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      The Luxury Real Estate Market Will Expand in 2022: Contributing Factors?​

      • 5 min read
      • Last Modified Date: June 28, 2023
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      The luxury real estate market has fared extraordinarily well in recent years, without a doubt. Premium condominiums, luxury housing, and villa developments are selling like hotcakes in India. It is attracting attention not just from local purchasers, but with the implementation of RERA in the industry, which has resulted in favorable regulatory measures, improved transparency, and more consolidation, an increasing number of NRIs are considering it as a profitable alternative for investing.

      Even though the Coronavirus outbreak has delayed the investment rush of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs), the recovery of property markets has strengthened the uber-interest rich’s in the real estate industry. According to a recent poll, HNIs and ultra-rich investors are highly interested in investing in the property market, particularly in houses worth more than Rs 5 crore. When the Coronavirus crisis was in effect, the wealthy investor class massively invested in luxury real estate for personal reasons rather than for appreciation or ROI. It seemed reasonable not to explore because of the uncertain times. However, with the economy gradually opening up, the ultra-rich are again bullish on investing in luxury properties. If the cities of Delhi and Mumbai get considered as instances, the year 2021 witnessed many purchases of luxury homes in India of over 100 crores.

      While the industry did experience a brief pause owing to the second wave of COVID-19 last year, it quickly recovered once the wave passed, and reports indicate that it will continue to develop substantially in 2022. It is not simply the luxury property itself that is motivating individuals for upgrading to luxury housing, but also the lifestyle.

      Why is the luxury real estate market expected to rise in 2022?

      Let’s take a deeper look at the luxury real estate trends in 2022 fueling the sector’s growth.

      • An excellent location that gets well linked with a nice atmosphere, close to the city center, facilities, and workplaces, makes the location a vital aspect in the choosing of a house. While individuals crave connectedness, open spaces within and outside of living places are highly critical to people, particularly after COVID-19, to preserve their physical and mental well-being. The health advantages of living in big homes surrounded by nature and a pleasant atmosphere are enticing purchasers to invest in luxury residences. Some well-traveled individuals are millennials who have been exposed to luxury so closely that they get prepared to spend money on luxurious lodgings that give a rich ambiance.
      • Luxury property also gets preferred due to technological properties. These include home devices that give the owner control, ease, comfort, and security such as CCTV, flash cameras, and biometric gates at every edge in the elevators, hallways, and common spaces.
      • One important reason why individuals choose luxury houses is that they want to live a lifestyle that incorporates the work-from-home concept while still enjoying the comforts of luxury living. With more and more organizations adopting hybrid or work-from-home models permanently, residences increasingly require room to accommodate work-stations as well, leading to an increase in luxury living.
      • Another contributing element is that luxury homes real estate has the benefit of being a performing asset, which means that they serve a practical purpose while increasing in value. As a result, consumers regard them as the ideal investment that ensures multiplied profits.
      • People are investing in luxury home real estate due to the thriving startup culture. Monetization of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) is at an all-time high in the startup environment. Employees are directing the monetized earnings to purchase residences to make better use of the cash with significant tax arbitrage.
      • Folks are becoming more centered on emotional ties and savoring the understanding of doing their part for the environment. They ensure sustainability via fuel efficiency, water management, and air quality. Sustainability also includes dwellings validated with the top standard of eco-friendly accreditations and are thus updated to luxury homes.
      • Other important factors have led to the rise of the Indian real estate business, particularly the luxury real estate industry. Lower interest rates on house loans, decreased stamp duty, and registration fees are some of the causes that have resulted in more purchasers selecting luxury real estate. Furthermore, rising family income is a motivator for luxury real estate investment.

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      Luxury Real Estate Market FAQ’S

      Q1. Is real estate boom in India?

      The Indian real estate sector is estimated to be worth $1 trillion by 2030, up from $200 billion in 2021, and to deliver 13% of the country’s GDP by 2025. Retail, hotel, and commercial real estate are also growing exponentially, supplying much-needed infrastructure for India’s expanding requirements.

      Q2. Which is the costliest area in India?

      According to property expert Anarock, Tardeo in South Mumbai is India’s most expensive residential neighborhood, charging a stunning Rs 56,000 per sq ft average pricing for residences accessible in the primary real estate market.

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