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    UAN Helpdesk

    • 5 min read
    • Last Modified Date: March 14, 2023
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    What is the UAN helpdesk for PF account holders? UAN is a 12-digit Universal Account Number that is assigned to every PF account holder at the time of joining the first job. The PF number when allocated, is used for each organization through the use of UAN. The new PF identification number that the person is associated with is his UAN in each new company of which an employee is a part. UAN can be described as a code that is used to identify several PF account IDs for an individual participant. It serves as an umbrella for multiple PF IDs assigned to individuals by various organizations.

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    What exactly is UAN Helpdesk?

    The Employee’s Provident Fund Organization, India has a separate helpdesk online for (Universal Account Number) UAN-related issues and complaints. Users can access the helpdesk online and resolve their issues on their own or contact the executive offline. Employees can also record their complaints by email or directly reach out to the EPF officials using their toll-free phone number.

    EPF Helpdesk will help employees with these questions, in addition to many moreThe Helpdesk can assist employees with the following questions:

    • Locating the UAN
    • The allotment report for one or more UANs
    • Unavailability of EPF passbook
    • Changing the mobile number registered to it
    • Technical problems
    • Updating KYC information
    • UAN Portal issues
    • Guideline for Transfer of EPF
    • Problems with employee links
    • The OTP cannot be received

    EPFO service is also accessible on the UMANG application. All you have to do is make a missed call to the number 9718397183 or go to the app store on Google Play for the application to download the app for your smartphone.

    UAN Profile Updating

    You can make changes to your contact, personal or basic information by visiting the EPFO portal.

    After logging in to the UAN portal click on “Manage” on the top menu and modify the details as needed.

    UAN Helpdesk Number

    You can contact EPFO’s customer service executives at the toll-free UAN Helpdesk Number 1800118 005 to report any concerns regarding your EPF UAN.

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    Mobile Number Change in UAN

    Follow these steps to change your UAN number mobile.

    1. Login to the EPFO portal by using your UAN, password, and username.
    2. Click on the “Manage” tab at the top of the menu, and then click on “Contact Details”.
    3. Select the option asking you to change your mobile phone number.
    4. In the required fields, enter your new mobile number.
    5. Click on “Get Authorization Pin”.
    6. Enter the OTP that was sent to you and then click on “Save Changes”.

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    Birth date correction in UAN

    Follow these steps to update your date of birth online at the EPFO portal.

    1. Login to EPFO Portal
    1. Enter your details, such as the UAN, Password, and Captcha
    1. After you log in, click on “Manage” and then click on “Modify Basic Details”.
    1. Next, fill in the information you wish to modify and then click on “Update” on the right side.
    1. Next, you will see a message stating that your employer is still awaiting your approval
    1. Now, you must contact your employer to ask him/her for approval. EPFO will then approve the changes and send you a notification.

    EPFO may take up to 30 days to approve your changes.

    KYC update for UAN

    It is essential to get the KYC completed for your UAN in order to remove employees’ dependency on their employers when they move to another organization. This allows for only one PF account to be maintained per employee.

    These documents are required for updating your UAN’s KYC.

    • PAN
    • Account number of bank
    • Aadhar
    • Passport

    To obtain your UAN KYC online, visit the EPFO Portal and follow the appropriate steps.

    UAN Helpdesk can help you with any queries regarding the KYC of UAN. Call 1800118005 to speak with an EPFO representative between 9:15 and 5:45 pm on any day.


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    UAN Helpdesk for PF Acccount Holder FAQs

    What is the maximum number of UANs a person can have?

    According to the rules, a single employee can only have one UAN. It is illegal to have multiple UANs.

    Can an employee create a UAN?

    Employees without a UAN may create one on the EPFO portal by using their Aadhaar number. To self-generate the UAN, you must use the EPF online tool. Employees can also contact the UAN helpdesk.

    Is UAN private?

    UAN is a unique number that employees are assigned by their employers. If the KYC documents of an employee are verified, an employer can use his UAN to authenticate him. UAN is a vital number that must be kept secret and safe.

    What is UAN Helpdesk Number?

    You can contact EPFO’s customer service executives at the toll-free UAN Helpdesk Number 1800118 005 to report any concerns regarding your EPF UAN.

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