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      Check Your EPF Balance Online

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: February 2, 2023
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      One of the most often requested inquiries by EPF account holders is ‘how to check EPF balance.’ As an employee and a member of the EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation), you have the right to check the balance of your PF at any time. You may check your EPF balance by Umang App, missed call, SMS, or the EPFO site.

      Continue reading to learn how to check your EPF balance both offline and online.

      Employees may now simply check their personal EPF balances both offline and online at any time.

      Read EPF – Employees’ Provident Fund, EPFO Benefits & Process.

      There are two offline approaches:

      • SMS
      • Missed calls

      Account holders can use the following online methods:

      • Using the EPF Site 
      • Umang app 

      EPF Balance Checking Online and Offline

      A) SMS EPF Balance Check

      Compose an SMS to EPFO using your registered cellphone number to obtain account details.

      EPFOHO UAN to 7738299899 is the SMS to utilize for making EPF balance inquiries to EPFO.

      Because English is the primary language, you will receive a response in that language. Please provide the code in the SMS for a language-specific response.

      The SMS can be received in ten different languages.

      Languages and Codes

      English – Default

      Hindi – HIN

      Gujarati – GUJ

      Punjabi – PUN

      Marathi – MAR

      Kannada – KAN

      Malayalam – MAL

      Tamil – TAM

      Telugu – TEL

      Bengali – BEN

      If you need to know the balance info in Bengali, send an SMS for instance like

      EPFOHO UAN BEN to 6738299890

      B) Check EPF Balance Through Missed Call

      The quickest way to check the balance of your EPF is to contact the EPF balance check hotline – 011-22901406.

      You will be notified of the most recent donation as well as the balance of your PF. To utilize this, the following conditions must be met: UAN of the member must get activated. Members’ mobile phone numbers must get registered thru the UAN because the missed calls will only be legitimate if made from the number registered. UAN must get attached to crucial papers like an Aadhaar, bank a/c, and PAN.

      C) Umang App Checks EPF Balance 

      The EPFO offers a variety of services via the government’s consolidated mobile app, Umang. By checking in with your UAN and OTP, you may check the balance of your EPF and obtain the passbook of your PF via the Umang App.

      How to Check Your EPF Balance Via the Umang App:

      Step 1: Download the app from the Play Store or App Store or straight from this link: App Umang (Link will open in a new tab).

      Step 2: Start the app on your phone and choose your language. Also, read the “End to End License Agreement” terms and conditions.

      Step 3: Verify your phone number and register.

      Step 4: At the bottom, select the ‘All Services’ option.

      Step 5: Find and pick ‘EPFO.’

      Step 6: To view your EPF balance, click ‘View Passbook.’

      Step 7: Enter your UAN and press the Get OTP button. Put in the OTP. Then click ‘Login.’ (An OTP will be sent to your registered cellphone no.). Adhere to the instructions that show on your mobile screen.

      Your passbook and EPF balance will get shown on the screen.

      D) Verify EPF Balance Via EPFO Site

      EPFO members can see their balance by going to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization’s official website (EPFO).

      To digitally check your EPF balance at the EPFO Portal, follow the steps outlined below:

      Step 1: Go to the EPFO’s official website.

      Step 2: Select ‘For Employees’ from the ‘Our Services’ drop-down box.

      Step 3: Select ‘Member Passbook’ from the ‘Services’ menu. (You will be taken to the page where you log in, where you may access the page directly by clicking on this link: EPF India – Member Passbook.)

      Step 4: Enter your UAN plus Password.

      Step 5: After login in, you’ll see the Member IDs for the accounts associated with your UAN.

      Step 6: Select the Member ID of the account of EPF whose balance you want to examine.

      The EPF passbook will be displayed on the screen.

      1. E) EPF Balance Checking through Website – Important Information

      There are a few things that members should bear in mind while checking their EPF balance on the website. Some of these are listed below:

      • Members who activated their UAN plus registered via the UAN Member Site can use this technique to see the balance of their PF.
      • 6 hours after enrolling on the UAN Member Site, you will be able to access your passbook.
      • If you make modifications to the UAN Site, they will get shown on the site post 6 hours.
      • Passbook displays the most recent entries reconciled by EPFO Field Offices.
      • Establishments Exempted Members, settled members, and individuals with inactive accounts will be unable to access their passbooks via the EPFO site.
      • If you have not contributed to your EPF account for more than three years, it will become inactive.

      How to Move Your EPF Balance to a New Account

      When you change jobs, you have the choice of withdrawing your EPF balance or transferring it to the EPF account created by your new employer.

      It is recommended that the EPF balance be transferred rather than withdrawn. If your employment duration (with an EPF registered employer) is shorter than 5 years, withdrawing the amount results in a tax deduction at source.

      The funds in your EPF account can be moved to your new account using the UAN Member Portal.

      You must use your UAN and password to access the EPFO member portal.

      How Do I Withdraw My EPF Balance?

      To withdraw your PF online, you must first activate your UAN and register on the UAN Member Portal. You can request a full or partial withdrawal of your EPF balance using the platform.

      If your PAN is linked to your UAN and you remove the money before 5 years of employment, 10% TDS will be deducted.

      If your PAN is not connected to your EPF account, however, 34.6% TDS will be deducted.

      Read EPF Withdrawal: How to Fill PF Form & Get Claim Online.

      EPF Balance Interest

      Every year, the EPFO Central Board of Trustees reviews and approves EPF interest rates. Following a recent conversation with the Ministry of Finance, the interest rate for the fiscal year 2021-22 has been set at 8.10%.

      How to Check an Exempted Establishment’s/Private Trust’s EPF Balance

      In the event of an exempted establishment/private trust, it is not possible to examine the EPF balance or request an online withdrawal. However, the information may be obtained by reviewing the wage slips or contacting the HR department.

      Inoperative EPF Accounts

      What exactly is an inoperative EPF Account?

      It is an EPF account with nil contributions for PF for three years following retirement/death/permanent relocation. No interest shall be charged if the contract is deemed inoperative.

      Please keep in mind that currently, if the member is under the age of 58, interest will be applied to the account (including inoperative accounts).

      All inactive accounts will get 8.5% annual interest. The contribution will be paid until you reach the age of 58, or until the withdrawal date, whichever comes first.

      Before, accounts were inactive owing to two factors: the time-consuming legalities involved in the transfer of EPF plus employees choosing to register and start fresh accounts when they shifted employment. The communication barrier between an individual’s current and previous employers is also important in this.

      Employees who failed to discover the details of their previously dormant accounts can approach the EPFO help desk and have the amount transferred to the current one.

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      Check Your EPF Balance Online FAQs

      Yes, individuals can check their previous organization’s EPF balance. Once individuals log in to the EPFO portal using their Universal Account Number (UAN), they will be able to check the balance by clicking on the respective Member ID. All previous Member IDs that have been linked to the UAN will be visible on the portal.

      To check the EPF balance, the PAN is not required. However, to avail of a variety of online services, the UAN and EPF must be linked.

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