases, lobbies, and so on. Furthermore, developers are not permitted to accept more than 10 percent in advance payment.

    • Accountability following handover

    The developers are required to correct any problems discovered within 5 years. If there is any discrepancy between your title document and your ownership, you may seek compensation. Developers must also resolve issues within 120 days of filing.  

    RERA Maharashtra: How to Check RERA Registered Projects in Maharashtra

    It is advisable to be a cautious consumer in a city like Maharashtra. Check out these simple steps for checking online RERA-registered projects in Maharashtra.

    However, there are two ways you can check RERA Registered Projects in Maharashtra. Let us see both ways.

    A) Checking RERA Registered Projects in Maharashtra

    Step #1 – To find RERA-registered projects in Maharashtra, visit the website of MahaRERA at https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in/.

    Step#2 – Navigate to the ‘Registration’ page and choose ‘Registered Projects’. 

    Step#3 – A new link will appear, with the option to fill up the Project name and Promoter’s name.

    Then you will find an option of ‘Advanced Search’ at the bottom of the page opened in the step above. When you pick this, you will be able to input the district, pin code, and other data about the location in Maharashtra where you are looking for a project. You will receive names of RERA-registered projects in your region after entering these details and clicking on the search option below.

    B) Checking RERA Registered Projects in Maharashtra via APNA RERA

    Step #1– Visit the APNA RERA website.

    Step #2– After selecting the search option, you will be presented with a number of state possibilities.

    Step #3 – Choose Maharashtra.

    Step # 4 -Then select the city of choice as Maharashtra.

    Step #5 – You may view the names of RERA-registered projects here. 

    Step #6 -There is also a location option. If you select that option, you will be able to see the registered projects in your desired location.

    RERA Maharashtra: How to Check Expired RERA Registered Projects in Maharashtra

    MahaRERA publishes information regarding lapsed/expired real estate projects on a regular basis. In general, these are initiatives that were registered but later had their registrations lapse owing to whatever cause. If this takes place, the promoter of that project is unable to market, offer, sell, or book for sale a plot, building, or apartment in the project in any way.

    To locate the expired RERA-registered projects in Maharashtra, do these steps:

    Step #1- Visit the website MahaRERA at https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in/.

    Step #2- Select ‘Lapsed Projects’ beneath the ‘Registration’ option. Following that, you will see the names of completed tasks.

    RERA Maharashtra: How to Check Revoked RERA Registered Projects in Maharashtra

    MahaRERA has the authority to revoke and terminate a project’s registration due to a complaint. It does so if the promoter has indulged in any unfair irregularities or breached a RERA guideline. As a result, the promoter cannot offer or sell the property in this project. If necessary, MahaRERA shall support any pending activity for development on the project in the allottees’ best interests.

    To check the lists of revoked RERA-registered projects in Maharashtra, do these steps:

    Step#1– Google the website of MahaRERA at https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in/.

    Step # 2– Under the ‘Registration’ tab, select ‘Projects – Registration Revoked or Ab initio Void’. Following that, you will see lists of expired RERA-registered projects in Maharashtra. Following that, you will see projects that have been revoked.

    RERA Maharashtra: What is the procedure for filing a RERA Maharashtra complaint?

    The RERA Maharashtra website has made grievance registration simple for the benefit of house purchasers and investors. Follow the steps listed below to make a complaint against an agent on the RERA Maharashtra website.

    Step#1– Go to the MahaRERA internet portal/complaint forum and click on ‘New Registration.’

    Step#2– On the RERA website, select ‘User Type’ as ‘Complainant’ and type out the required information. After your user registration has been authorized, log in to the system.

    Step #3– Go to the RERA website and then to ‘Accounts’ and then to ‘My Profile.’ Fill up the fields with all pertinent information.

    Step#4– Navigate to the ‘Complaint Details’ area of the RERA website and select ‘Add New Complaints’ from the drop-down menu. You may now file a complaint, including the division, registration number, and agent name. The promoter’s name will instantly display on the RERA website.

    Step# 5- The complainant’s name, type, degree of interest in the project, and address are all listed on the RERA website.

    Step# 6- Include responder information such as name, type, and address.

    Step# 7- On the RERA website in Maharashtra, submit documents that back up your case and the reliefs sought.

    Step#8- Pay the money to lodge your complaint on the Maharashtra RERA website.

    RERA Maharashtra Details

    Office 6th & 7th Floor, Housefin Bhavan, Plot No. C – 21, E – Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Maharashtra 400051
    Telephone No 022 68111600
    RERA Maharashtra website https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in/

    RERA Maharashtra Bottom Line

    So, do you want to buy your ideal home or invest in real estate in Maharashtra? Purchasing a home or investing in real estate through a RERA-registered project ensures that you are making a sound investment decision. And we are happy to assist you with a secure investment. Assetmonk is the most reliable alternative investment platform in India. We recognize that real estate, particularly in Maharashtra, is not inexpensive. As a result, we alleviate your stress by offering real estate investing techniques such as fractional ownership and real estate crowdfunding beginning at Rs 25 lacs. We also provide structured loan investments secured by real estate for as little as Rs. 10k. Assetmonk is the ideal partner for a seamless, transparent, and trouble-free real estate investment in Maharashtra.

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    Q1. How can I check my RERA status in Maharashtra?

    A. You can check your RERA status in Maharashtra via the following ways.

    • Step 1: Go to ‘Google’ and type in ‘Maharera’. 
    • Step 2: Go to your state’s official RERA website. For example, if you want to buy a property in Maharashtra, you need to go to the Maharashtra State RERA or website of MahaRERA. 
    • Step 3: Under the ‘Registration’ option, select ‘Registered Projects’.

    Q2. What is RERA fees in Maharashtra?

    A. The RERA fees for real estate agents is Rs.10k.

    Q3. Is it safe to buy flat without RERA?

    A. No, you should buy only RERA-registered flats.

    Q4. Why is RERA certificate important?

    A. RERA provides a medium ground for both property purchasers and developers, decreasing the dangers that consumers experienced prior to the legislation.

    Q5. Which state has not implemented RERA?

    A. Nagaland is the only state who has not implemented RERA yet. 

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