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    Best Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

    • 5 min read
    • Last Modified Date: April 2, 2024
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    • One of the most profitable asset sectors to invest in over the long run is commercial real estate.  Typically, investing in Commercial real estate (CRE) is viewed as a long-term strategy. Even  when the cost of buying something or owning a section or fraction of a property is included, it is  still a substantial sum that cannot be overlooked.
    • For those seeking to preserve their wealth  while diversifying their portfolios, Commercial real estate has historically been a powerful and  comparatively reliable investment avenue.-  this is best time to invest in Commercial Real Estate.
    • Considering real estate is a fairly illiquid investment,  care must also be taken to ensure that when entering or exiting it, no unaccounted debt is  incurred at the same time. So, like any other form of investment, timing is also very important  in CRE investing.
    • Timing your CRE investments allows you to diversify your portfolio more  effectively without having to worry about missing out on a particular opportunity altogether. 
    • The Indian Commercial Real Estate Market size is estimated at USD 33.62 billion. It is expected to reach USD 87.57 billion, growing at a CAGR of 21.1% during the forecast period due to being the top choice of savvy investors. Additionally, it is anticipated that Indian  real estate will reach $1 billion by 2030, with commercial real estate playing a significant role in  the sector’s expansion- Source:Mordor Intelligence
    • Investing in commercial real estate can be a lucrative venture. However, if you’re like the  majority of individuals out there, you might be reluctant to invest your money in commercial  real estate. The good news is that there are many investment opportunities in the commercial  real estate market, even if they aren’t right in front of our eyes.
    • Are you considering investing in commercial real estate but not sure when is the best time to  do so? You’re in luck, then! We have all the answers you need right here. In this article, we’ll be  discussing the best time to invest in commercial real estate and how you can make the most  out of your investment. 

    Here are Five reasons why this is best time to invest in Commercial Real Estate

    1. Increased Demand for Office Space
    2. Ongoing Cash Flow
    3. Hedging Against Inflation
    4. Low Volatility
    5. Appreciation Potential

    The Cycle of the Real Estate Market 

    • Market volatility rarely affects commercial real estate. When thinking about long-term  investments, that is a very advantageous factor. That also suggests that, unlike the stock  market, you cannot predict your gains by looking at the market behavior. The reason to stay in  commercial real estate investing is capital appreciation, not rent returns, which are the driving  force behind entry.
    • An investor can greatly boost their wealth by investing in commercial  buildings and benefiting from capital appreciation. The demand for a certain type of asset in a  given location and the accessibility of comparable assets in the neighborhood are thus the two  most crucial aspects to take into account. Recovery, growth, hyper-supply, and recession are  the four phases that make up the average real estate market cycle, which lasts 18 years on  average.
    • Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell when the cycle starts until you are close to the end  of it. This is just another argument in favor of long-term real estate investing. If an asset has a  lease term of five years or longer, it is advised to hold onto it so that capital appreciation might  increase the investment’s worth. 

    Understand the different markets of real estate 

    • Commercial real estate comes in a variety of forms, and each has its own market cycle. Knowing  how long you plan to invest in the property is vital because some types are more stable than  others. Investors frequently don’t do enough market research to assess to determine if there is  a potential risk of market saturation. It is important to consider the sort of real estate you  invest in since each type has its characteristics that determine the kind of return you  can anticipate from your investment. 
    • Real estate is a long-term investment, although there are also short-term options (such as  renting). Since people need time to adjust their expectations for future growth rates based on  previous experience with similar investments or periods during which they rented out their  property at higher rental rates than currently available today (which means there is still  demand without supply), the real estate market typically peaks around five years after  purchase.

    Understand what it takes to be a successful investor 

    You should understand that there are many opportunities in the real estate industry. It is quite convenient to invest in commercial real estate using a reliable investment platform like  Assetmonk, so you need to consider this option before investing. To succeed in the commercial  real estate industry, you need to understand what it takes for your business to grow and  succeed; Not only do you need to know the market but also know how it works as well as  possible. 

    Keep your cash invested when you can 

    The best way to get the most out of your money is to stay invested in commercial real estate. If  you’re concerned about the market, there are other options like fractional ownership that can provide safe and stable returns. And if you need money, you can easily sell it due to its amazing liquidity. 

    Buy and hold, not flip 

    The buy and hold strategy is a long-term investment strategy that is ideal for investors who do not have  time to constantly monitor their investment portfolio. While Flipping is a short-term strategy. You buy  an investment property for less than market value, fix up its appearance and make some  improvements—maybe adding some new furnishings or changing out the carpeting—and then sell quickly at  market value (or higher). This can be profitable if the purchase price is financially secure. However, most people  do not want to risk their savings on flipping investments since they know how risky these purchases generally are. Therefore, you can always opt for alternative investment methods like fractional ownership.

    Best Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate – The Perks of Investing at the Right Time 

    • Investors should focus on the long-term profitable aspects of commercial real estate, rather than relying on general market trends. Look for properties with good access from major roads  and popular routes, or near ports and airports.
    • The presence of similar companies in an area, or  the growth of a large talent pool in a particular city or town, are good indicators that future  companies may consider locating nearby. It serves as an indicator.
    • Our high-quality Grade A  buildings from reputable developers are ideal for office space. All in all, it’s important to  understand that this 3-5 year investment in commercial real estate is not a period of time  where you can expect something magical to happen.
    • By being patient and waiting for the right  time to invest, you can set yourself up for success and maximize the potential of your  commercial real estate project. Your goal is to invest in CRE for 10 years or more.
    • With this in  mind, whether you buy an entire asset, invest through a REIT, or own fractional shares in real estate, be sure to invest regularly and choose different asset types that can grow over a period  of time. To understand how fractional ownership can help you time your investments in CRE  better, visit us at Assetmonk

    Don’t Miss Out: When to Jump on Commercial Real Estate Opportunities 

    • Investing in commercial real estate is all about timing. Jumping on the right opportunity at the  right time can mean the difference between a successful investment and a missed opportunity.  So when exactly should you move? 
    • The first thing to consider is market conditions. Pay attention to trends and indicators that  indicate a strong and growing market. Look out for rising real estate values, low vacancy rates,  and signs of a strong economy. Any of these factors could indicate that now is the right time to  invest. 
    • Next, think about what specific property you are interested in. Different sectors of the  commercial real estate market may have their own cycles. For example, a commercial facility  may have different timing considerations than an office building or industrial warehouse.  Understanding the unique dynamics of each sector can help you decide when is the best time  to invest. 
    • Finally, consider your own financial situation. Are you ready to make a new investment?  Evaluate your risk tolerance, liquidity, and long-term goals before making a decision. 
    • Assetmonk helps you stay up-to-date with all the Latest market trends and news.

    Wrapping It Up

    Investing in commercial real estate offers a stable, long-term wealth-building opportunity that is less impacted by market fluctuations compared to stocks.

    Timing your investments is crucial, and understanding different real estate sectors is important. Keeping your money invested, considering market conditions and property types, and adopting a buy-and-hold strategy can lead to financial growth.

    Patience and a focus on long-term goals are key to success in this market. Make informed decisions and seize the right opportunities to secure your financial future. At Assetmonk, we are committed to provide our investors the best real estate opportunities offering an assured IRR of 17% at a minimum investment of 10L.

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