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      Where to Invest 1 Crore For Monthly Income?

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: May 15, 2024
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      Invest 1 Crore for Monthly Income In India

      • if you’re searching for the best option to invest 1 crore for monthly income in India, particularly in the fixed income sector.
      • Among the most appealing options in this field is Fractional ownership, with a particular emphasis on the commercial real estate sector.
      • According to a recent report by TruBoard Partners, India’s fractional ownership market is expected to grow from Rs 1,500 crore in 2019 to Rs 4,000 crore in 2023.

      • Simply put, fractional ownership is the ownership of a portion of premium commercial properties that are jointly managed by a number of investors using their pooled investment. It offers investors access to high-end homes, flexibility, and diversity that may have been otherwise out of reach for individual investors. 
      • Assetmonk, an alternative investment platform, offers a fractional ownership model where investments are secured and starts as low as 25 lakhs and earn enticing returns.

      Investment Options for Investing 1 Crore to Get Monthly Income in India

      1. Fractional Ownership in Real Estate

      • While traditional options offer varying degrees of risk and return, fractional ownership in real estate presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking a steady monthly income. 
      • Rather than needing to purchase the entire property, investors can own a share of it by investing in fractional properties. Investors can diversify their real estate holdings in their portfolio and purchase properties that they might not otherwise be able to afford by making fractional property investments.
      • For the unique requirements of investors, Assetmonk aims to offer savvy real estate investment solutions. With fractional ownership options from Assetmonk, long-term retail investors can increase their exposure to the CRE market while potentially earning a high yield of 14 to 21% annually.

      2. Fixed Deposits

      • A fixed deposit (FD) is a popular option for generating a monthly income because of its reputation for safety. You can open an FD account with any bank or post office by depositing a lump sum amount for a predetermined period of time, which can be as short as 7 days or as long as 10 years.
      • You can choose whether you would like your interest payments to be received by you on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis.
      • Compared to other investment options, their returns might not be as high, even though they offer capital protection. Additionally, FD interest income is subject to taxation.

      3. Debt Mutual Funds

      • Mutual funds offer a feature called systematic withdrawal plans (SWPs) that lets investors take out a fixed amount of money from their investments on a regular basis. Investors can use SWPs to generate a consistent income stream from their debt mutual fund investments.
      • One big advantage of SWPs is that they can help investors avoid the risks associated with trying to time the market.

      4. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

      • POMIS is considered by many as a good way to invest and earn a monthly income. For those who wish to safeguard their finances and be certain of their returns, it’s a safe option.
      • If you would like to invest more, you can start with as little as 1,000 rupees and go up to 9 lakh rupees for an individual account or 15 lakh rupees for a joint account. You’ll be paying it back every month for a period of five years, and the interest rate is currently a respectable 7.40% annually.

      5. P2P Lending

      • When banks and other financial institutions reject a person’s loan application because of their income, credit score, or other factors, they frequently turn to friends or relatives for financial support. However, this limits access to financing.
      • This is where P2P lending comes. Peer-to-peer, or P2P, lending is a new kind of investing that works directly between borrowers and lenders rather than through traditional financial institutions. By lending their money to creditworthy borrowers, investors can generate monthly returns.

      6. ULIPs

      • ULIPs, or unit-linked insurance plans, are among the most popular categories of investment products. They make market investments with the investor’s money in order to give them monthly returns. ULIPs offer insurance protection as an extra benefit, and they also invest in market-linked funds. 
      • Half of the Rs. 40 lakhs you invest in a (ULIP) for monthly income will go towards a life insurance policy, and the remaining amount will be invested in market-linked products.  If you pass away suddenly, life insurance provides financial support to your dependents. The investing component will help you make the most out of your finances.
      • The proceeds from ULIPs can be distributed in monthly installments at the end of the investment period. By doing this, you can create a steady stream of passive income that will help you pay your debts.

      7. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

      • Through REITs, investors can participate in the real estate market without having to own actual properties. Invested in income-producing real estate assets like retail centres, office buildings, and apartments, these vehicles pay dividends to shareholders based on a portion of the rental income.
      • Real estate investment trusts (REITs) present a compelling prospect for prospective monthly income along with the advantage of portfolio diversification. However, it is significant to remember that the money received from REITs is taxable.

      8. Real Estate Structured Debt

      • Structured debt backed by real estate is the best investment plan for monthly income. It’s a financial product that uses collateralized real estate to offer prospects for fixed income. 
      • Real estate structured debt involves lending money to commercial real estate developers or property owners in exchange for regular interest payments. It is one of the best safest high-return investment plans available in India and makes a great short-term investment option.
      • These investments can usually yield returns between 12 and 18 percent when made through alternative investment avenues.
      • Your hard-earned Rs. 1 crore can be invested in the real estate structured debt offered by Assetmonk. The fixed-income nature of these products implies that they are committed to returning a fixed amount to investors. Monthly, similar to getting loan interest paid on time. They also offer only a moderate risk. And guess what? With just a 36-month minimum investment period, you can guarantee an IRR of 17 percent.
      Investment OptionYieldReturnsTax ImplicationsVolatilitySecurity
      Fractional Ownership14-21%14-21%NoneLowReal Estate
      FDsVaries4-8%Interest income taxableLowBank Guarantee
      REITs5.5%-7.5%8.11% (Mindpsace REIT)Taxation on dividendsModerate to HighNo guarantee
      Debt Mutual FundsVaries6-9%Taxation on gainsModerate to highDiversified Portfolio
      POMISVaries7.1%Interest income taxableLowSovereign Guarantee
      ULIPsVaries12%None post 5 yearsMedium to HighDiversified Portfolio
      Real Estate Structured Debt12-20%12-20%TaxationLow-NoneSecured by Real Estate

      As evident from the table presented earlier, Structured debt real estate and fractional ownership emerges as the most favorable investment choices when seeking to invest 1 crore for monthly income. 

