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      Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Whitefield Bangalore

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: July 18, 2024
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      Invest in Whitefield Bangalore Commercial Real Estate

      • It is not for nothing that they call Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore has been consistently seeing eye-catching growth in the last few years, not only in the IT sector but also in the real estate sector and the overall economy. 
      • Bangalore has really stood the test of time as India’s technological capital. And due to the boom in the IT sector, the real estate sector in the city is also growing at a breakneck pace.
      • As per Knight Frank’s Asia Pacific Outlook, the residential market in Bangalore is projected to grow at 5% annually. And when it comes to commercial real estate investing, the 33% Year on Year (YoY) growth shown by India in office leasing activities was led by Bangalore, Mumbai, and New Delhi. 
      • Now that I have your attention, lets dive into exactly how and why Investment in Whitefield Bangalore is one of the most sought-after locations in the country for commercial real estate investments. 

      Investing in Whitefield, Bengaluru: A Thriving Commercial Hub

      • Whitefield is situated on the eastern periphery of Bangalore. Whitefield has evolved from a quiet suburban area to a living, breathing commercial hub, making it ideal for Commercial Property investment in Whitefield Bangalore.
      • The presence of numerous IT parks, tech giants and multinational corporations has fuelled many career opportunities in the city. Naturally, this economic transformation has triggered an influx of skilled (mostly IT) professionals.
      • Consequently, there has been a surge in the demand for flexible commercial and office spaces. Investment in Whitefield Bangalore has emerged as the winning candidate as an ideal investment location. 

      Top Reasons to Invest in Whitefield Bangalore

      1. IT Hub

      2. Robust Infrastructure

      3. Educational Hub

      4. Commercial Growth

      5. Healthcare Facilities 

      6. Retail and Entertainment: 

      7.Green Spaces and Recreation: 

      8. Real Estate Appreciation

      9. Startup Ecosystem

      10. Quality of Life

      11. Affordable Housing Options

      12. Cultural and Social Amenities 

      13. Investment from Real Estate Developers

      14. Emerging Micro-markets 

      15. Favorable Government Policies

      16. Growing Rental Market

      15. Resilience Amid Economic Challenges

      Technological Hub 

      • The unique ecosystem that Whitefield’s proximity to IT parks and tech campuses creates attracts established companies as well as startups.
      • This sustained demand for office spaces in this technologically centric has made it a dream for realty investors looking to mark their foray into commercial real estate investing.
      • Every month, new companies enter this prime location to set up shop, which has elevated values of commercial properties in Whitefield and makes Whitefields an ideal choice for savvy investors who are looking for Commercial Property investment in Whitefield Bangalore.

      Evolving Infrastructure

      Many investors have paid close attention to the numerous infrastructure developments in Whitefield. Investors have noted the suburb’s seamless integration with the rest of Bangalore.

      Keenly observing the infrastructure developments in Whitefield, investors note the suburb’s seamless integration with the rest of Bangalore; such accessibility enhancements–including improved connectivity through metro lines and expanded road networks–substantially elevate commercial properties’ value: this offers an exceedingly lucrative proposition for investment.

      Why Investing in Whitefield Bengaluru Real Estate?

      • As Bangalore’s trend of 5% annual growth continues, demand for residential properties is set to move on an increasing trend in 2024. A healthy, burgeoning workforce and influx of skilled IT professionals with rising incomes is one of the main contributing factors for that.
      • There is heavy demand for midsegment apartments and residential properties, especially near the IT hubs and suburbs of Bangalore, such as Whitefield. 
      • Shared living spaces, public housing, and even hostels are garnering much interest. These cater to the new generation of corporate workers and youth who love to travel. 

      Demand for Office Space

      The hybrid work models, rise of flexible and co-working spaces in IT hubs such as Whitefield have gained a lot of traction. Today’s businesses need flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability, all which are provided by flexible office spaces available for commercial leasing and even subleasing. 

      Fractional Ownership in Commercial Real Estate

      • The market for fractional ownership of Indian real estate is expanding. According to Knight Frank data, the market for fractional ownership properties in India is expected to grow by 65%, from $5.4 billion in 2020 to $8.9 billion in 2025, at an annualised rate of 10.5%.
      • Fractional ownership provides a groundbreaking approach to investing in high value commercial real estate. 
      • This model enables investors to own a portion of a premium property without requiring significant capital outlays. With a minimum entry ticket of 25 lakh rupees, Assetmonk enables a wider range of investors to participate in the thriving commercial real estate market.
      • The fractional ownership model democratizes real estate investment. Assetmonk offers investors the chance to diversify their portfolios, mitigate risks and enjoy regular rental income benefits – potentially even appreciation. 
      • This approach not only provides financial flexibility but also eradicates property management complexities: The FOP (fractional ownership platform) takes care of all the maintenance and intricacies of the property, leaving the investors to reap the profits from the investment. 

      AM Whitefields Rentals

      • Assetmonk brings to you AM Whitefield Rentals. An opportunity to invest in Whitefield, a prime location for commercial office space in Bengaluru. The minimum entry ticket to Invest In Whitefield is 25 Lakh rupees, and this particular project has an expected Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 16%.
      • The commercial property is a pre-leased office space, and it provides stable monthly returns as well as the potential for high capital appreciation, making Commercial Property investment in Whitefield Bangalore a lucrative investment option.

      Bottom Line

      Assetmonk is at the frontlines, providing fractional ownership models for commercial properties and ushering in a new era in India’s thriving real estate industry. The minimum entry ticket is set at 25 lakh rupees. This deliberate choice ensures that both experienced and new investors can reap the benefits of commercial real estate ownership.

      Our approach embodies the hallmarks of transparency and simplicity: We provide an alternative investment platform that presents exhaustive information about each property: financial projections, tenant particulars, and legal documentation. 

      This provision allows investors to take what they need without the confusion that usually comes with investing in real estate in India. Additionally, Assetmonk takes care of property management, ensuring a hassle-free investment experience.

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      Invest in Whitefield FAQs

      Q1. Is it good to invest in Whitefield?

      A. Top reasons to Invest In Whitefield are:

      • Whitefield has experienced rapid expansion recently, especially in the real estate industry.  In the past year, the real estate market has experienced nearly 28% property appreciation. 
      • Because of its proximity to important Bengaluru IT hubs, Whitefield draws a lot of young professionals and families drawn by the area’s excellent standard of living. 
      • Whitefield is renowned for its excellent infrastructure, contemporary amenities, and high standard of living. 

      Whitefield is a well-liked option for people searching for a convenient and comfortable place to live and work in Bangalore because of its welcoming and multicultural community.

      Q2. What are good investment opportunities for investment in Whitefield Bangalore?

      A. Assetmonk brings to you commercial property investment in Whitefield Bangalore in the form of AM Whitefield Rentals. The minimum entry ticket to Invest In Whitefield is 25 Lakh rupees, and this particular project has an expected IRR of 16%.

      Assetmonk Investment
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