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      Emerging Real Estate Trends in 2021

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: April 30, 2024
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      As we begin with 2021, the Indian Real Estate sector is taken over with emerging trends and innovative modules. With the impact of the global impact of Real Estate trends, the landscape of Indian Real Estate is actively changing. These trends of Real Estate will strengthen the sector and play a prominent role in the development of the Indian economy. The government’s initiatives, reforms, and measures are all updating and are being formulated to support the upcoming and emerging trends of the Real Estate.

      Few Emerging Real Estate Trends in 2021

      • Co-living

      Coliving is the most trending sector of the Real Estate sector is about to hit 12 billion USD this year. Co-living is a millennial concept of community living with modern amenities, regular communal events, and hassle-free living. The failure of traditional student housing in providing basic amenities such as proper ventilation, privacy, and spacious rooms, has paved a way for the development of Co-Living. More than 70% of the millions prefer Co-living, this number is to increase further in leaps and bounds and is expected to alter the landscape of the Indian Real Estate sector.

      • Co-working

      Co-working spaces are shared working palaces where different people from different working backgrounds share space under one roof. 2020 is to witness increased demand for shared spaces that may be Co-working or Co-living. Co-working spaces are booming business modules that are offering affordable office spaces to freelancers, small teams and start up’s. Co-working spaces offer everything that one requires to work efficiently from shared desks, wifi, comfy chairs, refreshing coffee to dedicated desks, huge conference rooms and private office spaces.

      Varying on the privacy and comfort of these amenities their costs vary too. Co-working places are very flexible and allow the individuals to rent out exactly what they need only, may it a shared desk or a private office, the user gets to pay only what he actually uses. Currently, the Co-working spaces which occupy 10% of the office space in India are expected to reach 25% in the near future significantly impacting the Real Estate sector.

      • REIT’S

      With it’s first REIT launch by embassy group recently, the Indian government has been promoting investments in REIT’s rigorously. 2021 is going to see some other REIT’s budding in the Real Estate sector. The holding period for a unit of REIT to be long term is to be brought down from 36 to 12 months by the government for giving a further boost to the sector. The union budget of 2020 is also expected to declare some major reforms, suitable taxations, etc to further encourage investing in REIT’S. With RERA in the form on credible deals of the Real Estate is going be seen in action. RERA is going to be in action full-fledged, with a solid structure and stricter rules in 2021.

      • Fractional Ownership

      Fractional ownership module of the Real Estate allows several people to share the costs of a property and thus own a certain fraction of the property. It is quite similar to the Reit’s module but differs majorly in the transactional procedure. Fractional ownership is backed with a secure blockchain module that allows the investors to experience a digitally secure transactional procedure. Fractional ownership concept is trending in many metropolitan cities, with multiple startups’ promoting the concept. This module of Real Estate is increasing at a faster pace owing to its affordability and security, which will increase further in 2021.

      Assetmonk is an investor-friendly investment platform that is enabling easy investing in best Real Estate properties through fractional ownership module.

      • Warehousing

      With the advent of technology and E-commerce, the warehousing segment has experienced a huge demand. There is a dire need for quality warehousing for catering to the needs of global and local players across the different sectors. The warehousing segment which was previously dominated largely by the unorganized sector, now with the interference of the large players is to be strengthened.

      With the regulatory compliance in place and government initiatives streamlining the segment the warehousing sector is going to pick the pace in 2021. This sector is also expected to experience the venturing of many global and credible local players as well. 2021 will experience a more consolidated and efficient warehousing market.

      Assetmonk is a unique market place offering investment opportunities in the most emerging sectors of the Real Estate. It offers different investment products catering to every investor’s needs. Our growth plus product enables the investor’s fractional ownership in some of the buzzing sectors like Co-living in major cities of India.

      Real Estate Trends FAQs:

      What are the current trends in Real Estate?

      Real segments like Co-living, Co-working, Fractional ownership and Senior living are currently trending in RealEstate. REIT’s and warehousing are also seen trending in 2020.

      Is Real Estate a good investment in 2020?

      It was predicted that housing prices will increase by 2.8% in the year 2020. With increasing demand for affordable housing the prices are only set to increase.

      Will property prices fall in 2020 India?

      It was predicted that housing prices will increase by 2.8% in the year 2020. With increasing demand for affordable housing the prices are only set to increase.

      What is the future of Real Estate in India?

      The Real Estate market size is going to tremendously increase in the upcoming years. The market size is to reach USD 1 trillion by 2030 and contribute 13.5% to the GDP of the country by 2025.

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