      Assetmonk distinguishes itself as a pioneering firm in the field of alternative investment with its focus on commercial real estate investment, fractional ownership, and other models which have potential for high Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Return on Investment (ROI) to maximise profits. These investment opportunities are carefully selected from India’s thriving private markets and are overseen by a trustee registered with SEBI.

      This is an exceptional chance to profit from India’s economic expansion and share in its success. Don’t miss out on this exciting development that allows you to ride the wave of economic prosperity in India.

      Why Assetmonk?

      As a platform for real estate investing, Assetmonk stands out because of its digital security, secure transaction process, and transparent organisation. Depending on your investing goals, you can invest in a number of ways to achieve different results. With integrity and a sense of purpose, Assetmonk is committed to providing high-quality services. 

      Some of their guiding principles are as follows:

      • Prioritize investor safety and benefits at all times.
      • Implementing a range of practices and software tools across the system to guarantee transparency.
      • Integrity towards the parties involved in every transaction and dealing.
      • Empathy for all parties involved and their legitimate goals.
      • Never settle for anything less than excellence in your work.

      Benefits of Choosing Assetmonk

      When it comes to fractional ownership, the choice of platform is crucial. Here’s why Assetmonk stands out from the competition:

      • Curated portfolio of high-quality commercial properties: Invest in strategically selected Grade A commercial properties with strong rental yields and potential for capital appreciation.
      • Transparent investment process: Access detailed information about each property, including financial projections and legal documents.
      • Competitive investment minimums: Start investing with just ₹25 lakhs, and earn enticing returns.
      • Technology-driven platform: Enjoy a user-friendly interface for managing your investments, tracking performance, and making informed decisions.
      • Experienced team: Rely on a team of experts with a proven track record in real estate investment and asset management.
      • Strong focus on investor support: Receive dedicated support throughout your investment journey, from onboarding to ongoing portfolio management.

      Things to Consider Before Investing 1 crore 

      Before investing 1 crore for monthly income in India, it is crucial to consider the following factors:

      Risk Tolerance

      Evaluate your risk tolerance and choose investments that align with your comfort level. Higher potential return investments might also come with higher risks.


      To reduce risk, diversify the assets in your portfolio among several asset classes. Consider allocating your investment across multiple options to balance potential returns and income stability.

      Time Horizon

      Determine your investment time horizon, as it can influence your choice of investment options. Longer lock-in periods on investments might yield higher returns, but they also restrict liquidity.

      Tax Implications

      Understand the tax implications associated with the chosen investment options. Consider the impact of taxation on the monthly income generated.


      Investing 1 crore for Monthly income in India requires careful consideration and understanding of various investment options available in the market. While traditional options like debt funds and fixed deposits offer stability, Fractional ownership in Real estate and Real estate Structured Debt  presents a promising alternative for generating consistent rental income along with capital appreciation potential.

      Each option comes with its risks, returns, and tax implications, and it is crucial to align your investments with your financial goals and risk tolerance. 

      Do a thorough analysis of your investment goals, evaluate your research, and, if necessary, seek advice from a financial advisor before making any decisions. A successful income-generating investment strategy requires diversifying your holdings, keeping up with market developments, and routinely evaluating your portfolio.

      Assetmonk is a dedicated alternative investment platform that provides investors with exceptional alternative investment choices backed by real estate. These investment products not only promise attractive returns but also come with asset-backed security and a convenient exit strategy. Carefully curated from India’s thriving private markets, these investment opportunities are overseen by a trustee registered with SEBI. Additionally, you can also claim tax benefits. Sounds great, Right?

      Reach out to us today and start your investment journey.

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      Invest 1 Crore For Monthly Income FAQ’s

      Q1. How to Invest 1 crore for Monthly income?

      A. You can invest 1 crore for Monthly income in FDs, ULIPs, Debt mutual funds, POMIS, Fractional ownership, and Real estate structured debts investment products These ensure you a steady monthly income. 

      Q2. How to get Monthly income from investments?

      A. Real estate is the best investment if you want a monthly income. Through capital growth and rental income, owning real estate guarantees you a steady monthly income.

      Q3. Is a return rate of 17% good?

      A. Over the past 30 years, the inflation-adjusted average returns have stayed in the range of 5–8%. Therefore, starting with a return rate of 17% or more is a great idea, especially if you’re using this for pension planning.

      Q4. Is Assetmonk a safe and secure investment platform to invest 1 crore for monthly income?

      A. Investor safety comes first for Assetmonk. Assetmonk’s digitally secure platform recognised by SEBI, transparent structure, and secure transaction process make it a unique marketplace for Real Estate investments.

      Assetmonk Investment
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